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  • The First Person to Love is Yourself

    There are alot of times when people feel empty on the inside, they reach out to other things to fill in the emptiness in their lives. It's called a void. A feeling of loneliness,as if no one is there for you,nobody loves you, trying to erase bad feelings and thoughts of your past, even your present. Alot of times that empty feeling develops with your childhood, whether it was abuse, an absent father figure in the home,encouragement, and feeling loved. Those are all reasons, emptiness develops on the inside of us. Now that some of us are older, we still carry the same empty feeling around on the inside of us, as if it were our very own baby. It's time to let the baby go! Aren't you tired of feeling weighed down everyday? Ready for some sunshine to shine bright in your life? Let go by first forgiving the people in your past and present that have "dropped" the ball in your life. Someone you depended on, trusted, loved, and cherished. They betrayed you, and went in the opposite direction.

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  • Take Time to Breathe, Relax, Let Go and Renew

    As women, we are wives,moms,sisters,aunts,grandmother's,friends and the list goes on. If your like me, time is very important, but not enough time in the day to breathe and regroup. It's important that we as women, whatever catagory you fit in, whether it's a mom,wife,mother n law,aunt,friend,guardian or a single woman. We all need to remember one thing..........breathe!! Take the time to relax, regroup and renew. Take a nice long hot bath, relax with a good book, under a snuggy comfort, pour yourself a glass of red wine and invite some of your girlfriends over and talk things out, that are bothering you.