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  • 17 Christmas Cookie Recipes from Our Favorite Bloggers

    Julie Grice is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.
    December is the season for cookies. Not the typical chocolate chip cookies, but those cookies that you only bake once a year, just for the holidays. Here, I share seven of my favorite recipes for the holiday classics, as well as 10 recipes for new or revamped treats to fill out your Christmas cookie platters.

    The Creatives:

    Chai Latte Cookies from A Spicy Perspective

    Brown Butter Brown Sugar Cookies from The Novice Chef

    Caramel Toasted Coconut Stars from Little Bitty Bakes

    Chocolate Fire Cookies from Savvy Eats

    Chocolate Fudge S'more Thumbprints from How Sweet Eats

    Lemon Almond Meringues from Joy the Baker

    Coconut Lime Slice & Bake Cookies from Heather's Dish

    Hot Chocolate Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies from Savory Sweet Life & Tasty Kitchen

    Nutmeg Maple Butter Cookies from Smitten Kitchen

    Persimmon Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod

    The Classics:

    Classic Linzer

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  • Do You Do Dr. Who?

    "Check it Out! with Dawn" is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Watching TV

    On November 23, 1963 Dr. Who was introduced on BBC with it's first Doctor, William Hartnell as an educational series meant to teach about history and science. Dr. Who ran for an amazing 26 seasons and after a brief hiatus is once again back on the BBC with it's Eleventh Doctor and a cast of very interesting characters. Dr. Who is the longest running Sci-Fi series on television ever! Who knew?

    I have to admit when I first watched this series with my daughter who absolutely loves Dr. Who, I found some of the episodes super creepy, but that is the appeal, I guess. It is Sci-Fi after all! So, who is "The Doctor", well he is a Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, who travels in a time machine called the TARDIS which is bigger on the inside than the outside. Be assured to see some monsters and some seriously funky creatures, but the main characters are truly endearing. And each episode holds a

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  • It's Letter Writing Day

    Tami Winbush is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    It's letter writing day!

    How many times have you walked to your mailbox and looked inside and said - "Ugh, bills and junk mail." I know I have done it too many times to remember. So what can we do to change that?

    I buy stationary sets at the dollar store or Michaels for $1.00 and if there are 10 cards/sheets of paper in the set, I will put 10 stamps with it. Then the person I am gifting this to will have no excuse for not sending them out. Even if they don't send it to me, I am happy to know that someone is going to get some real snail mail.

    Christmas is around the corner and each of us in inundated with 10,000 Christmas cards. Instead of generically sending them out, think about sending a Christmas letter. This will make sure that you are giving the person you are sending a card to more than just recycling material.

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  • Yoga Makes Menopause Manageable

    For healthy exercise, de-stressing, or to ease an aching back these are just a few of the reasons we practice yoga. A recent SheSpeaks poll reveals that 32% of our members do yoga and another 43% would like to give it a try.

    A new study reported about in the journal of Menopause reveals why many of us could really benefit from more yoga in our lives.

    The women involved in the study were all postmenopausal and suffering from insomnia, a common symptom for those going through menopause. Researchers split the women up into 3 groups. One group received no treatment, one group did stretches, and the other practiced yoga twice a week.

    After 4 months, the women involved in the yoga group reported the fewest menopausal symptoms and problems like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety, and irritability. The women who had no treatment rated their symptoms 13.7 on a scale from 0 to 28 (with 28 being the most severe), whereas the yoga group felt their symptoms were much

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  • 11 Books to Capture the Magic of the Season

    Julee Morrison is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Penguin Young Readers Group has all of our favorite characters - Madeline, Skippyjon Jones, Angelina Ballerina, Mr. Men, Charlie & Lola, and Pinkerton, but this holiday season, Penguin Young Readers has a selection of beautiful books that perfect to both give and receive. Whether celebrating times classics such as The Snowy Day or The Night Before Christmas in a fresh and original way, or introducing young readers to a brand new holiday story, including Jan Brett's Home for Christmas, these books capture the magic of the season.

    We love Christmas books! Every year at the beginning of Advent, I wrap enough books for each night of the season and two for each Sunday. The children love the surprise of unwrapping a present each night and snuggling up with a perfect Christmas book. It makes each book *new* each year! This year, the children are especially excited because we have a brand new stack of books generously

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  • Giving to Get Back This Holiday Season

    Heather A. Monica is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    It's now December. 'Tis the season for GETTING! That's right ! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie! But in order to get, you have to give, RIGHT? So, that's what I do. I give people stuff, so they give back to me. And I teach my kids to do it too!
    However, what we are getting back, probably isn't what you are expecting.

    Our family, at Christmas time, gives everything a parent needs, from gifts, to wrapping paper, heck, even tape if they need it, to local families struggling with a sick child. We know full well the pressure of the holidays mounted on top of the stresses of having a sick child.

    Sick kids are exorbitantly expensive. Hundreds of thousands of dollars, thankfully covered by insurance (over a million in our case) is a blessing, but there's always the co-insurance, the deductibles. If your lucky, just $20 bucks a pop co-pay per doctors appointment. ($40 for a specialist, which is all we ever have) Sometimes 3

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  • What Every Woman Should Know BEFORE Starting a Business

    Laurie Matheny is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    I recently started my own small candle making business. It really came on a whim, but in reality was fostered from years and years of schooling, research, and a hobby. I have been looking for a job for quite a while and i just cannot seem to find something suitable. Something that pays well enough to compensate me for daycare and travel. Of course, being broke sucks! And that is why I said to myself, "Hey, I am not getting any younger, my options are semi limited, and I love candles - WHY NOT???" Even if I fail (**hopefully not**), at least I tried. I love marketing and social media. I love to talk to random people. I am always thinking of ways to market OTHER people and THEIR skills, so why not take the PLUNGE and market myself instead? But I did not just jump into this overnight. I did my leg work BEFORE I decided to invest my time and money (what VERY little I have right now).

    So, if you are thinking

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  • Frugal Wisdom from My Grandma Esther

    "" is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    My grandmother Esther, who lived through the Great Depression, was like a mom to me and very special. And while she passed away in 2003, I think about her every day. She was such an inspiration to me! In the past few weeks, I've been thinking about the lessons of frugality that she taught me.

    Lesson 1: Make do with as little as possible
    While it may not seem cool in this society to go without, my grandmother made do. She lived in the country with my grandfather and made almost all her meals from scratch, using food from their garden. My grandfather hunted and brought home wild turkey and deer. She reused scraps of paper to write lists and notes, and conserved water and electricity. She didn't shop for fun or accumulate knick-knacks and frivolous items. She wore her clothes until they wore out!

    Lesson 2: Learn to cook, sew, and decorate
    My grandmother was an expert seamstress, which was how

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  • Did Netflix Get it Right This Time?

    If you're among one of the many fans of the show Arrested Development, you were probably very sad to see it go after just three short seasons. Now some years later there are plans to revive the cult classic and bring it back to fans who can see the show exclusively on Netflix streaming.

    Netflix has seen its ups and down over the last several years as it attempts to fit in and grow along side the ever-changing world of home entertainment. Many scoffed at Netflix's previous plan to raise prices and do away with the DVD by mail service (offering it through a separate service called Qwikster) while focusing primarily on their streaming-only customers the idea of separating.

    After receiving loads of criticism from existing customers, Netflix trashed the plan and decided to keep thinking on how they should go forward. And their thinking just may have paid off.

    This latest plan to revive Arrested Developmentm which is set to air in 2013, has peaked the interest of many and

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  • Tis the Season to Be Fashionable

    "LivingInLaLaLand" is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.
    Pea CoatPea Coat

    I think that the poncho and cape bring a piece of the old-fashioned style back to this years fashion. If your tall, leave them loose and flowing. If your shorter, wear a cropped poncho, cape, or longer piece with a belt.

    Don't forget about the essentials! Colored jeans are all the rage and the flared jean is back! You should have saved them from the seventies:)

    Whether your heading to the office, or out on the town you'll need a bow-tie blouse. You can pair it with a pencil skirt or a pair of flared jeans.

    When the weather outside is frightful, your going to want to have a belted trench, parka, or pea coat to keep the bite out!

    Your not fully dressed without your accessories! Big bold cocktail rings, feathers, and a great satchel dangling from the crook of your arm like an ornament.

    Go to to try free products and join more lively discussion with women just like you!

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