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  • Definitely Burned that Bridge...

    I recently quit my job of four years to go back to school. I knew I would miss certain people when I left but I knew there were some that I would never care to see again. As I walked out the doors, I realized that it felt like I had been to hell and back. I wish I could go into detail about everything I had gone through working there but I don't think you would believe me. There were screaming matches, drunks, harassment suits...pretty much anything and everything you can think of. Since there was no in house HR, everyone pretty much did whatever they wanted and no one ever got reprimanded for anything especially if you were a man or a brown nosing woman in tight clothing. Upper management is lacking any sort of spine.

    The day before I left, I had an email run in with the business development officer who loves throwing around his title and gets paid for eating and sleeping. Really. Let's just say he hasn't developed any business in the past year and a half that he has been there.

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  • I hate play dates!

    This summer I found out there was a little girl that moved in down the street. I had seen her dad walking her to school and she ended up being with my daughter in summer care. The father finally introduced himself and started talking about having play dates with the girls which I reluctantly agreed to. The truth is, not only did I feel uncomfortable with only dealing with the dad (I still have never even seen the mother) but I also don't have any interest in spending my weekend dealing with more children. I let her do it one time then I realized how inconvenient it was as well as the fact that I would have to volunteer my home next time. The father tried to contact me again a few weekends ago and I avoided it like the plague! I was under a lot of stress and the last thing I wanted to do was step outside my house and make nice, forced conversation with a stranger. Unfortunately, this little girl has ended up being in my daughter's class and needless to say seeing her father was a little

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  • Doing the Zombie Walk

    Dealing with some major changes in my life has made me realize that I cannot remember the last time I had an honestly happy day. I cannot remember the last time I came home from an outing and felt like I had a fantastic time. I cannot remember the last time I had a good, long laugh. I cannot remember the last time I was actually enjoying life and what it was offering me.

    I am not miserable per se. I don't go around trying to bring everyone down with me the way some people do. I simply keep to myself and don't expect anything from anyone. When did I become such a zombie? The truth is, I would have loved to feel this way about a year and a half ago when I let my life fall apart due to a broken heart. I wish I would have been indifferent to the fact that the person I fell in love with, and who I thought had fallen in love with me, no longer wanted to be with me. Instead, I let my aching heart lead me down a path of destruction and I suppose I am still trying to climb out of that

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  • Passing on your GOOD habits

    In the past year or so, I feel my life has gone to shambles. It feels like I´m always trying to play catch up with bills, chores, my child´s schooling...everything. I can never get home and relax because there are always ten things I need to take care of. I see women who are always on top of everything, always making sure they are ahead of schedule so they don´t end up like me. I am always in awe of their ability to do what they need to do and never waiting until it´s too late. The most embarrassing thing is that most of the moms I know have more than one child! How pathetic of me to not be able to keep up with just one!

    My fear is that I might be passing off my bad habits to my 7 year old. It used to be so much easier keeping up with everything when she was younger and now I see her becoming more and more like me. Why does she leave her socks on the floor? Because I leave mine on the floor after my work outs. Why does she eat in the car? Because I eat in the car. In order to change

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  • Why do men say they like this type then go for that one?

    This is a real quick survey that I´m hoping will shine some light on male behavior. Why is it that men say they like one type of woman and go for the complete opposite? I have seen it a ton of times and I´m a little baffled as to why this happens. The most common one I hear is that men like a low maintenance lady that can chug a beer and watch football. As far as looks, my male friends say they like brunettes with curves.

    So what do I see next? They´re dating a pettite, skinny blond who rather watch Jersey Shore and drink a cosmopolitan. No offense to you skinnyblondJerseywatchingcosmodrinkers. You deserve love as well.

    But, really, what is the reason behind this? It´s a very strange phenomenon.

  • User Post: When a Major Life Change Brings Isolation...

    I am currently transitioning from working full time to being a full time student while still having to be a full time single mom. I realized that I´m not sleeping very well and finally figured out that I´m feeling a bit anxious about my life change. My last major life change was having my daughter almost 7 years ago and having to do it completely on my own. Since then, I have lived a stable life with a good stable job for the both of us. I have mostly done it out of fear that if I did anything else, I might fail and we would end up on the streets. Choosing to go back to school was an easy yet very difficult decision. It is what I have been wanting to do since I dropped out in 2003 especially after realizing that if I built a career in banking, I would be a very unhappy person. Successful but unhappy. Yet, I have been holding off because I knew that life would have to be different for quite a while.

    So the decision is made and school starts a month from today. I won´t be working until

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  • Too Many "Bentleys" in this World

    Am I the only one baffled by Bentley's behavior on the Bachelorette? Yes, I know it's not all real, but, Bentley actually reminds me of most men. Bentley never actually admitted what was going on in his head...that he was hoping the Bachelorette was Emily. Instead, he told Ashley a string of lies until the very end. Despite this being TV, this seems to be a common practice among men. I have encountered very few men who will actually say what is on their mind or what their intentions are. What is that about? Is it part their "game" to be completely vague? It's weird.

    I recently had an experience where a very nice guy admitted his interest in me. After a couple pretty hot make out sessions, texting every day for a week and watching the Gold Cup together at a party, he went cold. No Facebook posts, no texts, nothing. Stupid me thinks, hey, maybe he's waiting for me to say hello. Nope. The conversation was one sided and it was like trying to pull teeth. Needless to say, I'm a little

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  • User Post: The Art of Saying 'No'

    I am preparing myself for my soon to be 'poor student' status. I am returning to school full time after 9 years! And, this time, I'm going in with an actual goal and a single mom of an almost 7 year old. I am starting to think the hardest issue I will face is saying 'no' to my friends. We're now in our late 20's and we all have had stable lives for a while now, meaning, we have money to spend. Now that I'm going back to school, the money I have will have to be spent on surviving for the semester. Since I need to get used to being a full time student and full time mom, I won't be working for quite a while unless I find a great work study or part time job that will work with my schedule.

    Though I'm usually a very anxious person, I don't feel worried about what I'm stepping into. I have a great support system that I know will be there if needed. I'm mostly afraid of telling people I can't do the same things I used to. Dinner, drinks, movies, traveling. I've never thought of myself as

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  • Living the Simple Life

    I have gotten stuck in this mentality that I need to keep up with the next person and it is destroying my financial life. I have always thought of myself as someone who appreciates the simple things so I´m not sure at what point I started thinking I wanted so much more. I suppose it has to do with thinking the grass is greener on the other side and it´s definitely least not for me.

    I´m actually considering throwing, selling or giving away a lot of my things. I just put my treadmill on Craigslist not because I don´t use it, but, because I don´t really need it. I´m at the gym every night so it´s really just taking up space and there are other ways to get my cardio in if I don´t happen to make it to the gym. I have clothes and shoes I´ll never wear again and so does my daughter. It´s just things piling up.

    When my family moved from Mexico, we had nothing but we were happy. I think I just need to tap into that again and realize that it´s not things that make you happy, it´s the

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  • User post: I'm the "beer goggles" girl! Help!

    What does it mean when men only make out with me when they're drunk? I've been thinking back to my dating experiences and the only time men seem to find me attractive (i.e. anything physical) is AFTER the drinks come. Yes, yes, we all know we lose our inhibitions when we drink but I can't remember the last time someone kissed me while sober...

    So is it really possible that men only like me when they have beer goggles on? I've tried dating all types of men so it's not one specific group or type. Am I really THAT girl? I just didn't think that was the case but it must be. I'm actually very attractive and very funny (yes, that's my opinion as well as the opinion of most people that meet me) so that's why I'm a little baffled at the moment. I actually never thought about it but, yeah, men only hit on me, kiss me other stuff with me when drinking. Wow.

    Trying to think of a way to switch this up a bit. Would like to be kissed by someone sober for once. Suggestions welcome!

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