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  • Style Mistakes That Age You

    Changing up your look through fashion and beauty choices is fun, but there are some mistakes we all make that actually cause us to look OLDER than we are. Uh-oh, no one wants that! On this episode of The Thread, host Rachel Perry walks us through the don'ts and the quick-fix do's that will shave years off.

    Dark lipstick - Deep shades make any surface look smaller, and that includes lips. Opt for a brighter color and/or a hint of gloss--it will make your pucker seem fuller and more youthful.

    Too-sleek hairstyles - This can make your face look drawn and emphasize every pore, wrinkle, and imperfection. Try a more textured, looser option--a loosely pulled-back 'do takes five years off your face! Also, keep in mind that helmet-headed updos can be disastrously aging. Stay away from too-voluminous bouffants.

    Over-concealing dark circles
    - We're all guilty of this one, guys. We want to hide those bags and under eye circles, and sometimes we get carried away. Take it down a notch with a light Read More »from Style Mistakes That Age You
  • How to Dress For Your Legs

    We ladies love revealing our legs, but how can we best show off the gams we've got? Jacqui Stafford, style expert and author of "The Wow Factor," sat down with our host, Jessica Stam to unveil the secrets of how best to dress your proportions.

    If you have a longer torso and shorter legs
    DON'T: Dress in longer, drop-waisted skirts or dresses—they'll only make legs look shorter. Bermuda shorts are another no-no, as are any heel with an ankle strap, which tends to visually cut the leg off.
    DO: Opt for a nude or tan colored shoe that will help lengthen. Colorful, vibrant tops are also your friend. They draw visual interest up to the top half of your body. High-waisted pants or skirts are great ways to lengthen your bottom half. And don't be afraid of the tuck!

    If you have longer legs and a shorter torso
    DON'T: Wear crop tops--trendy though they may be, they won't flatter your particular shape. Boxy, shapeless tops are not your friend, either. Finally, steer clear of strapless tops, as they Read More »from How to Dress For Your Legs
  • Nail Art Trends To Keep An Eye On

    Nail Art is the hands-down biggest trend to hit the beauty world in years. From bold, geometric designs to lacy and graceful, ladies across the globe are upgrading their manicures with serious nail designs. The Thread popped into Marie Nails, the mega-popular salon in New York City, to discuss the massive surge in popularity, why Instagram and Pinterest are blowing up with covetable pics, and the best looks to DIY.

    Lace - Delicate and pretty, Frances Liang of Marie Nails says it's a detailed artwork.

    Camouflage - "You can get a little bit messy with it," says Liang, "but it still it still needs to be done right."

    Black with studs - Always a classic, says Liang.

    Geometric designs
    - For the more advanced, Liang suggests going with the intricate, stand-out designs.

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  • #Instaglam: Summer 2013 Beauty

    With summer comes the opportunity to get outdoors and show off some bold color.  In this episode, we got inspired by Instagram—and recreated looks from the coolest summer beauty photos.

    Gold glitter eyes: Think smokey eyes, but with gold glitter shadow instead of a dark color. Finish with major black lashes. 

    Lavender eyes: Work the shadow color on the lids and ablendable gel shadow and eye liner under the eye. Then add a ‘blazing white’ shadow throughout. Make sure to finish the eyes with some thick black liner and bold coatedlashes.

    Pink, glossy lips: This summer, invest in a lightweight lip balm thatnot only gives a hint of shine but also hydrates and conditions.   

    Sequined lips: We spotted this on the Dior Haute Couture runway. For a more wearable take, try one of summer’s new balms that have glitter built in.

    Alternating colored nails: Make sure youopt for a polish that has long-lasting high-gloss color—because we all knowthose pool days can wreck havoc on our manic and pedis!

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  • Best Summer Shoes Under $30

    Summer might just be our favorite season for style, and along with our hankering for maxi dresses, bikinis, and cool shades comes an overwhelming desire for--you guessed it--shoes. We've handpicked the best pairs for $30 or less!

    Printed wedge heels, $26.80 at - Retro ankle strap wedges get a modern spin in a Southwestern-inspired print and bow detail at the toe.

    Braided sandals, $29.95 at - T-strap sandals are great for those who want to go flat. These bring a pop of color and shine to any outfit, and we love the braided detailing!

    Neon sandals, $24.95 at - Beige sandals are kicked up a notch thanks to electric neon gems and matching micro-heels. 

    Gold-plated sandals, $24.99 at - Tan sandals with thick ankle straps and shiny gold hardware are the new neutral--they go with pretty much everything.

    Black and gold sandals, $24.99 at - We know it sounds contradictory, but believe us when we say these sandals have a Read More »from Best Summer Shoes Under $30
  • Azealia Banks' Wild Style: We're Obsessed

    Rap wunderkind Azealia Banks is no stranger to turning heads--the New York-native loves to take outrageous risks with her style and has rocked everything from spikes to fishnets to furry shorts on stage. At just 22 years old, she's already worked with heavyweights like Lady Gaga and Kanye West, and is poised to become one of the biggest names in the industry. Did we mention she hasn't even released her debut album yet? Thread host Rachel Perry got to speak with Banks about her love of Chanel, her latest collaboration with Pharrell, and of course, her album, "Broke With Expensive Taste."

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  • Icona Pop Doesn't Care, They Love A Man in Heels

    Icona Pop, the Swedish duo comprised of Caroline Hjelt and Aino Jawo, are the evil geniuses behind the summer earworm you can't get out of your head. Their huge electronic hit, "I Love It," has been blasting out of club speakers, car radios, TV commercials, and our own iPods for the past few months and we can't get enough. At this year's Governor's Ball, Thread correspondent Rachel Perry got the scoop from the stylish girls on the importance of comfortable clothes while on stage, the glory that is David Bowie and Prince, and the friendship that spawned a million dance parties.

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  • The Top Ten Looks From Governors Ball

    The Thread stopped by the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York City to seek out the best style and report it back to you. From military-inspired jumpsuits, colorful retro ensembles, and floral prints, to leather jeans, graphic tees and chunky jewelry, we loved the way these girls looked at Governors Ball. Which look is your favorite?

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  • Summer's Buzzing Beauty Trends

    Keeping up with the latest beauty trends is one of the quickest and easiest ways to update your look every season. We’re zeroing in on summer’s hot and daring trends that are sure to make a big impact on your look.

    Beauty Bars - No, not that bar of soap you've had on your sink for years. We're talking about those niche beauty salons popping up in cities nationwide. From brow bars that groom your arches (we love Sania's Brow Bar in NYC!), to lash bars that provide eyelash extensions, and yes, even braid bars for a quick try at summer’s most playful hairstyles--there’s something for everyone. Even celebs are hopping on the trend. Rachel Zoe’s DreamDry blowout and hairstyling bar charges only $20 for an updo. Perfect for a night out!

    Straighten Up - Break out that hair straightener! After several seasons taking a backseat to tousled and textured waves, sleek and straight hair is making a serious comeback. No complaints here--the super straight style amplifies shine so it's the best way toRead More »from Summer's Buzzing Beauty Trends
  • How To Fake a Bikini Body

    Getting into swimsuit-ready shape isn't only about diet and exercise. The Thread has a few quick fixes that will get you looking and feeling beach brave and pool proud in no time.

    Dress to flatter - No need to hit the gym for this trick--this is all about the size and placement of your bikini. The bottoms shouldn't sit too low on your hips, as that makes them look wider than they are. Instead, let the bottom fit slightly higher to create a narrowing effect and bring the eye upwards.

    Block it out - The slimming colorblock trend we love so much on dresses works just as well with swimwear! Color-coordinating panels make you look trim in all the right places.

    Glow baby, glow - Fake or emphasize a toned physique with the simple application of self tanner or gel bronzer. This will even out your skin's complexion, camouflage cellulite, and give you that healthy glow women strive for in the warmer months. You can even define specific areas (like under your calf muscles) to create extra Read More »from How To Fake a Bikini Body


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