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  • Should you forgive, or just move on?

    Dear Broken Hearted Girl,

    If you're like me, then you're kind, sweet and forgiving. Sometimes when I am hurt in a relationship, I will give the man (or a friend or even a family member) the benefit of the doubt. I will forgive the person who hurt me and try to mend the relationship.

    So that's great and it makes me a better person and all that...but 5 times out of 10, the person will do the same thing to me again. And I wonder if I'm a sucker for letting that person back in my life.

    Should I let go and move on? Or should I try yet again, knowing that this person may not change? So after living and learning a little bit, I've considered the answers to these questions when choosing to forgive someone yet a 3rd time:

    1) How badly did the situation hurt me?
    2) What actions (if any) can I take in the future to avoid this situation?
    3) Am I blowing the situation(s) out of proportion? (Then I will ask a friend or family member for ther advice).
    4) Would my life be easier without this

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  • Will He Ever Change?

    Someone emailed me today asking me if her boyfriend would ever change. He has apparently "tried to change," but has never come full circle. They've broken up 5 times in 3 years. According to her, he hasn't cheated on her. This need for change stems from the fact that he's immature, a poor planner and easily distracted by his guy friends. They'll make plans, she'll wait for him to pick her up and at times he won't show up because he simply "forgot." Sometimes, she claims, she'll show up at his place only to find him sleeping.

    She said she just wants him to be a "normal" boyfriend. And if he couldn't be, she wanted to try to find the strength to move on.

    So I asked her to answer these questions about her relationship to determine her next course of action. And if you're going through a similar problem, then get out your pen and paper ladies!

    Has he ever taken full responsibility for his actions (not blaming you because you didn't call to wake him up before your date - even though you

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  • A New Year's resolution: Staying single in 2009.

    As the New Year approaches, more and more women are starting to formulate their resolutions for 2009. Some want to lose weight. Others want to quit smoking. And still others vow to find true, everlasting, love. But not all. Some women in this strained economy are vowing to remain single and focus solely on their careers in 2009.

    Does this sound ludicrous? I thought so, but my readers assure me that it's true. With hundreds of thousands of women laid off in 2008, it seems that many have decided to take the focus off their love lives and place it on their professional endeavours.

    Jennifer Smith of Detroit, MI says, "I can't afford to be distracted by dating right now. I am too busy dealing with the unemployment office, working part time at the mall and pounding the pavement for interviews. I don't have the time or the inclination to get involved with somebody. I have to pay my rent. It's time to be smart."

    That kind of attitude does sound smart. But what about the women who are

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