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  • Why Aren't You Married Yet? Dealing with Family Over the Holidays

    "I'm going to be asked by my aunt, yet again, why I'm not married, and am tired of answering the question with 'Because I haven't met anyone yet.' Because the look on my aunt's face when I say that is, like, triumphant. 'Oh dear,' she says, shaking her head. 'I guess, well,' and here she smiles, 'no one's really good enough. Such a shame. How old are you now?'"

    "My brothers are going to tease me about gaining weight. I need a quick answer that doesn't humiliate me. Help!"

    "My mother will put down my boyfriend-a fabulous carpenter just starting out--with little snyde comments like, "And what do you do again, dear?"

    Okay darling earth girls, time to get smart-now, before Christmas.

    Answers to stupid questions require planning ahead, lest they make you so mad you lose your cool.. Here are three tried-and-true ways to answer the world's most obnoxious questions. Note that they share a theme, and that it's the theme you're to remember.


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  • Finding Closure When a Relationship Suddenly Ends

    Charles left Miranda one day after a six-month love affair, with no satisfactory explanation. He just announced, during a good solid start at long-term love, "Sorry, Miranda, I guess this isn't working" -- said it not even kindly, at that. He wasn't interested in hearing why Miranda thought that in fact it was working, quite wonderfully actually; that it was a relationship and relationships needed a little working out now and again. No, he didn't want to hear it. For him, it was over. So was all discussion on the topic.

    It always seems unthinkable, this scenario in which a lover leaves abruptly; runs you over like a train, as if you were just something to be left on the side of the curb like road kill. How do you ever find closure with a guy who heads for the hills and never tells you why? It's gut-wrenchingly hard, but you have to find closure within yourself. Here's how.

    Cut your losses. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again. You don't decide

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