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  • Should You Reuse a Late Pet's Things?

    By Nora Zelevansky |

    Vetstreet editor Kristen Seymour keeps the tag of her late Lab mix, Yuki, hanging in a special place in her home.When our very own Vetstreet editor, Kristen Seymour, lost her beloved Black Labrador mix, Yuki, she tucked the pup's favorite pirate collar away for posterity. It wasn't until almost five years later that she was able to pull the adorable item back out and fit it on her current dog. "It was just too painful," she shares. "We still keep [Yuki's] tag hanging in a special spot, near our back porch."

    Seymour is not alone. Once we lose a pet, many of us struggle with whether to stow away favorite items as keepsakes, repurpose them for future animals or donate everything and start fresh. According to Certified Compassion Fatigue Educator Dr. Carrie La Jeunesse, DVM, CT, who helps people cope with pet bereavement, there's no right or wrong way to handle the grieving process. Both mourning approaches - holding tight to these reminders or letting them go - can be healing. "This is a personal decision by the owners," she explains. "Each person's

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  • 10 Most Popular Pet Rabbit Names

    By Lisa Granshaw |

    iStockphotoRabbits will be on the minds of lots of people this weekend as Easter arrives and the Easter Bunny makes visits around the world. Some families may even be welcoming a new pet rabbit into their homes, and they could be wracking their brains trying to figure out what to name him or her.

    While some people try to choose unique names for their pets, many choose more common monikers, making some names much more popular than others. We examined our database of 32,533 male and 24,011 female rabbits to pinpoint the most popular names of 2013, and a few of those names just might surprise you!

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    Popular Names for Rabbits... and Other Pets

    A look at the top 10 names for both male and female rabbits reveals a fair amount of crossover between the two lists. For example, did you know Bun Bun is one of the most common names for both genders? Of the top names, four appear on both lists.


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  • Baby Squirrel Gets Cast for Broken Ankle

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres |

    A baby squirrel got a cast on her broken ankle after falling 75 feet from her nest.A baby squirrel who fell 75 feet from her nest onto a concrete sidewalk earlier this week was brought to City Wildlife rehabilitation center in Washington, D.C., where she's being nursed back to health.

    "She suffered a bloody nose, a broken tooth, and a broken ankle," according to the center's Facebook page. The 6-and-1/2-week-old squirrel is being bottle-fed every few hours, and veterinarians examine her leg and change her bandage every three days.

    City Wildlife also treated D.C.'s visiting snowy owl when she was hit by a bus earlier this year. (She's continuing her recovery at The Raptor Center in Minnesota.) "Luckily, just like children, this squirrel is young enough that her ankle should heal very quickly," City Wildlife said on Facebook. - Read it at ABC News

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  • 11 Cat Breeds You've Probably Never Heard Of

    By Laura Cross |

    Cats might be the darlings of the Internet, but you don't often see them out and about with their humans, lounging at coffee shops or parks like their canine counterparts. So unless you're a cat breeder, a regular reader of our cat breed profile pages or a faithful cat show attendee, chances are there are many cat breeds and varieties you've never heard of.

    Whether you're looking to bring home a new kitty or simply want to impress your friends with your superior feline knowledge, here are 11 rare or lesser-known cat breeds you should know about.

    Havana BrownHavana Brown (photo credit: Helmi Flick, Animal Photography/

    The Havana Brown's distinct chocolate coat and striking emerald eyes make it hard to believe that fewer than 1,000 of these stunning cats are estimated to exist in the world. This rare breed often loves human company and will do everything he can to get attention, including chatting with his family in a soft voice.

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  • 6 New Dog-Friendly Cars Debut

    By |

    Car manufacturers have learned that they have to sell a car not just to one person, but also to the entire family. And that includes the family pet. Those of us who share our lives with pets know that their needs are an essential part of every car-buying decision. That explains why Subaru offers a Dog Matchmaker on its Facebook page and why you'll see dogs co-starring in ads from Land Rover and Chevrolet, among others.

    Jean Jennings, editor-in-chief of and Automobile Magazine, has been taking her four dogs along in a wide variety of test cars for years. She notes, "Cars today are so much more dog-friendly: from technology such as air bags and traction control that make cars safer than ever to seats that fold easily so you can fit dog crates in back. That, and the proliferation of tall wagons and SUVs, means you are much less limited in your car choices as a pet owner than in the past."

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  • Outpouring of Support for Dying Woman’s Dog

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres |

    Patricia Cudd, who's terminally ill, is looking for a new home for her Pit Bull, Sherlock.While she's battled Stage 4 breast cancer, Patricia Cudd's dog Sherlock has been there to comfort her. "All these medical appointments, they're very tough," Cudd explains tearfully. "I just go home and I curl up with Sherlock and I feel better. I just feel so much better." But the terminally ill woman from northern Colorado can no longer give her beloved dog the exercise and attention he needs.

    On Monday, a local TV station aired their story, asking viewers without other pets or children in their homes to consider adopting the Pit Bull. Hundreds of offers poured in with people wanting to give Sherlock a home - and to continue to bring him to visit Cudd. Cudd was overwhelmed by the heartwarming response to her story, and will be working with volunteers to determine the perfect home for her loyal companion. - Watch it on Colorado's 9News

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  • 6 Signs Your Home is Ruled by Cats

    By Caroline Golon |


    Oh, you wanted to work? Better take a nap instead.There's a reason cat owners are sometimes referred to as "staff." Cats have a way of burrowing in and taking over not only your heart, but your home too. Take a look at your house for these telltale signs that a cat is running the show.

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    1. Random Litterbox Locations

    A sure indicator of a home where cats rule the roost is litterboxes in unexpected places. Corner of the dining room? Sure. Smack dab in the middle of the home office? No problem. In the master bathtub? Easy-peasy - just lift the litterbox out when you need to use the tub or shower. Such an arrangement may seem ridiculous to people whose abodes are not run by cats, but cat owners know: Move the box and prepare for a piddle puddle somewhere you don't want it. It's better to have the box where the cat likes it.

    2. Cat Pillows

    Once your cat finds a spot he likes, it's hard to deny him the pleasure of returning there. Often, that spot is a

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  • FDA Warns of Easter Lily Dangers for Cats

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres l

    Easter LilyThe Food and Drug Administration is reminding cat owners that popular Easter lilies are toxic to felines, who might try to ;nibble on them. Tiger, Asiatic, day-, and Japanese Show lilies are also poisonous to cats.

    Melanie McLean, a veterinarian at FDA, said to seek help immediately from a veterinarian if you suspect your cat has consumed any part of a lily. Even licking a few pollen grains off their fur can cause kidney problems, she said. The first symptom of a problem is vomiting. Some lilies can also pose a danger to dogs. - Read it at Live Science and see Vetstreet's list of 10 dangerous household plants for pets

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  • Dolphins: 7 Surprising Facts

    By Lisa Granshaw l

    Just one of the dolphins who call the Georgia Aquarium home.April 14 is Dolphin Appreciation Day, which is as good a time as any to learn a little something interesting about these popular mammals.

    Michael Hunt, the Georgia Aquarium's director of animal training, sees the survival of the dolphin as a sign of the health of our open waters. "As a species, dolphins are a great barometer for what's going on in our oceans," Hunt says. "When you look at the number of ill and dying dolphins that have washed ashore this year alone, it drives home the point that our seas aren't in very good shape."

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    Lisa Takaki, senior director of marine mammals at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, agrees. "We want to keep these species on the planet and make sure they're here for future generations," she says.

    How can we do that? Hunt suggests that "the best way to help dolphins is to learn as much as you can about the challenges they face and better appreciate and protect their

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  • 10 People-Pleasing Dog Breeds

    By Kim Campbell Thornton |

    You know the type. They're happy. They love to greet people. And their smiling eyes and wagging tails always bring attention their way. Why wouldn't you love them back?

    Certain breeds are famed for their sociable dispositions - we're going to meet some of them below - but personality varies, so don't assume that every member of a certain breed will be a good-time Charlie. Early socialization, effective training, and continuing opportunities to interact with people in many different situations and places all contribute to the development of a dog who is genuinely outgoing and approachable.

    Here are our top 10 picks for personality-plus canines:

    BeagleBeagle - Cheerful Companion

    One of the world's best-known Beagles, 2008 Westminster winner Uno, traveled the country with his handler to promote pet therapy and did meet-and-greets with aplomb. The Beagle is among the top 10 most popular breeds for good reason: He has a

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