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  • Love Hurts

    am maried to the love of my life,i love him and i know in my heart of hearts that he loves me too but from time to time he does things that hurt me deeply...and I swear at those times i start to wonder....

    this weekend we had a big do at his home and I was so looking forward to it since the beginning of the year and he left with out me ,i had ggone to town to buy few thing to prepare for our trip and had asked him to came with and he refused only to find out he left with out me on my return from town.
    this has hurt me and put me in the spotlight coz now all the members of his family were asking how could i be so selfish to let my husband go alone. he made a spectable of me and our relationship for me I fell he put our problems out there for the world to see. am so hurt!

  • EVIL

    my step son was daibetic ,he came to stay with me when he was just 14yrs he stayed with me till he passed grade 12 then his mother took him with oout even a word i still payed his varsity fees regardless and he was diagnosed with daibities in 2008, it was strange becouose he just became very ill rapitly he was on insuline 3times aday and me and my husband we covering the medical bills.....on his 3rd year at varsity he died,to my husbands tragic lose ,i was very supportive through the whole thing, the mother called and asked my husband to pay for the funneral becouse she is not working and also that the child be barried at her home not my husbands home and he wa fine with that.

    came the day of the funneral we were refused entry in that home dispite every thing my husband had done,my in laws pleaded with then later we were in...during the prosses i learned that they held me responsible for the death of my stephson , that hurt me deeply because i loved that boy as my own child

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  • memories of childhood

    as a child life is just an endless adventure and nothing is impossible ,i remember playing outside in the summer ,toples the south african summers are always too hot playing in the ponds chassing frogs with no cares in the world ,and the voice of my gradma calling us to eat lunch/or supper ,she had a lovely voice it was kind and loving never too harsh, iso wish i can hear her calling my name again or just telling me how much she loves me

  • how to keep the love alive

    haai my friends it is very difficult to sastain a relationship ...give me tips to on how to keep the love alive

  • haai every body

    just because valentines over doest mean stop loving lets keep showering each other with love

  • make love not war

    my dad cant stand my husband ...being mariedis hard with out familys adding their 2cents on it,my husband has done every thing to try to please my dad but he doesnt care we have been maried for ten years but my husband has never seen the inside of my dads house he must still wait for me out side all because of lobola. lobola is meant to be a beatiful tradition but in my case it is brother has spoken to my dad but nothing my whole family has tryed on my side i stopped talking to him but in return he banned me from the family house ,now i cant go home... there are days when i miss my family but cant see them..i cant just go home when ever have to wait for him to be gone.and i love my husband he is agood man he treats me with so much respect and love ,i cant sacrifice our love just to please my dad...he is good to all my family except my dad so please dads out there put your child happyness before your ego or pride what ever it is .....

  • llife

    life is for living and we must always remember that to be young is a privillage.therefore we must always live our lives as if ther is no tommorow and alwas dance as if no body is watching

  • love

    when i met my husbund i didnt realy love him but today he is the best thing that has ever happened to me . i watch him sleep and think ..... i love this man. and he loves me too he knows when am in pain and he understands.