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  • Yahoo! Food on Shine

    Hi everyone,

    We're excited to announce that the new Food site on Shine is here! All of the great things you loved about Yahoo! Food, from spectacular recipes to informative articles, are now combined with new and improved interactive features to help you make the perfect meal. And as if that wasn't enough to get your cravings going, you'll also find gorgeous recipe pages that you can rate, comment on, and share with friends.

    Thank you for your support and enjoy the new Food site on Shine!

  • Announcing our Shine Beauty Gurus!

    What a week!

    Our Shine Beauty Panel call for entries brought out 50 Shine users who revealed the one beauty product they couldn't without.

    Lipstick was the overwhelming product of choice with mascara coming in a strong second. We found your choice for best flat iron and inventive new ways to use old, favorite products. Have you tried cherry Chapstick on your split ends?

    Discussion was heavy when it came to narrowing down the 50 great entries. In the end, the final 20 were chosen on their grasp of beauty products, beauty tips and language, and their ability to blog in an accessible, natural way.

    Here are our Shine Beauty Gurus. Phenomenal job!
    In alphabetical order:

    1. Amanda (Nair Depilatory Creme)
    2. Apple (Garnier Sleek & Shine Anti-humidity Smoothing Milk)
    3. beautyjunke (Vaseline)
    4. CarolB (Oil of Olay)
    5. Christina (Murad)
    6. Christine (Black eyeliner)
    7. Diane Cheney (La Prairie anti-aging foundation)
    8. Elizabeth (Garnier
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  • Join Shine's Beauty Panel

    Wish you could get your hands on the latest beauty products from the world's biggest names? How about doing it without spending a dime? Have you ever wanted to write about beauty? Do you think of yourself as a beauty expert?

    Shine is looking for 20 users to be a part of our Beauty Advisory panel! As a Shine Beauty Guru, you'll test products before they're on the market, write reviews, and have access to top industry experts. You'll also influence millions by providing input on the hottest beauty trends of today and get featured in our Fashion + Beauty Channel.

    To try out for our panel, write a short blog post (200 words or less) on the topic, "The one beauty product I couldn't live without."

    Tag your post "Shine Beauty Panel". Deadline for entries is Sunday, July 5, 2009.

    Here are some hints of what we're looking for in a winning entry:
    • Well-written, thoughtful or funny, that reveals a bit of your personal style
    • Spell-checked and grammar-checked
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  • Respect our community

    Hi everyone,

    What do you think of our new community icon? I think it's pretty cool. You'll see this megaphone whenever we have a site announcement. We also have a new star icon that we'll use to recognize outstanding users in our community. :)

    Let's get down to business:

    1.) Respecting our community
    Shine user V-for-V-a-l-i-a-n-t says the mood on Shine has turned "depressing" from all the harsh and critical comments. We can change that! We can do it by remaining respectful in all our interactions on Shine. For instance, on a user post titled "summer treats" one user's comment was simply "gross". Maybe they thought the recipe sounded unappetizing, and they are of course entitled to that opinion. But why not take the opportunity to be helpful by suggesting a new ingredient or a similar recipe they liked better?

    Although the majority of comments are positive and respectful, it only takes a few negative comments to sour the entire conversation. So please take a moment to really

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  • How do you get ready for summer?

    Now that Memorial Day has come and gone, now it's time to really get ready for summer. We all know that summer has its share of stress-inducing moments, as well, like staying in shape to look great in a swimsuit, juggling your kids' camp schedules, and managing that actual vacation planning.

    But, personally, I like to focus on the good times that come with summer - eating alfresco, long vacations, and healthy, glowing skin! I want to take full advantage of those long, lazy days so I'm planning ahead. I found a new sun hat (on sale, of course), prepped some picnic-ready entrees in the freezer, and emptied my digital camera to make room for all my Vancouver vacation shots!

    Are you looking forward to the warmer months? Or are you juggling too much to relax just yet? Post a comment and tell us the best way you're getting ready for summer!

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  • Get ready for our anniversary

    What an impressive year this has been for the Shine community! Four Shine users had their blog posts promoted on the Yahoo! front page, and we've featured over 5,000 user posts on both the Shine home page and within our various categories. As if that's not enough, one of our original users was profiled in Glamour Magazine! We also witnessed the forming of user networks whose friendships extend beyond Shine. Most of all, our Shine users have built a strong community that continually amazes us with stimulating, supporting, and smart conversation on a huge variety of topics. You've taken Shine further than we thought possible, and given us plenty to celebrate!

    Next week our editors will reveal the Shine readers they love from the past year, and I will be highlighting some of our Shine "regulars" - check back to see if your name pops up. :-) But right now we want to hear your favorite memories from your first year on Shine, the moments that really stick out. If Shine has changed your life

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  • Brenda's picks: Celebrating Mom

    Mother's Day is Sunday and I haven't had a chance to think about what I want do for my mom. Our family home caught fire last week and the past few days have been a blur of trying to help my parents navigate the uncharted territory that comes with losing everything you've built and acquired over the last 40 years. My mom has been amazing through all of this. After a moment of hysteria and disbelief, she pulled herself together for our family and went into "work mode" - calming us down with her show of emotional strength and resolve.

    It's only fitting that I find something really special to give her this Mother's Day, so I turned to Shine for help. I found my answer under Charlene's post "Parenting poll: What's your favorite Mother's Day gift?". I love the personal stories from each of our users, but the comments made me realize what my mom would really want and cherish. The answer wasn't a new sweater or jeans...but my time. So this Mother's Day, I'm making the commitment to

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  • This weeks picks: Quality inspiring quality

    I have something to brag about: We're seeing more and more quality blog posts by Shine users that are generating hundreds and even thousands of comments - that's amazing! And equally impressive is the fact that these comments aren't spam but thoughtful and intelligent opinions that are igniting other great conversations all around Shine. So this week I'm tipping my hat to all our Shine readers, thank you for contributing such quality blog posts and comments. They say "quality inspires quality", and you are encouraging thousands of new users to join in the conversation, many who are probably blogging for the very first time! :-)

    Here are this week's picks:

    1. Madlyn Primoff: When has it become wrong to discipline your child?

    [Shine user Brett Blumenthal wants to hear your thoughts on Ms. Pimoff and how you might have handled the situation]

    "This was not "tough love." Nailing windows is. I agree with opinion only, while the author's title raises a compelling question, the

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  • Share your tips for coping in this economy

    I think I'm finally adjusting to the realities of this new economy. I've been lucky to hold on to my job, but with the recession plastered all over the news I knew it was time to rein in my free-spending ways.

    The Starbucks latte has been replaced with home-brewed coffee and whipped milk in a stainless steel cup. No more online boutique splurges; now I'm doing clothing swaps with friends and shopping from my closet (who knew I had so much cool stuff buried back there?!).

    Now that I've been living this cost-conscious lifestyle for a few months I'm actually starting to enjoy it. I know I'm not the only one feeling the pinch, and I'd love to get your tips and advice for navigating this new economy - whether it's for work, money, or play. So post a comment and share how you're coping in this recession.

  • Brenda's picks: A week of great comments

    Hi everyone,

    I'm back from a short vacation and eager to catch up on all the new posts and faces on Shine. Although Shine is a website for women, everyone is welcome here. As user Emma Mae suggests, "I am sure that all the WOMEN here would agree there is room for more men". ;)

    Each week, I'll point out some of the most interesting posts and conversations taking place on Shine. This week it's all about great comments from our community. Here's what I'm into right now:

    1. With everyone finding old friends and exes on Facebook, Shine user Kay asked a good question in her post "Why would you try to get in contact with an ex?". Comments ranged from "because you just miss them" to "it means trust is about to be tested", or how about "for those lonely nights when you have no one else and he or she is available"? What motivates you to get in contact with you ex? Leave your comment on Kay's post.

    [Update: Talk about coincidence!I just found this related post from Shine user kmillsr, "He

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