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  • Shine Twitter Chat: Will you join us?

    Shine is hosting a Twitter chat tomorrow about the Tiger Mother controversy with child development expert Dr. Robyn Silverman. We'd love to hear what you have to say!

    Here's the skinny:

    Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

    Time: Noon, Eastern Time (11 a.m. CST, 9 a.m. PST). It will last an hour.

    Topic: Tiger Mother controversy

    Hashtag: #YShineChat

    Led by Shine staff: Jessica Ashley and Lylah Alphonse

    Expert: Dr. Robyn Silverman

    If you've never been a part of a live Twitter chat before, not to worry. Here are the basics:

    1. On Wednesday 1/19 at Noon EST, sign-in to Twitter and type the Shine chat hashtag into the search box: #YShineChat. A hashtag is the # symbol before a term and a way to find and follow a topic, group, or conversation. Some users prefer to use the websites or to see everything in real-time.
    2. Every time you have something to say, add the #YShineChat hashtag to your tweets.
    3. If you have a thought or a question, send an @mention

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  • Share Your Wisdom

    We are expanding!

    Shine has a new sister site called Your Wisdom, which is an invaluable source for the collective wisdom of women who have lived through life's tricky situations. On Your Wisdom you'll find woman-to-woman advice on everything from taming toddler tantrums to dating after divorce. Many of these how-to articles are from the Yahoo! Contributor Network, where women are earning money writing about topics you think about every day: health, relationships, money, family, home, and style.

    If you're interested in learning more about the Yahoo! Contributor Network and finding out how to get your articles, photos, and videos to appear on Yahoo!, check out this link. Sign up today and you could be our next published contributor!

    Back on Shine, we'll continue to provide you with expert tips and opinions in blogs from the Shine staff and our magazine and women's website partners. And you'll still be able to connect with friends, create blogs, and comment on anything you want to

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  • Back in the saddle again

    Hi everyone,

    I'm back from maternity leave and eager to catch up. I have lots of news to share with you so let's get to it!

    Last month, our fearless leader Brandon Holley returned to the magazine world to become editor-in-chief of Lucky Magazine. Brandon was a tremendous force in growing Shine to 25 million users and championing our community. Let's wish her well in her new adventure!

    We also lost our product manager, but we are thrilled to have our Manager of Design and User Experience Yun take their place. He has been with Shine since we launched and is just as passionate about building a community as he is about design. To wit, when Yun had the opportunity to present to the Yahoo! Design department, rather than discussing a design topic he chose to put together a "debunking the myths of community" presentation so he could spread the word about the virtues of user generated content. Having him as our new product manager will be a great boost for Shine.

    I'm sure you

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  • Brenda signing off (for now)

    Hi everyone,

    As you may have noticed I've been awfully quiet these days. For those of you that don't know it's because I'm very pregnant - with twins! :) I was hoping to work until late July, but these boys have other ideas in mind so my last day is this coming Friday.

    While I'm away I will rely on each of you to help me keep Shine humming! Take an interest in one other, be each others greatest advocates, and if you have a question - be it related to life, fashion + beauty, health, parenting, love + sex, or food - there's a whole community waiting to provide an answer.

    When you're blogging or commenting, please respect the rights of others and obey all copyright policies. Copyright is a tricky subject, but I have a good rule of thumb - if you didn't create it you probably shouldn't use it! It keeps things simple and you never risk getting into any trouble.

    I will not be checking my Shine_communitymanager email while I'm on leave, so if you encounter any problems with the site

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  • A Shine refresher

    Hey everyone,

    Did you know that Shine took home the Media Industry News "Best of the Web" award for social media/community on Wednesday?! Congrats to everyone for creating an engaged community worthy of such an award. Read all about it here.

    Seeing as it's award season here on the web I read a timely post from Shine user Sunny called "Why are you a Shine reader". I'm very curious to hear your answers, so post a comment and tell us!

    It's been a while since we covered some of the many features of our site, and as we're seeing a crop of new Shine users - welcome everyone! - I thought this might be a good time for a quick refresher.

    1. Finding great content
    Did you know that for each of our six main categories we have both an Editor's Picks blog roll and a raw feed blog roll? When you click on a category you'll see all of the posts that were hand-picked by our Editors for their interesting content. You can also click the raw feed link at the top of the page to view every post that has

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  • Vote for Shine in the Webby Awards!

    Hey everyone,

    Shine's been nominated for a Webby award - the premier award for websites. Yay! If you love Shine, then we need your vote to help us win. :)

    1. Register to vote here (Super easy and no personal information needed). An activation link will immediately be sent to your email
    2. Click the activation link in your email
    3. Vote for Shine! We're in the Lifestyles category under the Living section.

    Check out the latest standings here, and help push us to the top!

    This community is quite the force to be reckoned with and I'm counting on everyone to get family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, dog-walkers, and baby-sitters to vote for Shine. For you social media experts, we'd love it if you tweeted your support for Shine and/or put "Vote for Shine" on your Facebook page.along with this link:

    Voting ends on April 29th, so get your vote in today!

    Thanks so much!

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  • Happy Birthday Shine!

    Guess who reached her terrible twos - it's Shine! Since our launch on April 1, 2008 we've had some unbelievable accomplishments, and I especially wanted to highlight some of our recent successes from Q1 2010:

    Growing Reach: Shine hit 17MM unique users in January comScore results

    Staying Relevant
    : Shine's article on Vanity Fair's March issue received over 18,000 comments in one day.

    Empowering our Community: The 20th Shine user post appeared on the front page of Yahoo! in February.

    In the News: Shine's Editor-in-Chief, Brandon Holley, was featured in the New York Times Style section!

    We couldn't be more proud of Shine and our users, and Brandon wanted to personally thank everyone for "making this site such a fun, inspiring place to be". We can't wait to hear how you celebrated Shine's 2nd birthday, so write a post and tell us! If you need inspiration, Shine's own Mira Jacob shares her tips on "How to write a good blog post", and also check out these standout posts from our Shine

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  • This week's news: Great user posts, The NY Times, and captchas!

    Hi everyone,

    If you read the New York Times last week I'm sure you were as excited as myself to see the Style section cover story on Shine's own Editor-in-chief, Brandon Holley! The article, titled "The Beat Goes online, Minus the Glitz - Brandon Holley/Shine", chronicled Brandon's successful career transition from the magazine world to the Internet. It also discussed Shine's amazing growth as a leader in the highly competitive woman's lifestyle market, and even included a specific reference to Shine user J. Montana's post "How Many Times a Day Do Men Think About Sex?". While the story focused on Brandon I want to congratulate all of you; it's because of your passion and involvement that Shine has become such a lively and thriving community, one more than worthy of being featured in one of the most prestigious newspapers in the world!

    Here are this week's picks of great user posts:

    1. Starting a new workout routine can be BRUTAL - Wanna join me? by Sarah Y

    2. The very real

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  • One of those days...

    Ever have one of those days when you're just not functioning at full capacity?
    Well Shine is having one of those days today...
    Please be patient as we get our site back up to speed.

    Thanks everyone,
    Brenda, Shine Community Manager

    [Update: Thanks to engineering efforts both here and abroad, everything should be stabilized and functioning normally again. If you are still having difficulty seeing your "Let's talk" blog links please email me at Hab -- we are still working on yours. Thanks!]

  • Get fit, stay healthy with Yahoo! Answers and Shine

    Hey Shine users,

    We have a challenge for you!

    Shine is looking for users to get involved in the "Get fit, stay healthy" program with Yahoo! Answers. This program was created to help users stick to their New Year's fitness resolutions. Get fitness tips from top health pros and join the "Get fit, stay healthy" group to get support from other women on your journey to good health.

    If you're up for the challenge, click on one of the "Get fit, stay healthy" posts below and add your comment. Remember to put "Shine user" by your name to show you're representing Shine.

    We want to see LOTS of Shine users responding! This is a great chance to share fitness tips, help a fellow Yahoo! user, and introduce others to the myriad of Healthy Living articles we have on Shine.

    The "Get fit, stay healthy" program is the first of many opportunities for Shine users to share their knowledge across Yahoo!. So let's get out and spread our fitness expertise!

    "Let's get fit, Yahoo!

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