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  • Outpouring of Support for Dying Woman’s Dog

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres |

    Patricia Cudd, who's terminally ill, is looking for a new home for her Pit Bull, Sherlock.While she's battled Stage 4 breast cancer, Patricia Cudd's dog Sherlock has been there to comfort her. "All these medical appointments, they're very tough," Cudd explains tearfully. "I just go home and I curl up with Sherlock and I feel better. I just feel so much better." But the terminally ill woman from northern Colorado can no longer give her beloved dog the exercise and attention he needs.

    On Monday, a local TV station aired their story, asking viewers without other pets or children in their homes to consider adopting the Pit Bull. Hundreds of offers poured in with people wanting to give Sherlock a home - and to continue to bring him to visit Cudd. Cudd was overwhelmed by the heartwarming response to her story, and will be working with volunteers to determine the perfect home for her loyal companion. - Watch it on Colorado's 9News

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  • 6 Signs Your Home is Ruled by Cats

    By Caroline Golon |


    Oh, you wanted to work? Better take a nap instead.There's a reason cat owners are sometimes referred to as "staff." Cats have a way of burrowing in and taking over not only your heart, but your home too. Take a look at your house for these telltale signs that a cat is running the show.

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    1. Random Litterbox Locations

    A sure indicator of a home where cats rule the roost is litterboxes in unexpected places. Corner of the dining room? Sure. Smack dab in the middle of the home office? No problem. In the master bathtub? Easy-peasy - just lift the litterbox out when you need to use the tub or shower. Such an arrangement may seem ridiculous to people whose abodes are not run by cats, but cat owners know: Move the box and prepare for a piddle puddle somewhere you don't want it. It's better to have the box where the cat likes it.

    2. Cat Pillows

    Once your cat finds a spot he likes, it's hard to deny him the pleasure of returning there. Often, that spot is a

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  • FDA Warns of Easter Lily Dangers for Cats

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres l

    Easter LilyThe Food and Drug Administration is reminding cat owners that popular Easter lilies are toxic to felines, who might try to ;nibble on them. Tiger, Asiatic, day-, and Japanese Show lilies are also poisonous to cats.

    Melanie McLean, a veterinarian at FDA, said to seek help immediately from a veterinarian if you suspect your cat has consumed any part of a lily. Even licking a few pollen grains off their fur can cause kidney problems, she said. The first symptom of a problem is vomiting. Some lilies can also pose a danger to dogs. - Read it at Live Science and see Vetstreet's list of 10 dangerous household plants for pets

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  • Dolphins: 7 Surprising Facts

    By Lisa Granshaw l

    Just one of the dolphins who call the Georgia Aquarium home.April 14 is Dolphin Appreciation Day, which is as good a time as any to learn a little something interesting about these popular mammals.

    Michael Hunt, the Georgia Aquarium's director of animal training, sees the survival of the dolphin as a sign of the health of our open waters. "As a species, dolphins are a great barometer for what's going on in our oceans," Hunt says. "When you look at the number of ill and dying dolphins that have washed ashore this year alone, it drives home the point that our seas aren't in very good shape."

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    Lisa Takaki, senior director of marine mammals at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium, agrees. "We want to keep these species on the planet and make sure they're here for future generations," she says.

    How can we do that? Hunt suggests that "the best way to help dolphins is to learn as much as you can about the challenges they face and better appreciate and protect their

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  • 10 People-Pleasing Dog Breeds

    By Kim Campbell Thornton |

    You know the type. They're happy. They love to greet people. And their smiling eyes and wagging tails always bring attention their way. Why wouldn't you love them back?

    Certain breeds are famed for their sociable dispositions - we're going to meet some of them below - but personality varies, so don't assume that every member of a certain breed will be a good-time Charlie. Early socialization, effective training, and continuing opportunities to interact with people in many different situations and places all contribute to the development of a dog who is genuinely outgoing and approachable.

    Here are our top 10 picks for personality-plus canines:

    BeagleBeagle - Cheerful Companion

    One of the world's best-known Beagles, 2008 Westminster winner Uno, traveled the country with his handler to promote pet therapy and did meet-and-greets with aplomb. The Beagle is among the top 10 most popular breeds for good reason: He has a

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  • Military Dolphins Trained to Search -- and Attack?

    By Linda Lombardi |

    Ken Ramirez, executive vice president of animal care and training at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago and an expert dolphin trainer.It is impossible these days to turn on the national news without hearing an update on the conflict in Crimea. This week, a story that involves animals caught our attention. Now that Russia has annexed Crimea, it has reportedly also seized dolphins that were trained for the Ukrainian military.

    The idea of dolphin soldiers may sound like something from a James Bond movie, but it's real - and not just in Crimea. The United States Navy has long had a marine mammal training program. In fact, the Ukrainian dolphins and the U.S. Navy dolphins are trained to do essentially the same job: use their echolocation abilities to find things underwater, such as land mines and scuba divers.

    Giving this story an even more 007-like twist are rumors that the Ukrainian dolphins were trained to carry weapons and attack enemy scuba divers. (The U.S. Navy strenuously denies such rumors about its own dolphins: "The Navy does not now train, nor has it ever trained,

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  • 7 Signs You're Ready to Get a Dog

    By Shayna Meliker |

    ThinkstockThinking about bringing home a dog? Before you take the plunge, check out this list of seven requirements you should meet before getting a new puppy or adult dog.

    1. You have the time to train and socialize a new pooch. Bringing home a puppy (or even an adult dog) means a huge commitment of time and patience. You have to teach him the rules of your home - including potty training, safe interaction with children or other pets, and which items are dog toys and which are Mommy's brand-new pair of expensive dress shoes. On top of that, you should have time for training sessions - check out Mikkel Becker's list of the three lifesaving commands every dog should know - and, of course, adequate exercise.

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    2. You've considered which kind of dog fits your lifestyle. If you're a retired senior looking for a laid-back companion who doesn't need much exercise, a Border Collie may not be your best bet.

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  • Dog Rescued After Racing Train

    By Amy Sinatra Ayres |

    Tie was rescued from train tracks in Harlem after trying to race a commuter train.A stray dog was rescued on Tuesday morning after running for a mile and half alongside a Metro-North commuter train on electrified tracks in New York City.

    "She was just running like she didn't have a care in the world," said engineer Joseph Delia. The pooch met the train in the Bronx, and ran on a parallel track until she passed the train when it stopped at a red signal. Delia slowed the train way down, alerted other engineers in the area to watch out for the dog and called the MTA police for help.

    Two officers and a station worker at the train's next stop in Harlem headed for the stairs to try to lure the dog from the tracks. She walked right into their arms as the passengers on the train and the crowd gathered at the station clapped and cheered. "At first she appeared frightened, but started wagging her tail," said officer Luis Alvarez. "Having a dog of my own, I could tell she was very friendly." MTA workers named the 3-year-old

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  • Dog Breeds Most Sensitive to Drugs

    By Dr. Marty Becker |

    ThinkstockIf you live with a herding breed, you probably know that your dog may be sensitive to certain parasite-control products, antibiotics, sedatives, chemotherapy drugs and pain medications. Many Collies, Australian Shepherds and related breeds can suffer life-threatening illnesses or even die if given those medications. That's because they have a gene mutation that allows these drugs to build up in the brain, where they can cause neurological reactions, including tremors, disorientation and blindness.

    I'm proud to say that it was researchers at my alma mater, Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine, who first discovered the mutation of the multidrug resistance gene, known as MDR1, and then, in 2010, developed test procedures to identify dogs with the mutation.

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    What does this mean for you? It's now easy to determine whether it's safe to give your dog a particular medication without

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  • 6 Secrets of Dogs Revealed

    By Dr. Marty Becker |

    ThinkstockIt's no surprise that I love animals. They've always been a part of my life as a farm kid and as a veterinarian, and I was fortunate to marry a woman who feels the same way. We've always had pets as part of our family, and we simply can't imagine our Almost Heaven Ranch without the cats, dogs, horses, wild animals (elk, turkeys, wolves - yes, wolves!) and many more who share our land.

    With our own animals, we have certainly learned to laugh at living with them. They probably think we're pretty funny, too, sometimes: The dogs laugh with us, and the cats laugh at us!

    Since I previously wrote about "The Secret Life of Cats," I thought I'd do the same about dogs. Here's what I came up with:

    1. Bedroom Secrets Revealed: In the sack, dogs have it made. They get their choice of where to sleep and how long to sleep. In the classic paintings, dogs are shown asleep, a contented crescent of fur at their master's feet. Not so today! Dogs stretch

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