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  • Infertility Hurts

    "Joanne from Mixed Bag of Rant" is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    99% of the time I am at peace with my infertility.

    I am okay that my one little boy, my miracle, will be my only child.

    Then, that sneaky little 1% slithers in and my heart breaks into a thousand pieces. Many moms (especially 1st time moms) already have their canned answer for the question, "When will you have another?" I always thought I would have 2 kids. I never imagined raising an only child and always wanted a perfect little happy family. If I was lucky, a boy and a girl.

    Those who have struggled with infertility get it. The frustration. The desperation. The hurt. The feeling that something critical is missing in your life. Make no mistake, I take nothing for granted when it comes to my son. I remember being pregnant like it was yesterday. I think I sometimes still feel the ghost kicks in my tummy. But, finally being able to get pregnant once, I got a little cocky. I figured

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  • Easy No-Fuss Appetizer Ideas for Your Pre-Turkey Snacking


    Creating the perfect Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings takes a lot of time and effort. That's why it's good to have some super easy appetizers on hand to curb appetites and keep guests from hanging around the kitchen wondering when the turkey will be done.

    Need ideas on which snacks are tastiest? Our members here at SheSpeaks have you covered.

    Delimex Chicken & Cheese Taquitos
    These don't have to go anywhere near your already crowded stove and oven. Just throw these in the microwave for 2 minutes and you've got a yummy treat for hungry guests. According to the serving suggestions, one box of these should keep up to 9 guests satisfied. Member MayMay2008 writes of the roll-ups, "I love these things. I always keep some in my freezer. They're easy & fast to make. In two minutes you can have a quick snack that is delicious!"

    Sabra Greek Olive Hummus
    Members agree, this is one of their favorite brands of hummus - giving it an average of 4.9 stars out of

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  • Six Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Julie Grice is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Last year, I made quite the Thanksgiving feast, even though there were only three of us at dinner. We had enough leftovers to get us through at least 10 days of lunches and dinners. But as much as I love Thanksgiving dishes, I have to admit I was a little tired of the leftovers by the time we hit day three. So I searched for recipes to mix up the flavors and get creative with our meals. Here are six of my favorite ways to use Thanksgiving leftovers.

    Turkey Pot Pies from Savvy Eats.

    The filling for these individually-sized pot pies is made up of leftover vegetables and turkey. And if you want, you can replace the gravy in the recipe with about 3 ¼ cups leftover turkey gravy.

    Brussels Sprouts, Potato and Turkey Hash from Serious Eats.

    Not only will this recipe allow you to put your extra turkey to good use, but it will also use up some of your leftover gravy and vegetables as well!


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  • Children's Day

    This "working mother, wife, student, and business owner" shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Two kids at play

    On November 20th of every year, Children's Day is celebrated around the world. It was a day that was implemented to commemorate the anniversary of the day that United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of Rights for Children in 1959. It was the same date in 1989 when the Convention of Rights of the Child was signed as well.

    This date is important to all of the children nationally and internationally, and is celebrated in many different ways and even on different days to honor the children, from Festivals in their honor to gift giving or free entrances to local attractions. It is celebrated in Sudan on December 23, because according to their Tribal Mythology it is when their "Greatest Child" was born. People across the world choose to celebrate on different days but the purpose remains the same. We're honoring children, their rights, freedoms and liberties!


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  • Are Blind Dates Going Extinct? Why You Should Skip Google and Just Go!

    Mila KunisMila Kunis

    As reports pour in about Mila Kunis' blind date with Sgt. Scott Moore at the Marine Corps ball after famously accepting his plea on YouTube and Justin Timberlake reports back positively about his recent blind date of the same nature, writing on his website, "Last night changed my life and I will never forget it" - some may be inspired to give the whole blind date thing a try.

    If you have been on a blind date in the past, the first thing you may have noticed is it's not like when our moms were dating and a blind date meant you really had no clue who you were meeting for dinner. Even if it's a set up and you've never actually met your blind date, you can find out quite a bit about him just by Googling him, stalking his Facebook, or checking out his Tweets.

    With all of the modern technology that allows us to be cyber spies on potential partners before meeting them in person, maybe we're missing something. Maybe we're making this whole dating thing harder than it has to be.

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  • Creating a Coupon Binder

    Amy Duran is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.
    coupon bindercoupon binder

    So you love coupons and are swimming in them. Now you need to find a better way to organize them. A very popular and common way to organize and carry coupons is to create a coupon binder. You can readily organize your coupons, see them all easily, and conveniently carry them with you. Many people prefer this method but figuring out the best way to set it up can be difficult.

    Remember, take it slow and build up. Don't go dropping $50 to set up a binder if you don't even know if you'll like it. We are all savers, so do this frugally and build up if you find the binder system works well for you. Wasting money is never good no matter how pretty the binder may be!

    The Binder
    You really can use any 3-ring binder, but some may be easier to carry around than others. If you are on a budget grab any binder you have laying around your house and get started. If you can afford to drop a few dollars look for a zip up

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  • Curbing Your Financial Holiday Spending

    Maria Sinclair is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.
    6% of people start holiday shopping in January.6% of people start holiday shopping in January.
    The Holiday deals are in full-force. Retailers are starting their great deals Early...very Early!! But don't forget the reason way we want to save money. It is not to have/buy in excess. It's to SAVE $$$!

    For one person, holiday deals may be great so they can purchase a nicer present for someone at a lower price. For someone else, it might be to reduce their total holiday expenses.

    Just remember that after the holidays are over, we will have to live with our choices we make. Keep in mind that employers may be cutting back in January. Will your company be a part of a budget cut? Will food prices soar after the holidays are over with? Is that heat bill going to hurt during those winter months?

    If your not sure, it's best to stay within a regular budget for Christmas. Don't fall into the After-Holiday Financial Stress. Love to save money? Then save the bank, a mattress, cookie jars...whatever. Save for

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  • The Loyal Customer Experiment

    "" is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Everyone has seen money back guarantees on products and perhaps sent them in for a refund. Companies take product complaints very seriously. But I wanted to see, do they really reward nice comments about their products? Sometimes it seems they only notice complaints.

    So, I emailed (7) of my favorite products/companies today and let them know how much I loved their products. I also asked them to mail coupons.

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  • Birthday Deal Round-up

    Lisa Ghisolf is a blogger who shares her wisdom with us at SheSpeaks.

    Whether your birthday's next week or in another 364 days, truly good deals can be snagged with just a little effort. I've found a lot that I can personally vouch for. Get to signing up!

    My favorite so far is Benihana's $30 off the birthday boy/girl's tab for signing up for their e-club.

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  • Clothing Swaps: The Eco-Friendly Fashion Forward Trend

    Community Clothing Swap

    Isn't it nice when something is both friendly to your wallet as well as the environment? A recent SheSpeaks poll finds that women everywhere are catching on to the perks of taking part in "clothing swaps" with nearly 45% of us saying we have exchanged clothing with friends.

    Many women even make a party out of it, asking friends to bring items from their wardrobe that they are willing to trade for "new -to-you" pieces. By attending or hosting a clothing swap you can meet new friends, enhance your wardrobe, save some cash, and reduce your footprint all in one evening. And you don't have to feel guilty if there are leftovers since it has become common practice to donate all of the unwanted clothing and accessories to charity.

    But what if you haven't been invited to one of these clothing swap soirees or you want more variety than what your five friends are offering up from their wardrobes? Don't fret, many communities are now organizing larger swaps open to the public.

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