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  • Save Your Life from Cancer

    I write this article in honor of my brother William who recently was told he had colon cancer.
    He is alive in a Texas hospital as I write this.
    First of all my best advise is that you educated yourself about cancer. There are many types or kinds of cancer. You cannot catch it from other people. It is simply a cell change that is abnormal. It can become so bad that it eats good tissue and causes body systems to fail. This article is my personal opinion. I worked as a Nurse over many years. I prayed for a cure when my Mother's sister died at age 51 from cancer when she went into the hospital for a simple hysterectomy. She had been on hormone or estrogen treatments for menopause. The doctor was sorry that he found her insides eaten up. He said she would live for two weeks and she lived in extreme pain for three weeks and died. That was here in America in 1973.
    Cancer is about 90 per cent of the time caused by pollutants in our environment. Bladder cancer is said to be the number one

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  • The Earth Spoke a Poem

    The morning came strongly to me this day.
    Light peeked into my room hurting my eyes and I desired just to sleep.
    Bitter cold outside and it started to sleet.
    Blue and red birds flew towards me and landed at my feet.

    Stillness and extreme silence surrounded me as I was alone.
    Peace and quietness came and lighted my home.
    No sounds human could be heard in this time.
    I looked around.
    Nothing was ever mine.

    The Creator of the Universe for this one day had the Earth Speak.
    The Earth spoke with a flowing strong silence all at once.
    The Earth spoke.
    My God smiled because never again will mankind be seen as His joke.Wild Deer

  • Negative News

    I am so sick of all the negative news. I am guilty of sharing it too.
    Why don't we become like Hitler was? Just get rid of all the humans we believe inferior to us. But then who is us?

    Hitler convinced his followers to hate other humans. Fueled by anger and hate he hurt and killed millions. He said we are the master race. He had people with handicaps, innocent young children and many others who were of many Nations executed and some for no reason. Stalin killed more than Hitler.

    America has many problems but there is more good here than bad. But when ignorant uneducated people try to convince others that evil is good and condone it, someone has to stand up to it. What works and what doesn't?
    Government is not G-d here. Leaders elected make important decisions that have the potential to harm many. It is important to have good moral, intelligent ones.
    To place so many people in cages makes them nuts. Granted some people belong in them for horrible acts. But it is expensive for all

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  • Too Many Homeless Hidden Children in America

    single motherCould you become homelessThousands of homeless American children are living in cars and trucks mostly in Florida and all over the place? This is what I watched on a television show recently. They called it a hidden problem in America since 2007. Some are living in Motels some of the time. Where is their lasting stability?
    The worth of a Country can be seen by how its people treat its future which is our children. Also how does it treat its poor people? Some worse than a dog?
    In many third world Countries there are miles and miles of poor people's shanty towns. There is extreme poverty and severe over population with all the diseases that come from this type of situation, One Country has their poor work in their fields. One Country is glad when its citizens leave because they know they will be sent American dollars to help their economy.

    Selfishness and greed cause suffering for the people. Mostly the poor and middle classes.No wonder there are many outcries and protests.When young people are collecting

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  • Travel Safe

    First of all I cannot stand to watch the News much of the time because most of it focuses on a few that have done some kind of evil.

    Most of the time in real life people do the best they can. In America at the end of 2011 we may be having economic problems but better times are coming. I was taught safety first and life over property.

    When you first get into a car make sure you know where everything is and one of the most important things are the rear view and center mirrors. Adjust them. This way you can see all around your car except in that blind spot about where the back seats are on both sides.

    Think for a moment, dies this car have enough fuel, safe tires. a good battery and belts and oil and water or liquids? What would I do if this car would crash? Hands need to be at 10 and 2 of a clock to control this car of yours.

    Cell phones, babies crying and passengers can get you and themselves killed just by a few seconds of distraction.
    Impaired drivers are people who have taken

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  • Scream Green

    Green is the grass and tree. Sky in the dark becomes blue. So many mistakes humans make of this planet Makes me want to scream green until my life is through. Like this poem? I wrote it because there is only so much a person can do in one day. As I was driving along the highway, some one had lost about 50 pounds of garbage. Over two weeks I went by and still nothing was done. So I got some gloves and sunglasses. I put on the oldest nasty clothes I could find, parked way off the road for safety and picked up their trash. I think 300 cars and trucks passed me by.

    I live in Texas. People love to throw stuff out of windows here. We have burned road side fires from people throwing out the filter of ignited carbon monoxide inhalers. People throw beer bottles at road signs for fun. I am speaking of grown men. We have paid people who go out and clean up.

    We have too many rules. We have to call and get government permission to burn old wood piles out here in the Country. Too much government

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  • Irina and Frank Pal, My Teachers

    As a young girl age ten, my first cousin Suzanne took me to my first ballet lesson. Her name is Doctor Suzanne Shelton Buckley, age 66,and she teaches in Southern India. Suzanne Shelton is such as special person. I wanted to be like her when I was young. I looked up to her and her older sister, Doctor Sharon Shelton Coangelo. Suzanne picked me up one hot Summer's day there in Wichita Falls, Texas and took me to a small studio on Grant Street. There was no air conditioning in that large old Buick or Oldsmobile. She brought along Alan, my older cousin who was her younger brother.Suzanne was a writer like our grandmother, Mignon Keza Weaver Barnes. Suzanne wrote for Texas Monthly Magazine of Austin, Texas and was a dance critic there for many years. She has one daughter Thea Buckley of England. I have one daughter also, Mignon Morgan who is also a gifted dancer and writer. My daughter has taught Irish Folk dancing which she learned while in Ireland studying some of our ancestor's

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  • How to Attempt a Better Life

    1. Find an exercise you enjoy and just do it right. Even if it is walking, walk at least three times a week in the right shoes, dressed properly and smile for exercise is good for the physical body. Exercise strengthens you nervous and circulatory systems. It releases endorphins which are the feel good hormones. Our bodies are made to move.

    2. Do a little research and learn something new. Finish your education so you will have better self esteem if you have this opportunity. Focus on how to improve your health. Improve you spiritual health. If your spiritual health is better, your mental health will also improve. Eat the right foods for you and get out of yourself. Try not to put bad things into your body that cause harm to your spiritual, physical or mental health. You know what I am writing about here if you have the ability to think. If something is bothering you, find out why so you can improve it. Learn to study for this is a skill. Learn how to parent for this is learned also.

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  • Being Personal in an Impersonal World

    My two first Cousins both earned their doctorates. I was never jealous of them because I loved them. I really wanted to be like them but never had the money or opportunity to finish more than 140 hours of higher education.

    Looking back over my life I am glad I finished high school and Nursing school. I am glad I graduated form a four year University. But being human and younger, I made many mistakes. Once I was offered to get my Nurses papers transferred from California back to Texas if I would pay them 800 dollars. I had no way to pay this so I had to let my license lapse. I was disabled by then anyway. After working and paying into the government system over 35 years, I was not able to work full time anyway. So the doctors said. They are the professionals. Most are decent people. The few bad ones make all of them look bad, especially in the media.

    People, being human need water, food, shelter and clothing and sex to survive. Being placed in a cage is not normal and causes all kinds

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  • How To Reduce Corporate Greed

    When I called for customer service on my American Company cell phone I got a call back from Asia.

    I called them back and complained. I expect American Companies to have customer service in America.

    To reduce Corporate greed, write a letter to the president of the Company.

    Tell this person, this company is an American company and you expect him to have American marketing, sells and customer service.

    Then find a company that does and switch to them. This will cause them to lose money and they will have to do as their customers ask.

    People wonder why all the protests from Americans? Americans need the jobs.

    This will not ever completely stop greed but it will work.

    This is all about love. I love companies that listen to the ones who pay them. Don't you?

    That customer service person asked me why I asked where she was located. I told her because I pay the money for the service and good bye.

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