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  • 8 Great Reasons You Still Need to Be on Twitter

    When people get started with social media - they tend to start with Facebook. Twitter seems to be a lot of work for little return. Business owners complain that they don't have time to keep up with Twitter in real time. Depending on your business model, Twitter can be a great way to reach out and communicate with your customers.

    Here are eight ways that being on Twitter can help your business.

    Connecting with your Customers /Readers

    Communication on Twitter tends to be more personal than on other social media outlets. This allows people to learn more about you personally than just hanging out on your Facebook fan page.. Why is this important? Because people buy from those that they know, like and trust. Sending fun and random tweets in with more business oriented tweets gives people a chance to get you know (and like) you.

    Keeping Your Customers/Readers Updated.

    Unlike Facebook where you are limited to a handful of posts a day - or blogs where you post daily at most, you

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  • Fashion Question: Are Nude Stockings Posh or Passé?

    Ginger BurrGinger Burr

    You might wonder why I am writing about this now as we go into the summer season when bare skin is the norm. Well, I'll tell you. It's all very personally motivated.

    You might have heard me mention that my legs are not my favorite feature. Since we all teach what we have to learn, I have spent time doing the inner work necessary so I can honestly say that I have come to love and appreciate them. Will they ever be the legs of my dreams? No. But am I thankful that they are relatively long, strong and take me where I need to go? Yes. And, part of my accepting them the way they are is the knowledge of how to dress them in a way that makes them look pretty good - (the magic of illusion is a wonderful thing!).

    That's where nude stockings come in. I can hear a collective groan as I say that, but please don't stop reading. Trust me, I too, am not a fan of pantyhose either. Since I was a teenager I have not been able to stand anything tight around my waist, and I spent decades

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  • The Multi-Faceted Face of Gratitude

    Jackie WoodsideJackie WoodsideDr. David Hawkins, a researcher out of Sedona, AZ and the author of numerous books on consciousness has found that thanksgiving and gratitude are very high-energy, high-vibration states.

    So, with the Thanksgiving holiday happening this month in the US, I of course decided to put myself in a high-energy state and write about gratitude and how it shows up in my life and those around me. I started my research with my five year-old son, Nathan, one of the highest energetic souls I know.

    As I drove him home from school one day, I told Nathan I was writing an article about being grateful. I asked him what he's grateful for and he said "Otie, our new boat, and our new pet." I didn't need to remind him that Otie, our beloved 19 year-old cat, had just passed away, but I did comment, "But we don't have a new boat or a new pet yet." He very matter-of-fact said "I know."

    Imagine that - at five years of age and he already knows the benefit of being grateful in

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  • Just Do It!

    Johanna LymanJohanna Lyman

    I've been experiencing a lot of resistance lately, and have come up with a couple of solutions with a little help from my guides. One of the things they said was reassuring in a strange sort of way. They explained to one of my clients, and I knew the message was not just for her, that fear and resistance will never fully disappear. They get smaller, less frequent and easier to dispel the more we connect with our true essence, but they are an integral part of the human experience.

    We think that if we're experiencing resistance and fear that we must be on the wrong path. Not so, they said. Resistance and fear are part of the human experience of forgetting that we are divine. Every one of us suffers under a veil of forgetfulness, suffering under the illusion that we are only human. We are not only human; we are spiritual beings having a human experience. When we forget that, we experience resistance and fear. When we remember, the resistance and fear go away and we are once more in

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  • Communications Checklist: 11 Tips for Dynamite Business Relationships!

    Rita RockerRita Rocker

    Enjoy the positive rapport and results that come from these easy and effective tips when working with external (and internal) customers:

    • Check your body language, words and voice. Your non-verbal signals tell the real story of how you feel. Ensure that if your words are positive, your body and facial expressions are too. Tight fists or angry eyes with positive words will tell the listener that the message is not sincere or truthful.

    Shift your concentration and put the spotlight on the customer. This is a powerful way to break down barriers and gain cooperation.

    Watch your opening signals:
    -> Give a friendly greeting and identify yourself
    -> Reassure them they have the right person (if your are) or that you are directing them the right person
    -> Invite them (by your voice and words) to move forward: "How may I help you?"

    Adjust the way you speak according to the type of person your are talking to; i.e., raise or lower your volume if it is easier for the

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  • Three Roles of Your Thank You Page


    Many online retailers and marketers make a big mistake in not leveraging their thank you page as an opportunity to build a relationship with their customers and reinforce their brands. The customer experience involves more than just your website and content; it continues on to your thank you page and then to the delivery of your product and/or service, so why do so many neglect this important step in the middle? Your thank you page should do three things:

    1. Provide an experience consistent with your brand

    Customers will form an opinion of your company based upon their experience and every point of interaction. You brand should be supported at every step of the process including the thank you page. Your thank you page is another point where you can reinforce your brand to your customer. Make sure that this page is branded with your look and supports the image and experience that you intended for your customer.

    2. Answer the 'What Happens Next' questions

    Nobody likes

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  • Leading Change: Emotion Can Make or Break the Best Laid Logic

    Valencia RayValencia Ray

    Leading change can be tricky because not only does it take courage to innovate, it takes courage to breach subjects that make "stuck" cultures… well, stuck! There has been a tacit agreement in business culture to avoid addressing emotion/feelings at all costs. Yet, it is this very issue that creates dysfunctional teams that lead to financial waste and lack of employee engagement. It is also not good for change and innovation. Why? Until we address what creates "fear of change"-perceptions about feelings and emotion-we have essentially hit the proverbial brick wall.

    Ownership and alignment is a matter of the heart. Passion to run toward a vision instead of going in circles and procrastinating is ignited by a clear logical process and intuitively sourced ideas. (Intuition is the source of new ideas, not "logic.") According to the Institute, the magnetic energy of the heart is 5,000 times greater than thought alone. This is the means to heart engagement.

    Yet, if

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  • Top AUTO Tips Before the Summer Trips

    Audra FordinAudra Fordin

    9 important auto - know abouts, to keep you from breaking down this summer!

    1) Check your battery

    We all think of Batteries not starting the car in the winter. There is nothing worse than being stuck in the freezing cold, waiting for a friend to come to the rescue with jumper cables or stuck waiting for a tow.

    In the summer, a lot of cars come in for batteries too, but having to spend more time at the beach does not have the same frost bitten effect as the freezing cold.

    The heat causes the chemical reaction to happen more quickly.

    2) Check ALL the Fluids in your car

    Once you open the hood of your car, why not look at all of the fluids? Your there, might as well. Fluids that run the systems of your car, power steering, transmission, motor, coolant, brake, and differential fluids, are all "sealed". This means they are not supposed to leak or disappear (with the exception of washer fluid) If any fluids seem low, bring the car to your trusted auto shop to have

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  • How to Assess Your Brand Promise

    Meredith LiepeltMeredith Liepelt

    A brand promise is the bold claim that your company makes in its marketing. It is what your clients and customers can rely on time and time again. For example, Volvo promises safety. FedEx promises overnight delivery. Disney promises happiness. Zappos promises customer service. Is your brand promise living up to its claim? To find out, here are four key questions to ask yourself to be sure you are always addressing your brand promise:

    1. Is it unique?
    2. What evidence makes it believable (or not)?
    3. Is it compelling?
    4. Is it critically important to my market?

    Let's put these questions into action. Say you own a spa and you are determining your brand promise. You may consider using the brand promise of pampering your clients. Let's run the four-question test on this potential brand promise:

    Question #1: Is it unique?

    This isn't really unique. All spas claim to pamper their clients.

    Question #2: What evidence makes this believable (or not)?

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  • Has Foreplay Become Boreplay?

    Ande LyonsAnde Lyons

    Has Foreplay Become Boreplay? Five HOT Reasons Why Women (and men!) Need to Read Erotic Romantic Literature!

    Ever heard of 'bibliotherapy?'

    I've been a practitioner for years, but I never heard this fancy word until recently.

    Bibliotherapy is an academic term used to describe the amazingly beneficial (and very delightful!) mind/body reactions that occur from reading erotic romantic literature. In fact, sex therapists are advising their female patients to get busy and start reading erotic romance! YAY!

    Pamela Madsen wrote a terrific post about 'bibliotherapy' at her blog, The Fertility Advocate. She sites a scientific study that says 30-45 minutes of reading erotic literature causes a chemical reaction in the female brain, resulting in increased arousal.

    I LOVE reading romantic erotica for the pure and simple joy it provides me - and because it works fast and is reliable! Women are turned on by "emotional stimulation." Men are aroused by what they see, women by

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