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  • Another week, and only 1 pound

    Wow it's been a whole week since I blogged! Oops!

    I'm still struggling. Some days are better than others. The weight isn't dropping like I wanted. I wonder if it's the "cheating" I'm doing? (DUH)

    So today I resolve to eat nothing but natural foods. Nothing processed, no more soda, no more coffee. Well ok I'll still have my one cup of half caf coffee. But after that it's water all day.

    I read an article about how the stars stay in shape. Not one of them stayed fantastically fit by eating bon bons and lying on a couch all day. Bummer. Guess that means if I truly want to do this, I need to get off my butt and exercise consistently. AND stop the cheating!!!

  • Yeah I broke down

    Shortly after writing last night's blog I dug in to the cool whip and vanilla wafers. I didn't over do like I normally do, but I still did it.

    All I can do now is "shake it off" (like I tell my kids) and get back on the horse!

  • PMS and sugarfree don't mix

    It's that time of the month. The time that turns the sweetest of women into seething alien beings. You got it...the period.

    Normally during that time of the month I'd load up on chocolate. It's a sure fire cure for cramps and PMS. This time however is different. I'm on day 16 of my Isagenix plan and although I want sugar like there's not tomorrow I'm doing my darndest to ignore the call of Vanilla Wafers and Cool Whip that's screaming at me from the kitchen. I've been doing really good on this plan, I'm feeling better and was wondering why I wasn't losing weight. Now I know. I was retaining water and bloating on up! Woohoo I love being female!

    It's going to be a long week without chocolate!

  • Still Kicking

    So I'm on day 15 of the Isagenix plan. I feel great. Better than I have in months. I'm up early enjoying the solitude of the morning. My house is cleaner, I spend more time with my kids and less online because I don't feel lazy. The scale isn't going down though but I think that's because I'm exercising and doing more and building up muscle which weighs more than fat.

    My clothes are feeling a bit looser...can't wait until day 18 when I remeasure!!!

  • Overdose on Chocolate?

    I am on day 14 of the Isagenix program. I've had my ups and downs over the past two weeks but last night I had a revelation. I finally GET it.

    I was at a dinner event. Being good I had pre-ordered a vegetarian plate. The food was fabulous! The dessert however was a double chocolate cheesecake. I just melt in the face of chocolate. So of course I ate it. Throughout the evening I noticed some pretty interesting results of the cheesecake.

    First I couldn't finish the whole thing. It was to much. That's a first for me. Never has there been a chocolate anything that I couldn't finish!

    Shortly after eating the cake, my heart started racing. I felt anxious, jittery. A little while later I had a pounding headache. I really paid attention to how I felt after eating the cake as kind of a test.

    On my way home, I analyzed how I felt. I felt like I had overdosed on caffeine. You know, the feeling you get after a pot of coffee. I don't like that feeling. My body has become so unused to sugar that

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  • Is cleansing all it's cracked up to be?

    Maybe I've been brainwashed over the years but how in the world can fasting and cleansing be good for you? Every "expert" I've ever known has told me that if you let your body go for hours without feeding it, then you slow down the metabolism and it goes into "starvation" mode. So the next time you eat, your body stores the food as fat for the next time you are in starvation mode.

    So how can cleansing be good for you?

  • Finishing kids meals

    One thing I've noticed is that as a parent, if my kids don't clear their plate, my husband or I tend to finish it for them. For example, we were at a birthday party today. One had a hot dog, the other a burger. Neither ate the whole thing and I ate both. Then I finished up the cake too even though it made me feel horrible. My reasoning? I felt it was rude to be at someone else's house and waste their food. Mind you my girls are 5 and 3. They (especially the 3yr old) are horrible food wasters. That's just typical of that age. So to be polite to my neighbors I put junk food into the healthy body I am creating.

    How asinine is that?

  • weekends are tough

    Even though I work from home, weekends are still tough on my eating. I guess it's because everyone else is home too and we have large family dinners on the weekends. At least what I am eating is healthy. Can't hurt to much to over eat on healthy food can it?

  • 9 inches in 8 days!!!

    Today is Day 8 of my Isagenix program. I weighed and measured myself. I have lost a total of 9 inches and 4 lbs in 8 days. Not even 8 days! I started using Spark People to keep track of calories so I know what's what. That's been a HUGE help.

    I've feeling energized, motivated and ready to lose more! After today I'm going to post mainly to my own blog and not post it on the website, unless major changes happen. Please keep reading and I'm always happy to have comments!

    Have a great weekend!

  • Reading the bruises

    Ok so the only bruises I have from screwing up yesterday on my eating is my ego. But it's a pretty good sized bruise. I was thinking about it this morning as I climbed back on the refrigerator. I really think yesterday was a good lesson for me. I needed to eat crap. Comparing how I felt yesterday to how I've been feeling was a great wake up call.

    When I ate Burger King, cookies, hot dogs and chips yesterday, I ended up feeling icky, sluggish, no energy. Just overall not-so-hot. Since I started the Isagenix program and have been eating healthy and using the products I've had tons of energy. I've felt happy, proud and overall fantastic. So when I looked at the blueberry pie sitting in my fridge today, it was so easy to say no thanks. I know how you will make me feel and I choose not to feel that way. Instead I'll have an apple, or some berries, or anything other than that.

    My advice to anyone who is trying to change bad habits no matter what it is, pay close attention to how

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