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  • Six Things G-d Hates from Proverbs

    Six things G-d hates.Seven are an abomination to Him.
    A proud look, a lying tongue,hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked imaginations, feet that are quick to run to do evil, a false witness that breathes out or speaks lies and he that sows discord among the brethren.
    Wicked imagination means in our minds we think and dwell on evil.and plan to get even.
    I will not expound on this bit of wisdom.
    Out feet will take us according to where our heart is. G-d sees all and knows the beginning and the future. Men and women can say they do but are telling a lie.
    I have heard that G-d never hates but He does.
    Since WE have all done these things it may be best to take a little time to be holy each day and thank G-d for all of our blessings.
    Sing unto the Lord a new song. It is a good thing to give thanks to Him.
    Most of all I thank Him for His Son The Lord Jesus Christ who died for me.

  • Proofs From History That G-d Exists

    After many many years of research I found writings from St. Thomas Aquinas that are the five proofs that G-d exists. Some things are in motion and there cannot be an infinite number of movers so a mover that is not itself moved by another is G-d. Some things are caused and anything caused is caused by another and there is a first cause and this is G-d. Every contingent being at some time fails to exist. Everything is not contingent . So there is a necessary being and this is G-d. G-d is the greatest being.The source of all greatness is G-d and there is always one greater and this is G-d. The Universe has one intelligent designer. Many things in the Universe lack intelligence. What ever acts for an end must be directed by an intelligent being and this is G-d. These five proofs are all one needs to see that logic does indeed prove there is a G-d.


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