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  • Beauty Rules to Break

    "Don't wear purple eyeshadow! Tweeze your brows! Keep your nails all one color!" Rules, rules and more rules. Well, we at The Thread are sick of some of these so-called beauty and fashion "laws" and we're showing you which ones to break and how to break 'em for a look that's fun, risky, but most importantly, drop-dead gorgeous.

    Rule #1: Smoky eyes and bold lips can't look good together - Unless you consider a smoky eye to be two pounds of thick, dark eyeshadow, having statement eyes and lips together is a total do!

    Rule #2: Nails should be one shade only - Swap out your monochromatic color manicure for ombre nails. This means take your color of choice—and experiment with varying shades of the same hue on different fingers.

    Rule #3: Don't wear purple eyeshadow - Don't write off purple eyeshadow. We saw it all over the runways and makeup artists rave that it's flattering on everyone. It makes brown eyes lighter and makes blue & green eyes pop from the contrast

    Rule #4: Lashes must be

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  • Nervo Connects Music With Fashion And Beauty

    P!nk, Janelle Monae and Taylor Swift had better make room! Mim and Liv of the DJ duo Nervo sat down with Thread host Jessica Stam in New York City to celebrate their new-found COVERGIRL status and chatted music, nail art, and their individualistic way of dressing. Despite their similar looks, sisters Liv and Mim have very different styles (Liv calls Mim's look "crazier"), but they do love dressing up together and making the effort to "ham it up a bit more" while performing on stage. We're obsessed with the stylish sisters' gorgeous nail art done entirely with the Outlast Stay Brilliant Nail Gloss collection, a new polish that needs no topcoat--something we'd imagine comes in handy for ladies that spin mad beats all night long like Nervo. PS: Daftpunk, if you're reading this, call these girls immediately!

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  • Affordable Winter Coats

    The Thread's host Jessica Stam is wearing: Sweater by Paul & Joe Sister; Jeans by Garter + Derringer; Necklace by Dannijo.

    Temperatures are dropping all over this great nation of ours, but just because you need to start bundling up doesn't mean you can't be the fiercest gal in town at the same time. New York host Jessica Stam is back with six of the hottest (and most budget-friendly) coats for winter. From the practical-yet-unexpected toggle coat to the extravagant faux fur jacket of your dreams, The Thread has the best picks of the season!

    Toggle coat, Calvin Klein, $178 - For the preppy-yet-practical girl, it's classic, cozy, and versatile. Take the collegiate look to the next level in textured tights and a plaid scarf.

    Oversized boxy, H&M, $99 - Back from the '80s, these boxy, oversized jackets are a blast from the past and look great paired with sneakers and a fun, sequined sweater.

    Cinched puffer, Guess, $158 - No doubt the warmest of the bunch, this coat provides protection

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  • Vanessa Lachey's Life as a New Mom

    You may remember Vanessa Lachey as a former host of MTV’s Total Request Live (remember TRL?) back when she was still Vanessa Minnillo. Now married to former 98 Degrees singer Nick Lachey, the new mom and host of ABC's "Wipeout" sat down with the Thread to talk about maternity style, household chores, and the ongoing battle with post-pregnancy hormones. Lachey admits to still wearing her maternity clothes (after giving birth to son Camden in September), but says when she goes out she still wants to dress "somewhat trendy." Her secret to looking great without sacrificing comfort? Layering (never underestimate the power of a good blazer)! She may struggle with her style Lachey says that the biggest conflict for her as a new mom is trying to reconcile her emotions with her "raging levels of hormones." Luckily, as the new spokesperson of P&G's new campaign, "Have You Tried This Yet?" Lachey's life just got a little bit easier. The campaign highlights the best products like paper towels Read More »from Vanessa Lachey's Life as a New Mom
  • Style Mysteries Solved

    The Thread's host Jessica Stam is wearing: Shirt by H&M; Skirt by Jen Kao; Earrings and ring by Fenton/Fallon; Shoes by Sigerson Morrison.

    If you're as much of a nerd about fashion factoids as we are (and we know you are), then this episode of The Thread is for you. Our NYC host Jessica Stam will guide you through what's fact and what's fiction when it comes to all of your sartorial quandaries; like, why are men's and women's buttons on opposite sides? And where exactly did Christian Louboutin come up with the red-soled shoe? We answer these burning questions and more.

    Gendered shirt buttons?The practice of putting men's buttons on the right and women's on the left came about when wealthy women were dressed with the help of a chambermaid. The seamstresses favored right-handedness, so men's buttons ended up on the right, while women (who dressed with assistance) had buttons on the left!

    Which way should your belt buckle face? For men, the buckle should rest in the left

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  • Best Jeans of The Season For Under $50

    The Thread's host Jessica Stam is wearing: Shirt by Vince; Jeans by Garter and Derringer; Earrings by Made Her Think; Ring by By Boe; Cuffs (top two) by Jennifer Fisher; Bottom cuff by Finn Jewelry.

    Like most of you, we live in jeans--but those crazy designer price tags have us always searching for the elusive pair of on-trend denim that won't break our budget. We tracked down six of our favorite styles under $50, and model and Thread host Jess Stam is here to show us how best to wear our favorite denim trends. Be top of the heap (and on top of your budget) with these fabulous and wallet-friendly finds!

    Coated denim (Joe Fresh, $49) - A slick way to get the leather look for less, these are best paired with a textured tee and ankle boots. Try them in the fall's hot color (oxblood) for an extra layer of awesome.

    Tuxedo jeans (H&M, $19.95) - Get that sophisticated silhouette without sacrificing comfort! Jeans with a chic side panel are an easy way to dress up your outfit, especially when

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  • Best Fall Bags on a Budget

    The Thread's host Jessica Stam is wearing: Shirt by 3.1 Phillip Lim; Skirt by The Kooples; Earrings by Finn Jewelry; Necklaces by Finn Jewelry and Made Her Think.

    Finding the right bag is no easy task. Some are too big, others too small, some are freakishly ugly and others are downright expensive. For ladies on the go, leaving the house without the perfect bag on your arm is like walking out without shoes! Well, you can breathe a bit easier because we scoured the shops and found six drool-worthy fall bags for you, and not one of them is a cent over $50. Whether you need a perfect everyday tote or a fun purse for going out on the town, The Thread has you covered. You can thank us later.

    Tasseled carryall, Forever21, $38.40 - This bag is large and in charge for all your lugging needs, plus it embraces this season's tassel trend. With a classic shape and thick straps, we're nominating this bag for MVP (most valuable purse).

    Oversized satchel, H&M, $29.95 - Refined and structured, this

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  • How to Become a Street Style Superstar

    Take to the streets like the best (and most fashionable) of 'em. We borrowed fashion blogger Lucy Osinski and transformed her style from cute to traffic stopping with help from hairstylist Wesley O'Meara, makeup artist Jake Bailey, stylist Rebecca Grice, and photographer Phil Oh at the P&G Street Styling Event. Don't worry though--you won't need an entourage of four to get Lucy's approach. These professionals have all the tips you'll need to be looking naturally fabulous in no time! And the best part? All the hair and beauty products used in her makeover are available at your local drugstore!

    Hair – Wesley used a volumizing mousse for a quick and easy blowout to achieve a wavy, natural-looking style.

    Makeup – Jake suggests committing to either a strong eye OR a strong lip, but not both for a daytime off-duty look. A smoky taupe eye, sheer foundation and a pink pout are all Lucy needs to be chic yet casual.

    Styling – Don't be afraid of mixed metals! Rebecca advises a good amount

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  • Fall Trends to Avoid

    Dear Thread Readers: We know that you're every inch as fabulous as a fashion model, but that doesn't mean you should be trying every trend or look that traipses down the runways. There are some key things to keep in mind when dressing this season, namely your body type, your environment, and your taste level. We’ve pinpointed the worst of the worst for fall—from extreme shoes to crazy hats and everywhere in between—so you’ll know what to avoid spending your hard-earned cash on. Trust us: some things aren't meant for life outside the runway.

    The Thread's host Jessica Stam is wearing: Skirt by Timo Weiland, Blouse by L'Agence, Earrings by J/Hadley, Bracelet by Ugo Cacciatori

    Stay clear of:

    High-collared boxy dresses - They hide your shape and lack versatility to blend with the rest of your wardrobe.

    Colored fur – It’s a pricey purchase that can't be worn every day.

    Ironic graphic sweaters - Leave them in the in the past! No grown woman needs a shapeless sweatshirt with a

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  • Stars Whose Age Would Shock You

    You'll never guess how old these fabulous women are! The Thread is here to surprise you with ladies who continue to impress--whether it's through lucky genes or hard work (though often it's both)--and like fine wines, they just get better with age! From Carly Rae Jepsen to Jane Fonda and even a Charlie's Angel, these beauties have defied aging and we're straight up jealous of their flawless skin and killer bods.

    Carly Rae Jepsen - While she doesn't look a day over 17, the pop singer is actually 26!

    Soleil Moon Frye - Little Punky Brewster is all grown up! The 36-year-old is now a mom, director and owner of an eco-friendly children's boutique.

    Sally Fields - Advocating for womens' health initiatives and acting hasn't slowed down this 64 year old--she still looks like Gidget to us!

    Jaclyn Smith - Charlie's most ageless Angel and designer mogul (her women's collection at Kmart is still going strong after 27 years) is 67.

    Jane Fonda - The former fitness guru has been acting for over 50

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