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  • Some Truth No One wants To Hear

    America has become glutted with problems in her last several years. People are not happy and wonder why if they even know.

    This article is just my opinion and we all have one or many. It is easy to be a critic and hard to solve problems for masses.

    Americans are spoiled rotten. And because we have it all, other Countries want their Country to have it all too.

    American women are not happy. Their role is to be a wife and Mother. Off they go to drop their children off at a daycare or school to let society raise them. So they want a bigger home or a nicer car or bigger gems and better clothes. More things and more money will not make us happier. If we have a husband are we working him and ourselves to death? Look ahead twenty years. Oh I am not happy. I have all of these things but my kids are a mess. Where did I go wrong? Little Johnny is in prison. Little Jane is a slut that cheats on her husband while he is good to her and their children.

    American men have a responsibility to

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  • Older Woman, Older Men.

    There are many songs from the 1960's that teach about life. I find more in the Country songs.

    Many young women think men are innocent and sweet because they have a boyish cute look.

    Men is they get real angry or jealous are capable of ending a life before a woman is.

    This has to do with male hormones and his protective instinct. A woman sees violence as what it is.

    Older woman do not produce eggs and if they let themselves get unattractive no man will want them.

    Older men still produce sperm all of their life and hormones so they love it if they have a cute young thing next to them. It makes him say to the other males, Look at what I have. Look how special I am.

    Men and woman need to learn to communicate and get along better. Woman on the whole are more intuitive,and can be deceptive.

    In the last many years there has been women who tried to reinvent Lilith who was the Mother of Demons with long hair and wings. Her job is to attack men. These woman do not accept male

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  • Truth of a Righteous G-d

    Simple life appeared about 3 billion years ago. Single celled, plants and then animals came.

    Genesis is the first Book in the Bible. The Bible some take as literal but at least three of it's books are not. They are symbolic. these are Genesis, Daniel and Revelation.

    When people hear the name Jesus they sometimes laugh. They are not stupid, just ignorant. Ignorant means they do not know better. They have just committed blasphemy.

    The Universe is about 14 billion years old The Bible is a User of Life How to manual that works well.

    Yes this is an infinite Universe. Yes it is expanding.This Earth is on the edge of the milky way galaxy. There are many galaxies. Life cannot exist near the centers of galaxies because of intense radiation.

    Many people have a childish view of G-d. If G-d is good why would He allow this or that to happen?

    A mature view of G-d is that G-d has rules that must be followed. He is a righteous G-d who cannot even look upon sin. This is why He sent His Son Jesus

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  • Small Children at School

    What are your children really learning in public school?
    Teachers study many years and have to have dedication to teach many subjects to small children.
    Parents are required to send their children to school.
    Recently I watched a parent/teacher/administration meeting on local news.
    The main thing I saw were the empty seats where parents needed to be. It tells the teacher that you as a parent are too busy to take time to really know your child. Is public school a baby sitter or a preparation for life for your child?
    Do you believe as a parent your child can do no wrong? Do you not know they tell the teacher what goes on in your home?

    I have spoken with many teachers. They speak of cuts in education funding. How sad.
    Why don't they just do away with buying new books for a few years on tax payers money? I suggest this because the children here in America I have watched do not even know how to hold a pencil properly or have a grasp of the English language. Maybe we need to all go

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  • When Anger is Good

    Anger is an emotion that tells us something is wrong. I believe the Bible is G-d's word to humanity and it reads in many places about anger.
    Be not a friend with an angry man lest you become one.
    Do not let the sun go down on your anger lest you sin.
    If your brother meaning another person has wronged you-go to him alone and tell him.
    This person then should ask your forgiveness but many do not know how or have the courage to do this.
    To ask someone's forgiveness, simply write them a letter and ask it or go to them which is the best choice. This we must do to have peace.
    G-d says when a man's ways please Him, He will even cause your enemies to be at peace with you.
    Too bad America is so corrupt now. Greed displeases G-d the Father for all belongs to him. G-d is not a man that He should lie nor the son of man that He should repent. I found this scripture in the old testament.
    I am angry at America because my good Christian parents were murdered and because of old laws and laws

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  • Texas Laws That Still Need Changing August 2011

    My parents were murdered in their own home in Texas the last part of 2010 for money by abuse and neglect.I had called in Adult Protection.They did not do their job. Neither did law enforcement.One criminal was appointed sole caregiver by a judge and two and one half months later my parents were said to be on the verge of loosing their lives from neglect and abuse at the one hospital in Wichita Falls Texas. This man named John infiltrated our family only to get their money which he did. He almost killed my daughter for money, control and possessions.He lied to me and the rest of my family and has gotten away with all of this because of old laws.
    First of all he forbid me or my brother to visit my parents home for two and one half months so we were shocked when we got a call about their condition.Yes they were 80 and 81 years old.Yes they were fortunate to live a long happy life but the last twelve years were not good.
    John stole a car in Fort Worth Texas that my daughter and Mother

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  • Save your Life

    In 1900 a Category four Hurricane hit Galveston, Texas and killed up to 12000 people. They had no warning.Hurricane Irene is expected to cause much damage and flooding. People die who drive their cars into water too much. People are asking what to take. I tell them a logical mind. Basic survival is water for 7 days. Blankets, pillows,extra batteries for weather radio,cell phone and flash light. Food items like peanut butter and crackers, canned goods with water and a manual can opener. Meats like beef jerky and medicines and personal id papers. Pet care things like a leash and muzzle. Fuel and items for cooking. Personal items like glasses and contacts with solution. Plastic forks and spoons. Do not panic. Life over property and safety first.

  • The Most Hated Woman In America Died-my song lyrics

    The Most hated woman in America died in 1995.
    She took along 287 thousand who signed away their soul.
    No more prayer or moral compass for our children.
    Her name was Madelyn.
    Today she is probably shoveling coal.

    But what do I know? What do I know?
    Brenda K
    Anyone may use the lyrics to this song I wrote today. Just please use the words exactly.

  • The Lost Art of Sewing a Dress by Hand

    When I took a home economics class in the 1960's we had special ladies that taught two subjects well. This course was for future homemakers. I was never a great cook although I can bake and broil. Lately I made three dresses all by hand. Each took three to four hours to finish the basics. These were sun dresses where you need to wear a slip. The cost was great considering I am on disability. One comment I received was that this one looked like it must have cost one thousand dollars. Maybe I have a flare for this.
    There are several types of sewing with just a needle and thread. There is a special way to thread a needle and leave a knot in it with one hand using only the fingers. Do you know this? I asked several young women if they knew how to make their own clothing and the answer was no. How sad. It is so relaxing and since I quit smoking it keeps my hands busy.
    How I wish my art could be made into material. This is expensive though.

  • Healthy Living is for all Humans.

    Healthy Living is for all humans.My good health is not because of my heritage for my Mother was sickly most all of her life. My personal great health is because through the years I have listened to many wise and good persons who were mostly in my own family.
    Fist of all, I was taught not to drink alcohol or smoke. I was taught to get my rest at night, wake up and eat a good breakfast after drinking good water. So when I get up I wash my hands and mouth, say my prayers mostly thanking My Creator I was given another day on this Earth. Then I drink water or juice and eat a good breakfast. This is truly the most important meal of the day.
    Exercise of the right type for my body is important. There are only three basic body types. I have a degree in this sort of thing. Small, medium and large. We each can inherit things going back about five generations from our Mother or Fathers sides.This refers only to our body. Take your wrist and take your opposite hand and grab around your opposite

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