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  • 6 Tasty Snack That Will Make You Glow!

    Time to put that handful of potato chips and box of Duncan Hines Brownie mix down! Tasty though they may be, such grease and sugar-laden delights aren't so easy on the figure or the skin. Instead, nosh on something that will do you good both inside and out. Healthy snacks are not only tasty and filling, but they can also help get your glow on. Here, a few of our faves…

    Melon. Open up a fleshy ripe cantaloupe and you can just imagine what all the juicy goodness is going to do for your skin. Melons are high in water content and super hydrating for your skin. Treats like watermelon, cantaloupe, and mangoes are heavy in carotenoids and these scrumptious fruits are even said to protect your skin from painful sunburns. We treat our kids to "melon popsicles" by simply spearing cantaloupe spears onto wooden skewers.

    Green Tea. This stuff is high in the antioxidant catechin, which reportedly has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties. It's also a healthier and cleaner way of

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  • What would you serve these 5 mega stars?

    What happens when cooks read 'Us Weekly'? We end up fantasizing about what we'd serve top stars if they just happened to stop by for a bite out on one of our patios. Here's what we came up with for these five mega stars. What would you serve up?

    Lunch for Zac Efron. This all-American boy can act, sing, and dance his buns off. He can pretty much do anything he puts his mind (and body) to. So, we've decided to mix all of his wonders into one simple yet savory sandwich - a turkey club on a French baguette, with bacon, tomatoes, avocado, and spicy mustard, a perfect fit for Efron's clean-cut, classic persona. We'd serve up some grilled salt and vinegar potato chips on the side and let him wash it down with ice-cold root beer.

    Dinner for Sarah Jessica Parker. The New York native is no stranger to all things fabulous. We would treat her to a classic New York dinner. A Prime New York Strip to be exact with a side of kale and olive oil mashed potatoes and spinach

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  • What Not To Do When Dining At The In-Laws'

    Dining at your in-laws place can be touchy, especially if you don't spend much time together. Many families only break bread during the holidays or live across the country, so chances are you may not know each other very well, quirks and all. And if there's ever a time for chaos to ensue it's during a meal. But, bottom line is you are family and that means showing some respect. So, even if you have to tear the napkin to shreds under the table, here's what to avoid doing if you want to dine in peace.

    • Not Offer To Help. Even if you're wiped out from a myriad of reasons (work, kids, travel - all three!), simply ask if there's anything you can do, whether it's helping to set the table, prepping the food or clearing the dishes. Your in-laws may politely decline your help, but at least you offered and it's the thought that counts. You certainly won't score any points by planting yourself on the sofa while stuffing your face with appetizers.
    • Make Faces. So your
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  • Top 10 Idiot-Proof Dishes

    Some people are gifted when it comes to whipping up spectacular gourmet fare - coq au vin, no problem - beef wellington, no sweat. Others (like us) have to work a lot more at it. If you count yourself among the culinary-challenged, help is on the way. Here are ten fool-proof, can't-mess-it-up-no-matter-what dishes to delight your friends and family.

    • Pasta. If you can boil pasta, you can't mess this up - honestly! Don't rinse the pasta when it's done - simply drain it and add your choice of sauces. A good jarred marinara always works (we like Trader Joe's organic) - dress it up with parmesan cheese and fresh basil. Another yummy option - toss with olive oil and jarred or easy to open canned goodies - artichoke hearts, chopped sundried tomatoes, sliced black olives, black pepper and parmesan. Mario Batali, eat your heart out!
    • Quesadillas. Fill flour tortillas with canned black beans (drained), corn, sliced red pepper or pretty much anything else you can think up.
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  • Pimp Your Sandwich

    Ham and cheese on white, turkey and swiss on wheat, pastrami on rye... the classic sandwich has long been an American staple, populating deli counters and filling up brown bags for generations. But just because it's tried and true there's no reason The "Sammy" has to feel old school. Whether you're hoping to whip up new and interesting lunches for your kids, looking for cool picnic ideas, or packing something for munching later at the office, there are lots of quick and easy ways to turn that sandwich out.

    Bold Bread. Gone are the days of spongy, lifeless slices. Why waste your calories when you've got easy access to crusty French baguette, seeded whole grain loaves, herb-infused rosemary boule, or cheese focaccia? Bread is the building block upon which the rest of your masterpiece rests, so experiment and be bold!

    Get Toasted. Nothing takes a sandwich up to a bigger better notch quicker than simply toasting the bread. The added crunch lends nuttiness and texture. Go light

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  • Last-Minute Mother's Day Gifts For Every Kind of Foodie Mom

    Mothers can be hard to buy for - you want to give her something she'll enjoy but also something she'll actually use. Is she a gourmet mom who loves to spend time in the kitchen? Or a social butterfly who loves to entertain rather than sweat over a hot stove? Here are some suggestions for goodies at all price ranges guaranteed to charm your special lady and let her know you think the world of her.

    For The Creative Mom

    A crafty mother who appreciates handmade goods will enjoy these vibrant hand-stamped ceramic bowls from Atelier BB. Available in several sizes and every shade under the rainbow, each one is a unique little piece of art. Perfect for serving salt and pepper, parmesan cheese or spices during dinner. $20 and up.

    For The Romantic Mom

    Help mom bring a little romance into her life with these ultra-feminine floral napkin rings. Buy some cloth napkins and stamp them with her initial using fabric paint - and if you really want to win bonus points, whip up

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  • Supremely Satisfying Lo-Cal Versions Of Your High-Cal Favorites

    It's nearly impossible to resist a basket of hot fries or a frothy milkshake. But, if we indulged in the goodies we crave every day then getting ready for swimsuit season would be even more terrifying than it already is. So for those who feel life is too short to deny yourself the good stuff, but would also prefer to be able to zip their jeans all the way, here are easy ways to reinvent your favorites without adding unwanted bulk to your bod or losing any of that mind-numbing delicious-ness!

    Fries. Weighing in at around 400 calories and 18+ grams of fat for a 4-ounce serving, fries can help you put on poundage without even trying. A much better option -
    baked fries with half the calories and a mere 2 grams of fat. Simply coat a baking sheet with light cooking spray and slice up a batch of potatoes (sweet, red, russet, or a combo). We like them thin so they get extra crispy, but if you prefer them chunky, go for it. Cut them lengthwise or into circles - for extra flavor leave the

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  • The 10 most unloved foods

    In the food world, being a piping hot pizza or a big bowl of pasta is sort of like being Oprah - you can do no wrong and everyone adores you. On the other hand, if you're one of these unlucky edibles below, you have to work hard for every ounce of love, and you're more likely to conjure up a "yuck!" as a "yum." But, before you judge these foods by their reputations, you may want to take a second taste. Or not.

    6 gross food habits to drop in 2010

    Top tips for throwing a beautiful but budget-friendly kid's birthday.

    Liver. The first problem here is just knowing what liver is. For many, that's a deal breaker. Still, liver has a surprisingly robust fan base, many of whom are true gourmands. But like other "gourmet" treats (steak tartare, sweetbreads), liver can be an acquired taste. If you're not quite ready to dive into a slice but are curious, you can always try easing your way in by topping a cracker off with some chopped liver - usually mixed with grilled

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  • The next 7 big things to hit your kitchen

    Remember the days when Cuisinarts were revolutionizing kitchens everywhere and squeezable ketchup was the hottest new thing to populate your fridge? The kitchen is the hub of so many homes, so we're always looking for the next great thing to spice things up. Here are some things that have made it onto our list of the Next Great Thing...

    Artisan Brittle. We were grabbing our morning latte recently when we spotted tiny bags of enticing confections next to the coffee counter. Brittle - but this ain't your grandma's peanut brittle. Los Angeles-based Morning Glory Confections is turning out incredible flavors like Indian Curry & Pistachio, Chai Tea & Cashew, and Cocoa Nib, Coffee Bean & Pecan. While another of our local addictions - p.o.p. candy - serves up Rosemary Almond Butter Crunch and Thyme, Walnut & Cherries Butter Crunch.

    Lifestyle Teas. Republic Of Tea has unveiled "Be Well" Red Teas. Described as "wellness teas," each variety is a blend of healthy rooibos along with

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  • The Anal-Retentive Mom's Less-Mess Snack Foods

    As moms we often find ourselves in perpetual "cleaning up" auto-pilot mode. This is especially true when the kids are eating or snacking on the go. Marinara coated spiral pasta flying across the kitchen and little hands coated in wet, sticky pineapple juice anyone? It can be tough to suck it up but we remind ourselves that kids are messy and being messy is fun! Maybe not so much for us (after mindlessly wiping down the kitchen or the car for the 10th time), but we've learned to let it go. So when it comes to snack time it can be a relief to offer up healthy and tasty treats our kids love that are also much less of a mess. Phew!

    Fruits - Sliced apples and pears are more forgiving than their ultra juicy counterparts like pineapple, strawberries and oranges. Not only do hands get wet and sticky, but the juice winds up being splat all over their clothes too. And, if they're snacking in the car on the way to school, best to have another set of clothes on hand, especially if it's picture

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