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  • Generation Y Not? Young Women of the Work Force Work Their Way Up

    As the Gen Y set (aged 18 - 29) forges ahead on their career paths, many of the women are standing out in a number of ways. A recentMashable report highlights the results of an Accenture survey that shows the number of women-owned firms has increased by a whopping 50% between the years of 1997 and 2011.

    Women of this generation are also leading the pack when it comes to social media use. Staying active and keeping up with the latest social media can benefit women in many ways as companies are now largely driven by social networking.

    There are some areas young women in the workforce fall behind in comparison to men. The data shows that 54% of Gen Y women proactively manage, which is 10% less than the amount of men that do this.

    And sadly, 31% of women in this age group feel that their careers are stagnant. This may have something to do with the fact that women often value job flexibility in order to find a balance between work and family. A lot of Gen Y women confess

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  • How Do Some Women "Just Know" when They Are Pregnant?

    We've all heard stories of women who claim they "just knew" the moment they became pregnant and others who didn't realize until weeks or even months had gone by.

    What is it, aside from a missed period, that makes us feel pregnant in those early stages? Early pregnancy symptoms, like tiredness and nausea are sure to tip some women off, but others still insist the only symptom they had was a "gut feeling".

    A recent report from People reveals how a now 8-months-pregnant Jessica Simpson became aware that she was indeed carrying a baby. While Simpson and boyfriend Eric Johnson began to get ready for a road trip, she started to have second thoughts. Simpson explains, "We were going to [go] all-day drinking…ride our bikes, hang out. But I started feeling this overwhelming guilt. Why would I feel guilt at the idea of going out and having cocktails with my friends?"

    Simpson then thought of taking a home pregnancy test which revealed why she was feeling guilt over the idea of

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  • Freedom of Information Day on March 16th

    Eva Lorenz is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    This day is close to my heart because it allows ordinary citizens to act as watchdogs over politicians and governments. But at the same time, it also teaches us an important lesson about how much we allow others to look into our lives.

    March 16 is a day to remember that access to information also has implications for our own personal liberties. Events in several cities teach us the dual role of this day. One event is organized by the First Amendment Center in Washington DC and brings together groups concerned with freedom of information and open records, from government, media and the legal system. Not by accident, the Freedom of Information Day is celebrated on March 16th; this date is also the birth date of James Madison, who is considered the "father" of the First Amendment.

    For legal scholars there are also events that delve deeper into the political importance of Freedom of Information, such as "how transparent

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  • How to Choose a Summer Camp for Your Kids

    Julee Morrison is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    Summer is right around the corner, which prompts moms everywhere (me included!) to ask: How am I going to entertain my kids?! You don't want them sitting in front of the TV or computer for a solid three months, but it can be tough to find a way to keep them occupied -- especially if you have teens at home. This is when you realize it's time to look outside the home for ideas. There are plenty of options for summer programs out there, from day camps and sleep-away camps to local craft classes put on by your local rec center. Trending right now are real working ranches. Imagine sending your child to the heart of Wyoming for four weeks living life as a cowboy/girl--wrangling and feeding horses, building barns, fishing, backpacking and learning about Western Horsemanship. These camps negate the competition for being "popular" and share teamwork and work ethic. Best of all, they spend four weeks far away from iPads,

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  • Ides of March

    Alison Groen is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    Everyone knows the Ides of March as the day Julius Caesar was killed in 44 B.C. But what makes March 15th an ides? Ides is actually the singular form of the word. Ides according to the Roman Calendar, was the day of the full moon each month. Most months that meant an ides was actually the 13th day, but its the 15th of March, May, July and October. It also marked the first day of spring for the Roman calendar.

    The Ides of March was also special to the Romans in that it was the day of the year that the new Consuls (two leaders of Rome) took office. The Consuls would rule jointly for about a year. This is how they kept each other in check. This makes Julius Caesar's assassination being on the Ides of March even more auspicious. It definitely showed that the Roman elite didn't want him as a ruler.

    The Ides of March is special to me not for these reasons but because its my birthday. I've always known

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  • Is Your Meat "Pink Slime" Free?

    "Pink slime" may sound more like something from science-fiction, but if you're keeping up with the headlines you know the term is in reference to what's found in a lot of the ground meat we are consuming today. Since pink slime (the left-over trimmings from the cow that butchers usually toss out) is so cheap, fast food joints, grocery stores, and school lunch programs have been using it for a while and the government claims it is safe to eat. But others disagree and want the slimy stuff off the market.

    A recent report from NPR's All Things Considered discusses the movement to take the so-called "lean, finely textured meat" off the menu. Thousands of people are stepping up to sign a petition urging the government to stop endorsing pink slime.

    What's so bad about the pink stuff? About a year ago food revolutionist Jamie Oliver offered a very informative segment on why we should steer clear of the pink slime.

    And investigative reporter, Michael Moss, warns that since

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  • Is Your Teen Living Under the Lens?

    Many of us may remember those self-conscious teenage years hoping no one would spot up walking out the door in sweats. Teens still have these worries, but with the addition of Facebook and smartphones (that allow a photo to be snapped and uploaded for all to see instantly) the feeling of being seen looking untidy is all the more devastating. And with 7.5 million Facebook members under the age of 13, these worries can start at a very young age.

    A recent New York Times report discusses how teens of today feel they have to do a lot more primping and posing in public than ever before. One eighth grader, Grace, describes how she avoids video chats when she is looking less than perfect. Grace explains, "Before a video chat, I'll fix my hair and make sure that I look good. If I just got out of the shower and my hair is wet, or I'm wearing my sweats, I'll cover the camera with a Post-it, or I just won't accept the video chat."

    Other teens describe how posing in a sexy way or

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  • Bubblicious!!

    Vicky Cianci is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    Bubbles and bubbles fly around watch how they float in the sky. Why am I excited to say that National Bubble Week is beginning Sunday, March 11 and ending on Sunday, March 17? With the weather beginning to change, it now gives the opportunity to enjoy the coming of spring with your family, friends and kids. It is not just for kids, it is for everyone and anyone from 0 to 90.

    In 2000, Oddzon, the makers of Koosh Bubbles, held the first National Bubble Week. They sent out a press release stating the purpose of this celebration. It stated, "The grassroots 'bubblebration,' to be inaugurated through events in markets around the country, was created to herald the first day of spring-the unspoken first day of the bubble-blowing season." It's obvious that they wanted this little known holiday to catch on nationwide.

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  • Wedding Gift Wars: Should Guests Get Their Gifts Back If a Marriage Fails?

    For couples like Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, who spent a longer time planning their lavish wedding than actually being married, deciding what to do with the wedding gifts has probably been difficult. TMZ recently revealed Kim K's solution; she has doubled the value of her wedding gifts which she estimates to be about $100,000 worth and made a large donation in her guests' honor.

    This may seem like an acceptable solution to some but to others, like Kim K's ex-hubby Kris Humphries, they believe the right thing would have been to return all of the gifts on top of making a donation. And with their separation announced months ago, some feel Kardashian has taken her sweet time in dealing with the issue of her wedding gifts.

    With reports of Kris Humphries' disapproval over Kim's handling of the gifts, one has to question why he wasn't more involved in the decision. And there is also the question of why he hasn't returned personal gifts he received, like a $5,000 gift

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  • Do You Keep it Chemical-Free at the Salon?

    Many of us have begun to opt for a more natural beauty routine, carefully selecting organic, paraben-free cosmetics and hair products. But how cautious are we about chemicals when we visit the salon?

    A few months ago, the federal government alerted the public to the dangers of Brazilian Blowout, a widely used hair-smoothing treatment that contains liquid formaldehyde. Apparently, when the liquid is heated it releases dangerous levels of formaldehyde gas.

    A recent ABC News report reveals that the government's warnings have not been heard. Reporters from ABC News visited 16 salons and all were still offering Brazilian Blowouts to their customers; 12 stated that the product contains only small amounts of the chemical while 4 were unaware that the product contained any formaldehyde. All of the 16 salons were stocked with outdated bottles of the product which was wrongly labeled "formaldehyde free".

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists some of the health risks

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