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  • 5 Big Myths About Working Women Too Many People Still Believe

    woman working at computerwoman working at computerBy Sonya Rhodes, PhD, and Susan Schneider

    The authors of The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match: How Today's Strong Women Can Find Love and Happiness Without Settling (WilliamMorrow, April 2014) share why the following is so off-base.

    Even today, with so many married women in the workforce, myths about working women abound, and the so-called mommy wars, pitting career-oriented women against stay-at-home moms, continue. Here, we debunk five of the most common misstatements about working women. Photo by Getty Images

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    1. The so-called career woman chooses work over love.

    "She's cold-hearted." "She cares more about her work than about her husband (or children.)" "She's not a very maternal person." Women work for lots of reasons, but none of them has to do with a preference for work over love. This myth underscores some of the gender-role bias against women with careers. At one time, social norms restricted women to narrow definitions of

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  • 6 Reasons Kirstie Alley Isn't Going to Gain Back the Weight This Time

    By Rachel Morris

    The feel-good success of losing weight can quickly be overshadowed if you gain some-or all-of it back, and Kirstie Alley is no stranger to this yo-yo dieting downer. She lost 75 pounds on Jenny Craig in 2007, but regained over the last few years. Now, she's once again working with Jenny Craig to lose 30 pounds and get to her goal weight once and for all. Woman's Day sat down with the award-winning actress to find out what she's learned from her weight-loss ups and downs. Here are her tips for losing the weight for good.

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    1. Put yourself first. If you put yourself on the backburner, it will be easy to regain your lost weight. "When I get too busy with everything else in my life and forget to take care of myself, my weight suffers," says Kirstie. Make your weight-loss efforts as important as the rest of the to-dos in your calendar. Pencil in a 30-minute walking workout, or take 15 minutes in the morning

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  • The Shocking Reason You May Be Tired

    woman yawningwoman yawningBy Liz Krieger

    Can't sleep or drop weight? Feeling blue? It could be your thyroid. Twenty million Americans have this issue-and 60% of them don't realize it. Photo by Getty Images.

    'I thought I was just a typical tired mom.'
    When I had my third child six years ago at age 41, I wasn't surprised by how worn out I felt. But this time, there was moodiness I couldn't shake, crushing fatigue and 20 extra pounds that wouldn't budge. I figured it was just because I was getting older and adjusting to life as a mom of three. But after six months, I started to suspect that this was more than the baby blues.

    I saw my doctor, and the answer came from a simple blood test: hypothyroidism.

    My thyroid-the little butterfly-shaped gland deep in the neck that helps the body use energy and keeps the brain, heart and other organs working as they should-was not functioning properly. So my doctor prescribed two medications, including a synthetic thyroid hormone to replace what my body was having

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  • 3 Steps to Take when You Hit a Weight-Loss Wall

    woman eating a saladwoman eating a saladBy Joy Bauer, RD

    If you haven't quite reached your slim-down goal yet, and your go-to weight-loss tips are no longer doing the trick, follow this plan to keep dropping pounds. Photo by Getty Images.

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    1. Take Stock of Your Habits
    It's amazing how much extra food you can eat without realizing it: nibbling while cooking, finishing your kid's leftovers, munching while you watch TV. Even if the bites are small, every bit adds up over time. Give yourself a reality check by keeping a food journal for one week, writing down everything you eat and drink. Are you hitting the vending machines in the afternoon instead of packing a bag of carrots and hummus to get you through the afternoon slump? At the end of the week, you'll be able to spot any unhealthy eating patterns you need to rethink.

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    2. Say Good Night to the Kitchen
    The toughest time to

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  • 13 Ingredient Swaps that Make Almost Any Recipe Healthier

    cooking ingredientscooking ingredientsBy Rachel Morris

    Sometimes not following the recipe can result in a better-for-you dish while being just as tasty. Find out the easiest ways you can turn a regular dish into an extra-healthy one. Plus, get advice on how to make your restaurant meals heart-smart too. Photo by Getty Images/Shutterstock.

    1. The recipe calls for…bread crumbs

    Heart-healthier pick: Rolled oats

    Tip To mimic the texture of bread crumbs (store-bought kinds can be high in sodium), pulse cholesterol-lowering oats in a food processor until grainy. Use to top casseroles or as an ingredient in meat loaf.

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    2. The recipe calls for…bacon bits

    Heart-healthier pick: Smoked paprika

    Tip A small pinch of the spice on top of eggs, Brussels sprouts or split pea soup mimics the smoky flavor of bacon-with almost no calories or fat.

    3. The recipe calls for…salt (to finish off a dish)

    Heart-healthier pick: Citrus juices

    Tip Just a

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  • 6 Vital Money Lessons All Parents Must Teach Their Kids

    By Woman's Day Staff

    Dave: I will never tell you that the Ramseys have done everything perfectly, but we do have money-smart kids. Rachel, who is almost 26, was a baby when we fought our way back from bankruptcy. Photo by Getty Images.

    Rachel: My parents took the time to teach me how to handle money, and now I have complete confidence in my ability to manage my finances. You can give your kids that incredible gift, too.

    1. Let your child fall down

    Rachel: People make huge, expensive mistakes as adults because they were not allowed to make inexpensive ones as kids. Their parents want to spare them the pain of tough lessons.

    I remember a trip to Opryland we took when I was 6. Each of us kids had money that we'd earned doing chores. Well, I blew mine within 5 minutes! I remember that terrible moment when I put my hand into my pocket and found nothing but lint and shattered dreams. I ran to Mom and Dad begging for more. "Please, I'll pay you back later!"

    Then Dad said

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  • 8 New Proven Tricks that Make Your Marriage Stronger

    married couplemarried coupleBy Jenna Birch

    A romantic getaway isn't the only way to reignite the spark in your marriage. Likewise, there are options beyond running to a marriage therapist if you're disagreeing about key issues. Certain everyday habits can bring you and your spouse closer, though you might not think of these on your own. Here are eight surprising tips to bolster your marriage that are too easy not to take. Photo by Getty Images.

    1. With sex, aim for quantity over quality. When spouses don't get busy regularly, they can lose physical connection. Clinical sexologist and marriage therapist Kat Van Kirk, DHS, author of The Married Sex Solution, suggests "removing the expectation of having long, technical lovemaking sessions." Whether it's a quickie in the shower or making out like teenagers before bed, "10 focused minutes can build more intimate moments than many couples have experienced in years," she says. What's more, "this can turn into longer lovemaking sessions."

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  • 7 Spring Cleaning Moves that Can Save You Money

    By Woman's Day Staff

    1. Use less.

    When cleaning with a spray, a small amount typically does the job. Avoid product waste by spritzing the cleaning cloth instead of the surface. Photo by Getty Images.

    2. Help the fridge stay cool.

    The refrigerator can be one of the least energy-efficient appliances. Vacuum the coils (located along the front bottom or in the back) about twice a year to remove any dust or dirt-and save up to 30% annually. Cut cold air loss by minimizing the time the fridge and freezer doors are open. Also, avoid storing things on top. This prevents heat from escaping, making it harder for the machine to remain cold.

    ANNUAL SAVINGS $16.50*

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    3. Shine a brighter light

    The dust on a dirty lightbulb can absorb up to 50% of the light it's emitting, causing you to switch on another lamp in the room, doubling your electricity usage. Rub cooled-off bulbs with a damp rag once a month or when they

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  • The Amazing Progress Two Boston Marathon Bombing Victims Have Made

    daily news coverdaily news coverBy Jane Bianchi

    With less than a half-mile left of the Boston Marathon, Carol Downing, 58, was giddy with excitement. For a woman who hadn't taken up running until the age of 40, she was proud to be in the "Super Bowl" of all road races. "I was picking up speed, the adrenaline was pumping and the crowd was getting thicker," says Carol, a retired massage therapist. "I couldn't wait to see my family at the finish line." Photo by New York Daily News/Getty.

    All of a sudden, "everything just stopped. I hit a wall of runners. Then I heard sirens," says Carol. She didn't hear the bombs go off, but one of them had exploded less than 15 feet from her daughters, Erika Brannock, 30, and Nicole Gross, 32, and Nicole's husband, Michael, 33.

    "I remember big flashes of orange and yellow, then I blacked out," says Erika. "When I came to, I smelled burnt metal. I thought, I need to get up, then realized that I couldn't. I closed my eyes and had a conversation with God. I told Him, 'I'm

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  • 10 Random Things You Never Knew Came in Peeps Form

    By Tracy Saelinger

    Poor jellybeans and chocolate rabbits-somehow, they've become the also-rans of the spring candy season. Unlike the almighty Peeps, no one argues about whether it's best to eat them fresh, stale or microwaved. No one sponsors diorama contests around them, and their merchandise is considerably less cute (seriously, just look at this Peeps dog plush toy!). For whatever reason, the 60+-year-old Peeps have quite the cult following-and the goods to prove it. Check out these clever iterations, even if you don't like the real thing.

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