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  • Childhood Obesity: Should the Law Be Allowed to Step In?

    child eating hamburgerchild eating hamburgerAs the childhood obesity rates soar in this country, one case of a 9-year-old boy leaves many questioning how big of a role parents play in their children's health and whether the law should be allowed to intervene in some instances.

    ABC News reports about the Ohio boy that was taken from his mother and placed into foster care after officials decided the mother was not doing enough to control her son's weight. Usually when children are placed in foster care it is due to issues of abuse or neglect and many argue that by allowing an overweight child to eat large amounts of fatty food every day is a form of medical neglect.

    During the few months that the 9-year-old spent in foster care with an uncle he reportedly lost more than 50 pounds going from 218 pounds down to 166. He is now back in the care of his mother and is said to be doing well exercising and sticking to a healthy diet.

    The authors of a controversial new study published in the Journal of the American Medical

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  • Your Monthly Chocolate Craving: Is it All in Your Head?

    Happy Woman eating chocolateHappy Woman eating chocolateBlaming your next chocolate cravings on PMS may soon be a thing of the past as new research suggests the monthly cocoa cravings are nothing more than a myth. NBC News reports about the latest chocolate study results that are set to appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Appetite.

    Researchers involved in the study worked with a group of 35 women measuring their chocolate desires during their cycles before and after menstruation. What they found was that women (in the phase just before and during their menstrual cycle) did not have an intense desire to chow down on chocolate before and after being presented with a bowl of the sweet stuff. Furthermore, the women did not crave high calorie fattier foods during their periods either.

    The new research contradicts old studies that found women had a greater desire for chocolate just before and after their menstrual cycle. The difference between this new study and the old ones is that the latest one made sure to filter out women

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  • Plan Your Next Party with Pippa?

    The next time you're planning to throw a little soiree, you may want to turn to the famed sister of Duchess Kate Middleton for a little advice. Pippa Middleton is notorious for her fashionable style and ability to turn heads just about everywhere she goes. A recent unfortunate scandal involving Pippa made headlines when she was seen with a male brandishing a toy gun in front of paparazzi as a joke.

    But now in need of a little redirect, Pippa would like for the attention to go toward her new party-planning book project.

    It's not surprising that someone known for throwing and attending great parties would write a book with some insider tips and secrets on how to put together an affair to remember. A recent E! Online report says the book, Celebrate, will be due out in October and will be full of party etiquette tips, recipes, and planning pointers.

    As daughter to parents who own a mail order party company called

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  • Mama Madonna Says Smoking is a Big No-No


    The age old saying "do as I say, not as I do" may be appropriate after a recent interview with NBC when pop icon Madonna publicly scolded her 15-year-old daughter, Lourdes, for getting caught by the press smoking a cigarette. Having a mom known for her living on the edge attitude and controversial behavior, some feel the parenting advice may be a bit hypocritical and a hard pill for Lourdes to swallow.

    The singer, who admittedly does not smoke cigarettes, has a very hard time with the thought of her daughter picking up the unhealthy habit. She is quoted by ABC News as saying, "I don't think I'm as tough as I should be. I think I need to be, maybe, tougher. It's hard, every day is a negotiation. But cigarette smoking, I'm not very fond of. For anyone."

    Though Madge is seen in one of her latest videos puffing on a cigarette she insists it was just a prop and has nothing to do with this latest Lourdes incident telling the

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  • New Moms Double Their Money in Australia

    Going back to work after a maternity leave can be one of the toughest endeavors for many new moms, but one company in Australia is hoping to make the return a bit more welcoming. Huffington Post reports about the Insurance Australia Group's (IAG) plans to double a new moms salary once they return from their fourteen week fully paid maternity leave. The salary increase will last for a full six weeks when new moms return.

    Though the welcome-back bonus along with mandatory paid maternity leave is unheard of in the U.S., it is common in Europe and now Australia. New moms feel the burn from the lack of paid maternity leave laws in the U.S. in many ways. SheSpeaks reported about some of the links between how long a mom breastfeeds and how much paid leave she gets. And according to the American Sociological Review, American women who have kids earn 7 percent less than women who don't have children due to the fact that they accumulate less

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  • Anti-Foie Gras Activists Up in Arms as They Await California Ban

    foie gras

    Foie gras loving foodies in California are getting their final dose of the delicacy as a ban is about to go into effect this July. Starting this summer both sale and production of the fatty fare will come to a halt, but it may not come soon enough for some of the protestors attempting to end the sale of foie gras sooner.

    The production and sale of foie gras has been a heated issue among animal activists for a long time. The Telegraph reports about some notable names that have declared war against the foie gras market with Kate Winslet and Paul McCartney among them. The force feeding of the geese until their livers are unnaturally large causing their stomachs to drag on the ground is the main concern of protestors.

    A recent Chow report discusses how chefs and protesters are interacting in these last few months before the ban goes into effect. Some of the top chefs report they have been violently threatened and fear for their safety. San

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  • Orange for Spring

    Pynk Nymphette is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    Nail polish sales are up 59% this year

    My favorite trend of this season is by far all the bright pops of Orange! The first step I took into incorporating this happy color was purchasing some cute flip flops. They go perfectly with my jeans and my light summer dresses. My thirst of this festive color continued and I finally stumbled upon my true love: orange lipstick. I first saw a photo of these glorious colored lips in my local Sephora and knew right there that I must try it out! I purchased Make Up For Ever Rogue Artist Intense in #40 & could not be happier. For a subtle effect I lightly dab the color on my lips with a finger and layer with CoverGirl Wetslicks lip gloss in Papaya Splash. The scent and color are perfect for a lazy day in the sun!

    I know that orange lips sound a little extreme but don't let that stop you from enjoying this fun hue. Try out it in a manicure, or even a pedacure if you are shy to bright

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  • The Many Uses for Baking Soda (Part Two): Around the House

    Kelly Noftell is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    For the next couple of weeks, I will be sharing the many ways baking soda can be utilized in a multiple-part series called, "The Many Uses for Baking Soda." A few weeks ago, I posted Part One of this series, where I first discussed the variety of ways in which baking soda can be used in the kitchen. In Part Two, I will be discussing the many general household uses for baking soda.

    Let's get started:

    1. As a carpet shampoo*, a part water (about a gallon) and baking soda (about a ½ cup or so) solution can be used in the actual shampoo machine. For spot treatment*, dampen the area where the stain is and sprinkle baking soda on it. Let it sit for a few hours and then wipe clean.
    2. As a carpet freshener, sprinkle all over carpet and let it sit for a while. Then simply vacuum everything up when ready. The same could be done on upholstery.
    3. Create a baking soda
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  • Why Celebs Flub on Their Taxes

    As we recover from tax season (unless of course you got an extension) many of us will wait patiently for our returns or write out checks in the hope that we crossed all our T's and dotted our I's correctly this year. It would seem the rich and famous should have little to worry about when it comes to having their taxes in order but as we see in the headlines each year, that is not always the case.

    A recent report from USA Today discusses the phenomenon of some celebs who seem to have it all, except of course for a good accountant. Lionel Richie is the newest super star who reportedly owes $1.1 million dollars to the federal government. Richie responded in a statement, "I was recently made aware of the situation by my new team and it is being handled immediately."

    Other celebrities who have had tax troubles in the past include Lindsay Lohan, Willie Nelson, Roberta Flack, Pamela Anderson, Nicolas Cage, and more.

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  • Good Grades? Freebies for Your Child

    Diane Schmidt is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    Report cards will be out soon. Be sure to stop by with your child for these freebies! (You may want to call your local store before making the trip.)

    Baskin-Robbins - Get a free scoop of ice cream for good grades on your report card!

    Blockbuster - Get a free family friendly movie rental for A's on your report card!

    Chick-fil-A - Bring in your all A's and B's report card and receive a FREE 8 pack nuggets! Call ahead to your location to see if they are participating

    Chuck E. Cheese - Chuck E. Cheese believes in the value of a good education. Have your child bring in their most recent report card and they will receive FREE tokens for good grades.

    Krispy Kreme - Get a free donut for each A (up to 6 A's).

    Limited Too - Report cards may be taken in to any Limited Too retail store within 30 days of issuance and receive $5 off their purchase that

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