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  • Fire Hazzards

    Back in 2004 the home I lived in caught on fire. There was no alarm. My father in law had dementia and left food on the stove.
    My husband and I were sleeping in another part of the home. The smoke detector had no battery. These usually use a 9 volt. My Father in law fell asleep too. A picture ornament of Jesus fell out of the Christmas tress and woke him up. Smoke had filled the whole home where we lived. He woke us up and we put out the kitchen stove fire.

    The most common type of fire is in a kitchen when someone does not watch the cooking or oil and grease catch fire.

    The second most common fire is caused by faulty wiring in a home. Over loaded plugs can also cause a fire.
    Empty gasoline cans can cause fumes that can ignite so it is wrong to place gasoline cans in a closed space like a garage or your car.

    Most fires kill persons when they are asleep. Usually early mornings.
    Fabrics like Rayon are fire hazards.
    My desire is to save lives by fire prevention.
    This post
    I am

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  • For Americans Only-The Hatred of America

    Back in the 1990's President Bill Clinton was given a warning. A truck drove under the World Trade Center and caused innocent Americans to die and suffer.

    Shakespeare said when good men just do nothing, evil spreads or grows. This is true.
    What did Clinton do wrong? He sent troops to find Osama Ben Laden.
    Who was this man? He had been a very wealthy prince of Saudi Arabia. Clinton should have had his life ended then. Instead the Taliban terrorists hide in the mountains and it took years to destroy this mass murderer crazy man.

    The Taliban are a sect of Muslims that want the Whole World to go back to the Middle ages Either you become one of these Muslims or die.

    They treat their women as property. They believe women are second class citizens. Women need to stand up to men who treat them this way because in the eyes of Our Creator, murder is wrong and so is treating your wife as less than you.

    Once a long time ago, I was told in life it is only a mistake if it cannot be fixed.

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  • Truth America in Mid 2012

    I honestly believe Americans are not being told the truth because we are in a re-election year.

    Unemployment is probably about 12 million instead of the 5 reported because many Americans just do the best they can and stopped collecting unemployment years ago. I know of three men who have not worked in many years. They live with friends.

    We are being lied to. China is full of contaminated land with heavy metals and this is very sad. They have good farms though and can feed all their people. Here in America we have enough to go around if we take care of our own first.

    Wars and other countries buying our lands are two reasons America is in an economic crisis.

    During the Great Depression, a husband and wife had no birth control and usually they had about 10 to 15 children and had to work sun up to sun down to survive. They made all of their own clothing. They had no fire departments so if they lost their home, it was just too bad with no insurance.
    There was no need for many jails.

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  • Womankind and Mankind and Trash

    Why are you here? First of all no one chooses their parents. Guess this must be called an act of G-d.
    Hopefully , they were married. A child born out of wed-lock is called many things. Not fatherless.

    Bastard is the English slang word for a child born to only a Mother who is unmarried. It is considered wrong because children need both parents.

    Bastard means an untrustworthy person.

    Here in America, Humans do not know if they are males or females any longer. Get a DNA test if you are not sure. Daughters in many other Countries are taught how to be a good wife by their Mother. Mothering is a learned behavior. So is how to be a good Father. Mine used strict discipline and today I am thankful. He taught me truth and how to pray and the Ten Commands of G-d.

    Women who are pregnant do not belong out working as a man on a road crew. I saw this in Texas. How stupid.
    There is womankind and mankind. When they choose to have sex with the same kind, it is considered an abomination from G-d.

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  • Chief Joseph Chocktaw Native American Code Talker

    My Great grand father Joseph Barnes was a World War 1 code talker. Here is the picture I sent to the Chocktaw Nation and it was a gift returned to me.

    Along with two pictures, I was given forms to fill out to become a tribe member. This is so complicated it make me ill.

    I got this picture from my Mother who was born in Oklahoma in 1929. Her name was Irene Barnes Reid Winters. She was murdered in Wichita Falls Texas by a felon named John in 2010 and charges to this day have never been filed on John. Why? She was neglected to death and her life savings stolen along with my Father's guns.

    Tell Governor Rick Perry she told me not to vote for him. Joseph Barnes had a son William (Bill) Terrell Barnes born in Rising Star (Little Rock) Arkansas around 1889. I am not sure about the dates. He is buried in the old Crestview cemetary Wichita Falls Texas with his wife Mignon Kesia Weaver Barnes who died when I was 16.

    I lost the home my Father built for me in Wichita Falls, Texas and could

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  • Lice-Get Rid of Them with No Pesticides on Your Child's Head

    As a former retired public school teacher, I once upset a young girl and I have never forgotten this.

    The Nurse at the school handed me a list to call out each child to go to the Nurse's office. I did not know why.

    That small child came to me and cried. She said all of the children were teasing her about lice and she did not have it.

    Head lice is very contagious. Look behind the ears of a child at the hair line. They look like very tiny small
    white or beige dots.
    They are hard to move. They stick to the hair shaft.

    To get rid of them wash the hair in very warm-almost hot water and rinse well. Then use a blow dryer or put oil on the hair.
    Head lice cannot live in hair that is a little bit dirty. This will save the child having to buy a medicine that is a pesticide and poison on their head.

    Body lice and pubic lice need a doctor to treat.

    Use a plastic mattress cover to prevent bed bugs, blood stains and lice.

    Wash your sheets and the

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  • Danerous Clothing and Fashion

    Rayon is a highly flammable material. I have one nice blouse made of 75 per cent Rayon. If it is in a fire, it will melt on or off of me. It is black. Another reason to say Thank you, America. This one was made in Korea. The size is wrong on the label. I do not have time to try on clothes in a store under a camera with a stranger watching me.

    Then the bra I paid forty dollars for made in China was full of contaminated plastics. I washed it and it ruined following manufacture directions. Why would women from that Country want American women to have funny looking boobs? And I paid 40 dollars for this trash. Yes, trash.
    That is where it is. Bras are for modesty. Who cares?

    Then I have one I really like. I did what it said, and the threads unraveled in the new washing machine, and cut my finger because the threads were so strong. It was made in Indonesia, and is spandex, also very flammable.

    Be careful if you smoke. Plastics are made of oil. Waste not, want not?
    Some labels are wrong.
    Please do not get me

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  • What Can Shoes Do? Shoes Can Kill You

    Shoes can ruin your feet and I am tired of this! Yes, I care. No, I do not have a foot fetish.

    From a medical standpoint, flat shoes can cause flat feet.

    Too tight shoes can cause deformities. Broken or loose parts of shoes can can death.

    Yes, even death. I cannot believe what I saw. Women and children in poor shoes made of who knows what.

    If a shoe has a flat arch and your foot has a high one, your bones fall and you get foot problems.Bunions and ingrown toenails are caused by wrong shoes. Size does matter.

    If a shoe is made of the wrong stuff or too long or too wide, it can cause you to fall.
    I have seen them that are so beautiful but really wrong for one's health sake.Too Flexible, can cause a fall and a fall can cause death.These came apart and were very dangerous for me and hurt my feet. Must be wrong size and today I do not want to take them back.Leather need not do this-not sewn just glued.

    See a Doctor for painful feet and more advise on shoes.
    Leather and canvas are best.

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  • Danger for Daughters

    Way back in 1984, as a very young pretty woman, I was kidnapped in Texas.

    This was before Amber Alerts and Missing persons postings.

    My parents did not even report me missing. The man who did this turned out to be a serial killer.

    He stole my car then abandoned it. He tried to strangle me and I played dead. He broke my bones by hitting me with a heavy metal flashlight. He also beat up my small daughter.

    Then I got away from him. I ran and two men from Grapevine, Texas put a gun on him and took me to their place and called my parents.

    I had severe mental problems for many years due to all this one man's abuse.

    It was almost impossible for me to get away from him. I even blamed myself for all that happened when it was never my fault. Later, I went into many other jobs in Nursing and teaching.

    What ever happened to him? His name was Christopher. He was beheaded in a car accident in California. There is a G-d.
    This is why I am so concerned when a person goes missing. Please help

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  • Negative in Means Negative Out

    The news is mostly full of negative news. People you do not know and will never meet.

    If you read an overall view each day, you would believe that all humans are using their front yards for restrooms and becoming animals.

    What America teaches in schools need to make learning fun. I read two articles yesterday that made me very upset. They were about public school teachers and students.

    To read these would make one think there is no need for any education in America.
    Public school teachers are to be the highest examples of upstanding citizens.

    One said they were tying up students. Sorry, this one made me laugh. Just call their Mother to the school. Or worse, call their Grandmother and keep calling them up to the school until they act better. Expell them if they keep disrupting the class. Tax dollars wasted on students that want to spend the rest of their lives working in jobs outside that pay nothing.
    Teachers are the greatest resource.

    Teachers deserve respect. They cared enough to spend their money to get a higher

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