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  • Girlfriends - Why Can't We Be More like the Italians?

    Susan TollesSusan Tolles

    Italian women and their girlfriends-they stroll arm-in-arm through the streets, talking about their families or what went on that day, or their plans for tomorrow. They laugh, shop and walk their dogs together, taking time to really know one another. They have the relationship thing down, from the time they are young until they are very old-they spend time in "girl talk," don't get in a hurry, and listen.

    I am fascinated by the women of Italy, and how they interact with one another. Every generation values their female relationships--elderly women and their widowed friends, mothers and daughters, grandmothers and granddaughters, women my age and their best friends--all stroll along at a leisurely pace, really paying attention to what the other is saying and not caring what anyone thinks about them. Deep friendship and caring, true interest in sharing each other's ups and downs.

    What is it about our culture that makes our girlfriend relationships so different? Why don't we

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  • Attracting Love and Tapping on Migraines – is There a Connection?


    One of my clients, Carson* called me last week. She was concerned about how comfortable she was with communicating with more than one man at a time in her dating life. So we set up an appointment for a coaching session since it had been some time. I chuckle to think that this was her concern remembering to the dark and lonely space she was in when we first met.

    Carson was having one of the migraines that she gets frequently. So I told her that I thought we should tap on her migraine today. It was time to eliminate them. She reluctantly agreed wanting to make sure we addressed her dating issues, which we did first. For those of you don't know, tapping is one way I refer to EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique.

    So we began to tap on the probable cause of migraines based on Louise Hay's book, "Heal Your Body." We began tapping with,' Even though according to Louise Hay migraines can be caused by a dislike of being driven…." After a few rounds of tapping, I checked in with Carson to

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  • Are You Being a Yes to Life?

    Jackie WoodsideJackie WoodsideIt's a big world out there. There is so much to experience, learn, see, do and innumerable ways to BE in life. What a precious gift to be born a human being. What a precious gift to be awake, aware and fully alive! Or are we?

    Where are you being called to be a "Yes!" in your life right now? I am always amazed at the innumerable possibilities in life. There is so much to enjoy and experience. Often, as my spouse and I finally make it to bed at night, after taking care of the house, the dishes, paying the bills, lunches for the next day, getting our son to bed, catching up a the last few emails of the evening and saying hello to one another for an hour or so, we look at one another and wonder, "How in the world does anyone have time for TV!?"

    Being a "Yes!" to life means being willing to live beyond your fears, considerations and what other people might consider to be "reasonable." It is being willing to take risks and follow the flow of life's unlimited potential. It means that

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  • From the Workplace to Business Owner

    Dr. Madeline LewisDr. Madeline Lewis

    There are mixed opinions when it comes to women starting their own businesses. Some say women are at a disadvantage and grossly under-represented in the entrepreneurial arena. Some believe that there are age and marital status inequities that women will encounter. Conversely others maintain that women are at a greater advantage than men, given the resources available to women and minorities.

    The reality is, your success isn't based upon your minority status or who does or doesn't represent you. Your success will be determined by your contribution to making your business succeed. Don't succumb to the notion that just because you're female your chances of running a successful business are slim. Statistics have proven that women are equally as capable as men when it comes to entrepreneurship.

    A woman's motivation to start a business is typically different from a man's. Women usually start businesses for self-satisfaction, fulfillment, independence, and a sense of

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  • Why is CHANGE a Bad Word?

    Tonya ShadoanTonya Shadoan

    It's moving day around here at the Shadoan household. It's bittersweet. This condo represents more than just a place to stay. It represented my independence, FREEDOM. The first night I moved in I was by myself and didn't have a bed to sleep in. I literally slept on the floor. But guess what? I didn't care. It was mine. I had taken that first step to my independence and it felt great. Change is scary - especially the unknown. I knew I could make it on my own. I was determined even when people thought I was crazy leaving my financial blanket. But I wasn't happy. Time to take a stand. And now here I am a year later, living a beautiful life, doing what I love to do everyday, and moving into a beautiful home with my children. (Moving sucks by the way).

    Maybe you are in that position right now. You want to make a move/change in your life by leaving that corporate job and really making a go in your wedding business. But you don't know how. Believe me, I was there just 12 years ago when

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  • What is Your Soft-Spoken Voice Saying About You?

    Nancy DanielsNancy Daniels

    Have you ever considered what your lack of volume is saying about you? Possibly in days of old, a soft-spoken voice was considered feminine and endearing. Today, however, with the number of women in business, a voice lacking in 'normal' volume is not an endearing quality. Unfortunately, it says that you lack confidence in yourself. And, if you are a man, it says the same as well.

    More than ever in the past, business requires speed. Constantly repeating yourself because others are unable to hear you defeats the speed necessary for success in today's fast-paced world. People want to hear you the first time you say it. If they have to continually ask you to say it again, they will move on and find someone else in which to do business who speaks in a 'normal' volume of sound.

    Notice that I have twice used the word 'normal.' What is important for you to understand is that speaking somewhere below a level of sound that can be heard by others in your surroundings is not what most

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  • Silent Conversations. Are Your Body and Mouth on the Same Page?

    Rita RockerRita Rocker

    Every day we present our thoughts and ideas to business prospects, teachers, organizations, coworkers and family. Whether you are giving a sales presentation to a large number of individuals or casually sitting across from two people at a table, use the following tips to ensure your non-verbal signals bring the success you want. The more positive and confident your interactions, the greater your success in building a relationship that will last for many years.

    Your energy. Be aware of the energy you are transmitting! Is it motivating, positive, exciting, confident, or worrisome and pre-occupied? Set a positive tone with your facial expressions, sincere eye contact and friendly, yet controlled body language. Non-verbal signs of defiance, angst, fear or frustration will send the listener packing, even if your words are saying something entirely different!

    Hands. It is said that eyes and hands are open and closed with the person's mind. They tell so much about your current

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  • Save Money on Gas!

    Audra FordinAudra Fordin

    When you own a car, maintenance and insurance are requirements. Filling up with gas is also the nature of the beast. If you're on the road a lot, and you cringe every time you have to fill up, I have some great money saving gas tips to help you out.

    Here are a few things you can do today to get better gas mileage right away. In real estate they say location, location, location. In auto repair, we say maintenance, maintenance, maintenance!

    Change Your Filters
    A well maintained car will operate with greater efficiency. You will have better performance, be safer on the road, and get the best fuel consumption. Something as small as a clogged fuel filter can restrict the flow of gas, which makes your car work harder, which wastes gas, which wastes money! The same is true for your air filter. If your car cannot breathe fresh air, it struggles. Struggling uses more energy from the engine. More energy = wasted gas.

    Use the Right Octane
    If your car requires 87 octane,

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  • Coaching for ADD Women

    Linda RoggliLinda Roggli

    Coaching For ADD Women - How to Get the Best Results From Your ADD Coach

    The most frequent request I receive from midlife ADD women is: "Tell me more about ADD coaching." Of course the questions behind the question are: "Does coaching work?" And more importantly: "Will it work for me?"

    The simple answer is, yes, ADD coaching works. The support, the acknowledgment, the steady accountability that comes from a coaching relationship can and has changed the lives of ADD women for good.

    The best coaching results, however, spring from three important prerequisites:

    1) A good match between coach and client

    How well does your prospective coach "fit" you? Do your energies meld well? Are you comfortable with your coach's approach to ADD, especially on the issues that are most important to you?

    As you choose a coach -- and you are encouraged to interview several -- you want to find someone you trust. You want a coach who believes in you. You want someone you like - at

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  • 10 Ways to Increase Your Visibility in 15 Minutes or Less

    Meredith LiepeltMeredith Liepelt

    Every business owners is stretched for time these days. Yet, you're smart enough to realize that you need to spend time marketing your business. Here are some simple quick things you can do to build momentum while you also work on more involved ways to raise your profile and build your brand.

    • Write and Distribute Press Announcements. I call these announcements "little media darlings" because these 3-4 sentence announcements are published frequently in local and regional business papers, associations and trade publications under the "People on the Move" sections. Send your company news and headshot in at least once a month.
    • Domain Names. Buy any and all that you think you will use. At the very least, buy your name and business name. Hot Domain Name Alert: .TV is the next big thing. Internet and television are merging. If you are on the cutting edge, secure your URL with .tv today, even if you don't have an idea for an online TV show today. Some experts say that in
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