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  • Hip Hip Hurray for Bubble Bath Day!

    Lori Merrick is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Just Say No, Take a Bubble Bath Instead

    Everyone has memories of playing in a tub full of bubbles. I can remember my sisters and I creating "hairstyles" with the bubbles until we got bored and rinsed them out. We'd also write letters on each others' backs and try to guess what they were. My own kids had their favorite bath toys to play with. The oldest liked his plastic bath figurines and buckets, while the younger loved shoving wet washcloths into a plastic funnel, creating what he called "Benny Cakes" that he'd line up along the edge of the bathtub (I was the customer).

    I find that a nice hot bubble bath is the single most relaxing activity in the world. My bathtub is my sanctuary. I chose a Japanese soaking tub before choosing a house plan. That's how serious I am about bathing. My tub is round, it's deep, it's quiet, and it's the best place I know of for total relaxation. Here's my recipe for the Ultimate Bath Experience:

    • Find some
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  • Visit an Acupunturist and Rock a Healthier-Feeling You

    Karen Nehama is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Acupuncture treatments have been found more effective than medications for symptoms of vascular dementia.

    You know you want to try it. Deep down inside, you find acupuncture intriguing. And your instincts are correct - experiencing acupuncture IS soothing and leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

    We know that such a statement surprises you, but that's what acupuncture is all about…surprises. Surprising that it is relaxing, that you feel invigorated and stress-free after receiving acupuncture.

    Most people envision acupuncture needles as being very long and thick, similar to being prodded with a knitting needle. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many acupuncture needles are less than one inch long and tend to be the width of a strand of hair. Surprising, isn't it?

    Let's say that you are feeling tired and run down, or perhaps you have what appears to be allergies. Why would you make yet another visit to see your general practitioner who may prescribe antibiotics or an antihistamine-decongestant mix? It

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  • Softcup

    "Diary of a Madwoman" is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.


    Okay, I know that I'm getting old. (I'm 46 in case you're wondering.) But as I was flipping through my latest edition of Cosmo Magazine (I honestly don't know why I took advantage of the $5.00 a year offer), I saw an ad that caught my eye.

    It said, "Do everything you would if you didn't have your period. We're not just walking about swimming." And it showed a picture of a guy and girl kissing, behind a curtain. I had to look closer at the background to see that they were on a bed.

    So, I just had to read the rest of it. "You can have mess-free sex, even when on your period."

    "Softcup...worn internally collects instead of absorbing like pads or tampons."

    Now, I know that females, especially the younger ones, enjoy sex but come on. Do you really need to have it every week of the month? Can't you take a week off every now and then?

    Even if I did have a period (I had a hysterectomy

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  • Too Harsh for TV? Anti-Childhood Obesity Ads Anger Parents

    As we lay down our plans and goals for the New Year we should remember to think of how we can improve our children's lives as well. A recent ad campaign in Georgia wants parents to wake up and help their kids get healthy in 2012. The ads, which are causing some controversy, feature kids speaking candidly about what it feels like to be overweight.

    Shot in black and white, the children have a serious confessional tone while they recount all of the issues overweight children must deal with on a daily basis in between messages that flash on the screen like, "Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid."

    A recent report from the NY Daily News discusses the ads in Georgia, where childhood obesity is a serious problem ranking 2nd in the nation. Senior vice president at Children's Healthcare, Linda Matzigkeit, is quoted defending the harshness of the ads' tone. Matzigkeit says, "We felt like we needed a very arresting, abrupt campaign that said: 'Hey Georgia! Wake up. This is a problem'

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  • National Trivia Day - January 4, 2012

    Vicky is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Have you ever been the person who seems to know the answer to the oddest things. You often get the dumb-founded look of "how is it that you know this information"? Are you someone with an insatiable quest for knowledge and the ability to answer that wedge question in Trivial Pursuit?

    Well, being the trivia expert that you are, you know that Wednesday, January 4, 2012 it is National Trivia Day in the United States.

    This is perfect opportunity to share those trinkets of knowledge to everyone and even gather more valuable nuggets of knowledge.

    Tell your family and Friends and use the opportunity as Family Game Night. Take out the 'Trivial Pursuit' or 'Scene It' and create a theme night. If you have kids use Disney and let your inner child out. It's funny to see that you may be more of an expert with the current movies than the ones you grew up with. If you are a Harry Potter fan and up to date with all the

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  • Ditch Your Resolution on January 17th

    Alison Shaffer is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    When and where did this idea of New Year's Resolutions come about? The Gregorian calendar begins January 1 marking the beginning of a new year. Around the world New Year's Day is celebrated by way of parties, parades, fireworks, and oh yes, those resolutions.

    It's the perfect opportunity to start fresh, rested, and relaxed. On paper that is. Open up your new un-marked calendar for 2012 and off you go. Every year we all make resolutions to; eat better, exercise more, spend less, clean more, and improve upon some aspect of our self. What resolution did you make this year? How's it going?

    It is easy to resolve to do all those things by writing them down, or making a contract with yourself. What do you hope to do this year different from last year-make it past the ditch your resolution day?

    What makes January 1 different than the other days of the year? The changing of the calendar or the changing of

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  • Weight Loss Products: Some Help and Some Are Better Left on the Shelf

    Weight loss management should include lifestyle changes

    After indulging in all of the rich holiday snacks most of us wake up January 1st resolving to eat healthy, exercise, and lose weight. A recent SheSpeaks poll finds that more than half of us list losing weight as our New Year's resolution. There are many tools out there that claim to help you lose the extra pounds quick, but do they really work? Check out these products on the market that some of our members have given a try.

    P90X Extreme Home Fitness Training and Workout DVD System
    This intense workout is very popular among our reviewers who love the results they've seen from the demanding regiment of the muscle toning workout. The system includes 12 DVDs, a detailed nutrition plan and motivational support. Keep in mind though that this does not seem like the type of workout DVD for beginners and you do need extra equipment to go along with the DVDs like weights and a chin up bar. Member jjsurvey52 enjoyed the workout but warns about how demanding the system can be for

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  • National Handwriting Day: A Celebration of a Lost Art

    Alana Gruss is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    In the age of iPads, Laptops, Facebook and Email there is not an emphasis on handwriting. Years ago, handwriting a letter was the only way to communicate. The written word was cherished and people prided themselves on their penmanship. Today it is a rare occurrence to receive a letter that is actually written by hand. I remember learning how to write in cursive. My mom taught me how to form the letters with a pen and I practiced until my letters looked just like her letters. It was fun to practice how to form the letters and it was satisfying to finally have pretty, neat handwriting. Little did I know how much I would use that skill when it came to permission slips… ahem… moving on…. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, penmanship has been said to help you by increasing your idea creation and expression. Penmanship can also help children develop fine motor skills When was the last time you wrote a note

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  • If the Shoe Fits, Fight Over It?

    While we wind down from the holidays this year many of us are pleased with the time we spent with family and what was waiting for us under the tree. But did you ever consider resorting to violence to get that special someone something they really wanted for Christmas? Most would probably say no, but as reports show every year the hot new hard-to-find products have a history of turning consumers into mad shoppers.

    Nike's new retro Air Jordans (which were made to look like the originals from 1984) had a limited release the Friday before Christmas and drove potential buyers to sleep overnight in store parking lots across the country.

    Sports Illustrated reports about some of the incidences and arrests that occurred during the release of these shoes. In Seattle large crowds were pushing, fighting, and breaking down doors to the point that law enforcement had to step in and use pepper spray.

    Reports from Jersey City, NJ about a brawl that broke out between people in line

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  • For many celebs New Year's Eve is seen as more of a payday than a time to celebrate with friends and family. If your name is familiar enough to the masses, you could be offered a pretty penny to simply make an appearance at a club and party with fans. But there are some celebs this year who are more interested in staying out of the glow of the spotlight rather than collect a big check.

    A recent report from Fox News discusses Lindsey Lohan's decision to turn down all of the New Year's Eve offers (some rumored to be in the 6 figures) she received this year from clubs in an attempt to lay low and change her party girl image. Her decision may be a wise one since she is still on probation and probably wants to show the judge and jury that she's on track despite. Lohan, who also just posed for a highly publicized spread in Playboy magazine, plans to ring in the new year quietly at home with the help of a few friends.

    According to a recent report from the New York Post, Ashton

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