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  • Why You Just Can't Help but Love that Dog!

    Maybe it's the velvety wet nose gently brushing up against your hand in the morning. Maybe it's that whip-like little tail racing back and forth at what seems like the speed of light the moment your car pulls into the driveway. Maybe it's the long, loping walks to nowhere in particular. Maybe it's that fact that none of your human friends seem to be quite as good at listening … or understanding.

    The reasons vary from dog owner to dog owner (or, as we like to think of it, "one who is owned by a dog"), but one thing is certain -- you can't help but love that dog! The dog human relationship is an important one, and is at least 10,000 years old (experts quibble over exactly when domestication occurred, but it's safe to say these pooches have been with us for many thousands of years). Dogs provide us with not only companionship and amusement, they give us that one thing it is so hard for us to give one another: unconditional love.

    Through new jobs, new lives, new homes, new

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  • 10 Ways to Get Visibility from One Piece of Content

    Michele ScismMichele Scism

    Do you get tired of creating content? Between the blog posts and writing articles and teaching and programs, it seems we are always creating content. I think it is time you STOP, take a look at what you already have created and decide HOW you can use and/or re-use that content.

    I was recently creating a PowerPoint for a module in a paid program. The module was on content. It didn't take long for the strategist in me to bubble up and start to wonder how many ways I could use the content from that module.

    You know what I always say "I don't want to hit the button without getting at least 5 results!"

    So here you go. Here is the video I created from a portion of that module. Below the video I will list the 10 things I am doing with the module.

    Did you learn anything new in the video? Maybe it just reminded you of a few ways you could use some of your current content. Let's take a look at the 10 ways:

    #1 Part of a paid program

    This content came from a module that I

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  • The Reason for Bad Hair Days

    Bad hair days are one of the Great Mysteries of Life.

    My mother used to tell me this. And I haven't seen a whole lot in more than half a century on Earth to dispute her statement. But I have a theory.

    This past week, I was talking with my daughter about her recent haircut. Funny, I was scheduled for one a week later. Great minds think alike, you say? More like fuzzy heads suffer together… Anyway, as I was saying, KC and I were chatting about the haircut. She loves it, and was relieved to have a style that she can manage. As she was talking about how difficult she finds the whole "section, blow dry, wind around the brush, hold and blow, root lifter application, start on next section" ritual that she has been fighting with for years, my brain went into overdrive with flashbacks of my own similar efforts.

    I was mistress of my own style when Farrah was popular. Sucked to be me, and most of the other women I knew. The only way I could have actually achieved that style would have

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  • Ready, Fire – Got Aim?

    Valencia RayValencia Ray

    Before you do another thing, are you clear about where you are going and why? We've become a society of frantic doers, not taking the time to reflect and get clear before taking massive action. And even when we do create a strategy, it is often in the old way of thinking, and so our plans have trouble taking root… the road map has changed, and we get so busy "doing" that we miss the signs along the way.

    We can be so inflexible and stuck that we lose our sense of humor and dig in all the harder, burning ourselves out. Did the title of this blog cause you to criticize the improper grammar? Can you take a joke? Or are you so rigid that if anything is out of the predictable you get irritated?

    Here's the dilemma we are all in - the old way is evolving into the new, unknown, and to the logical mind it's scary. Yet, we are no longer able to ignore our fears, slap on the mask, and bury it as "business as usual." No, we now have to pull up the courage to face our fears, do some

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  • 17 Quick Tips for Successfully Mixing Meals with Business!

    Rita8-08Rita8-08Today, more than ever, deals are sealed at the dining table. If we are not comfortable doing business over a meal, we may be losing business.

    Strength and making tough decisions ARE compatible with good manners.

    Many executives and managers are well-educated, but not in social skills. We might not be remembered for good manners but we will be for bad, so strive for etiquette that stands above the rest.

    At business meals, it's about BUSINESS. Remember WHY you are there. If you are hungry, have a protein bar or something light before the meal so you can concentrate on the business at hand.

    When mixing lunch or dinner with business:

    Pace yourself with your client. Don't leave him or her eating alone or feeling rushed. They will feel more on the same page with you if you eat at the same pace.

    The one hosting usually starts the serious business discussion. Overly eager junior executives can sometimes rush discussion before the decision maker is ready.


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  • Leadership Lessons on & Off the Court

    Paige Arnof-FennPaige Arnof-Fenn

    I've been a sports fan since I was a kid, and living in Boston now has made it fun and easy for me to continue following teams I love. I grew up in a town that had lost its NBA franchise and did not have a major league baseball team so I have adopted the Celtics and Red Sox as my own. As a child I watched Celtics and Lakers games religiously and loved Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. They were both such great leaders, so talented and incredibly passionate players to watch on the court. They were paid well and treated like stars but they still seemed connected to their fans even though at that time there were no online communities like Facebook or Twitter. Magic and Bird became the face of the NBA, and both took their leadership image to heart. They are both still senior statesmen for the league today in how they live their lives, the real super stars almost transcend their teams and become icons for the NBA which they both certainly are.

    Now even the oldest NBA players are younger

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  • How to Live Your Stand Out Brand

    Branding. It's one of those words that gives many business owners pause. It conjures questions like:

    • What is our brand, exactly?
    • How can we effectively showcase our brand?
    • What can we do to strengthen our brand?

    Here are a few things to think about as you take a closer look at your brand and how to incorporate it into your life and business so you can feel it in your bones. Because as the leader of your company, if you can't feel it and live it yourself, you don't stand a chance of anyone else "getting it" either.

    Look the Part

    Logo? Check. Business cards? Web site? Check. Brochure? Check.

    These branding and marketing pieces are the work of a traditional branding company. And yes, we do these things too. It's all good and necessary work, because if you don't look like you care about your business, nobody else will care either. All of your marketing materials have to tell your compelling story and give a strategic branded call to action. But in my

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  • Your Business IQ

    joanne whitejoanne white

    There are times in our career that we need to take a hard look at how we do business and figure out if it's time to make changes to get ahead. Why make changes at all?

    A blurred vision of the future, lack of productivity, ineffectiveness or the inability to get things done can be the culprits that diminish the success of your company. Making some changes in these important areas or re-engineering your work, can impact your company's future and the bottom line.

    Have you ever thought that you needed to be more effective at work yet you weren't really sure where to start? Getting the job done means doing it well, feeling satisfied with your performance and succeeding at each specific task along the way. And it's a real plus if you actually enjoy what you're doing so that all those work hours are more meaningful.

    One of the keys to being effective is to simplify. This applies to any task, large or small. You need to continually ask yourself and your

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  • Creating Wealth


    Wealth is a measure of value, that can neither be created or destroyed but acknowledged and transformed. It is not only the accumulation of assets in a form that is congruent with your highest values but it is an awareness of abundance in resources that give you fulfillment. Your health can be your wealth, your family or social contacts could demonstrate your treasures or maybe your intellectual knowledge or trade secrets that are your wealthy gifts. We all have wealth maintains John Demartini but the form of it will be different based on the areas of our life to which we give the greatest importance. Bankruptcy, financial hardship or another threat of execution helps focus the mind in liberating your assets to create financial wealth. Be grateful for the void that now drives your value.

    I have been performing in my own financial circus through divorce, loose management and poor investments. I'd thought I had the idea of abundance figured out. I believed it was this belief

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  • Nancy DanielsNancy Daniels

    I am ever amazed at the number of people in public speaking who never give any consideration to their speaking voice. Concerned about their physical image, their content, and their delivery skills, they have yet to realize that the vehicle for transmitting their message is the voice. And, it is not the one they hear inside their head; it is the one they hear on their voicemail.

    Recently I was researching public speaking skills and came across a man who speaks about presentation skills, marketing, and a host of other topics. What surprised me was the misinformation I found on his website about the speaking voice. One of his pieces of advice, which was so clearly wrong, was the idea that you might as well accept the voice you hear on your answering machine and live with it.

    When I listened to this man on YouTube, I heard a voice that was too high in pitch. In addition, he was pushing his voice from his throat. The result was a loud sound that will eventually hurt his pharynx and

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