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  • Feng Shui for Your Landscaping

    Creating an Outdoor Oasis of Beauty and Balance As spring invites us to get outdoors again and spruce up our yards, why not consider going beyond the usual habits of gardening, and instead work with your landscape in alignment with the wisdom of Feng Shui?

    With the summer months our yards can become an extension of our living space, and the garden allows us to feel connected to nature.

    Since the effective application of Feng Shui techniques do wonders for shifting the energy of interior spaces, it makes sense that the same principals apply to your yard and garden.

    A well designed Feng Shui garden landscape appeals to all the senses, delights visitors, and provides a calm and restorative environment to fully enjoy the summer season. Landscaping that is energized with the flow of chi will bring life to your home, and attract an abundance of birds, butterflies and a feeling of well being.

    By incorporating representations of the elements, you can make your garden a retreat oasis in

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  • Law of Attraction: Miracle or Hype?

    There's been so much buzz lately about how The Law of Attraction can help you manifest what you want whether it's personal or business success, money or health. It's true that it can help you with the ability to create, but it won't kick in without some input from you.

    Actually it's in gear all the time, and we're always feeding it information even when we not aware of what we're doing. It operates on all the messages and beliefs we harbor.

    The Law of Attraction isn't a quick fix, a magic pill or an antidote for what's not right in your life. The truth is that it won't work if you don't do anything with it. You have to harness its power by taking action and watch it unfold.


    First pay attention to what you believe. Your beliefs serve you every day, even when you're not paying attention. These beliefs are about anything from getting the ideal partner or a glowing career, to opening a new business. If they represent doubt and lack, they will pull in just that.

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  • 3 Job Search Strategy Myths Exposed & Debunked So You Can Land Your Ideal Job Now

    In talking with career coaching clients and prospective clients, it has become clear that there is a lot of time and effort being wasted on certain job search tactics and strategies. Many of your are spending energy spinning your wheels and wondering why you are not landing a joblet alone getting the interview! So it's time to debunk some of the major myths that are holding you, the professional job seeker, back from success. This may make you squirm or make you uncomfortable but it's time to get you back on track!

    Job Search Strategy Myth #1: You Must Scour The Job Boards All Day

    It seems that many of your are still following the guidance and advice given from career counselors in high school and collegewhich is to make sure you're combing through job boards all day. You know the ones:,,,, and so on and so on. Many professional job seekers like you are saying, I don't understand. I've applied to hundreds of jobs online

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  • Timing Is Everything: Why When You Apply for Jobs Matters

    New Study Shows that Those Who Apply for Jobs First More Likely to Get Hired

    If you are in the job market, applying for jobs as soon as you see them may get you hired. After a recruiter or hiring manager has reviewed the first batch of applications received, they may not go back to review resumes received later. In a recent study of 6,600 hires made in 2010, StartWire found that approximately 50% of successful job seekers applied within the first week that a job was advertised.

    How can you increase your chances of getting hired? Be ready to apply for jobs before you see job openings, and try to find out how long a position has been advertised. Many job sites share information on when a job was posted; StartWire provides an at-a-glance indicator of how fresh the job is: if the job is listed as green, it's likely the job is new enough that you'll be at the top of the applications to review. If your job is listed as red, chances are good that the search is in the final stages or

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  • Don’t Just Survive – Thrive! Eight Tips for Stepfamilies

    With divorce, single-parent households and family crises on the rise, many people are experiencing the tumultuous dynamics of blended or stepfamilies. National statistics indicate that the divorce rate for first marriages is fifty percent. That rate increases to more than sixty percent for second marriages due in part to the unique issues associated with raising non-biological children. To ensure successful blending of your family, consider the following tips:

    1. All the parents should come to a common understanding to promote healthy development of the children. This meeting of the minds is best served prior to marriage. Choose a neutral setting to collectively establish expectations about visitation, discipline, house rules, family gatherings, etc. Put the expectations in writing and have each parent sign them. This document, the parental agreement, will help to minimize opportunities to disrupt your family. Once the agreement is established, hold a gathering with the parents and
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  • How to Create Your Perfect Wardrobe

    When we walk out of the door in the morning our clothes make a statement about us. The clothes we keep in our wardrobe project to others who we are without ever talking to them. Maybe you closet is full of clothes that you had big plans to mix and match together to create fabulous outfits. But everyday you end up wearing the old same stand by outfits again and again. Organizing your wardrobe can have a big effect on your life don't forget about it when you're thinking about which home organization project you're going to move on to next.

    Most of us believe the more clothes you have the more choices you will have. We collect more and more clothes. We spend years building up a wardrobe and holding on to clothes. We ignore our home organization goals in order to of jam just one more sweater or pair of pants into the drawer. But does it really create more choices for us? Instead of growing our wardrobe we become overwhelmed by all the clothes in our closet. It starts feeling like

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  • Identifying and Treating the Most Common Dog Eye Problems

    Dog eye health is a serious concern for dog owners, dog eye problems can range from somewhat irritating to downright dangerous. Some common eye problems that you may or may not have heard of include pink eye, red eye, in-grown eyelids, corneal ulcers, cataracts, and general irritation and injury. This guide provides you with information about common dog eye problems, the signs and possible treatments. This guide is a great starting point and reference piece, but remember it is always a good idea to seek the advice of your veterinarian for any dog health issues.

    A dog will usually make it quite clear if he is suffering from a eye health problem. He may squint or turn away from bright light, or he might blink excessively or rub his eyes with his paws or by rubbing his face on the ground. You should also check for bulging eyes, redness, cloudiness or discharge.

    The following steps may help prevent dog eye health problems:

    1. A healthy diet, including supplements is the

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  • User Post: This is not the Life I Thought I was Living!

    Born into a very traditional Chinese family in Hong Kong, I was the second daughter of parents who were desperate for a son. Then my mother gave birth to three boys and cemented my position at the bottom of the totem pole. With three younger brothers I grew up an unwanted, neglected and abused child in a culture where dirt was more valuable than a useless second daughter.

    My one blessing was the name given to me by my grandfather. A very unusual honor for a Chinese girl, he named me Hay Lit after two respected Chinese emperors. This proud name empowered me to grow up believing that someone in my family cared about my future and inspired me to think that one day I could do something important with my life.

    I knew there were other children who were much worse off than I. One of my schoolmates and her family of five lived in a single room where they shared a kitchen and bath with two other families. With both parents working, my friend still didn't have proper clothing or enough

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