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  • Celebrate! It's National Cherry Month!

    Susan Braun is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    It's February! Take a break from your online searches for an easy Valentine candy treat and romantic Ronald Reagan quotes and focus on the really important things the month is known for. I'm referring, of course, to February being National Cherry Month!

    Don't scoff. After weeks and weeks of dreary gray skies and yards covered with ice and snow, or worse, dead grass, we're all ready to celebrate the lowly but bright and cheery cherry.

    Did you know that ...

    • Shakespeare used cherries as a symbol of love and romance in "A Midsummer Night's Dream"?
    • In Japan, cherries symbolize the brevity of life: 'The cherry is among flowers as the samurai is among men'.
    • "Very Cherry" was the #1 flavor of Jelly Belly jelly beans for 20 years until 1998, when it was overcome by Buttered Popcorn. Very Cherry returned to the #1 spot in 2003.
    • Kirsch (cherry liquor) comes from the Mesopotamian word
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  • Panels... To Join or Not to Join?

    Tricia Wehner is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    Have you ever heard a friend or associate talk about that "special online panel" that they were a part of, and how the panel was a waste of time? Or, maybe you have someone who gives praise to panels? Well, let's talk about that issue.

    I, personally, have a strong affinity for online panels and surveys. I am one of those who praise them. But I wasn't always so open. I was a hardcore skeptic who said that "panels and surveys were frauds that only wanted your information and people could never actually reap benefits from joining or completing them."

    I WAS SO WRONG! About 7 months ago, I had quite a traumatic event happen in my life and I needed something to take my mind off of the pressure and stress I was enduring. Enter MASSIVE internet browsing and coupon searching. At first it was, "Oh, I can save a few pennies on this package of food" then it started to grow. And then I began recieving emails

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  • Jenna Fischer Hasn't Lost the Baby Weight, but She's Ok with That

    Many women feel the pressure to lose baby weight quick after pregnancy. But like a breath of fresh air, actress Jenna Fischer proclaims that she was not like one of those celebs who struts out of the hospital in skinny jeans days after having her baby. In fact, The Office star admits that now, almost 4 months after the birth of her son, she has kept on a lot of the baby weight despite expectations that breastfeeding would help her lose it all in weeks.

    A recent report from US magazine quotes Fischer saying, "Let me please stand in solidarity with all of the women who are not a size 2 six weeks after leaving the hospital." And later explains, "I thought, you read all of the stuff in magazines like, 'Oh, I breastfed my baby and I am so skinny now.' I am breast-feeding my baby and I am not getting any skinnier! I think I'm just going to be a little bit bigger for a little bit longer, and that's fine with me."

    Though breastfeeding definitely helps many women lose weight and

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  • February 17th - Random Act of Kindness Day

    Liz Mays is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    Have you ever been on the receiving end of a RAOK (Random Act of Kindness?) You can't help that cheesy smile that appears on your face and a sensation that someone did this just for you. I have a feeling the person on the giving end feels equally as good. This is the beauty of kindness. Everybody wins! This past year I was inspired by a friend who celebrated her birthday by performing a random act of kindness for each year of her life. How wonderful is that? Most of us spend our birthdays focused on me; what did I get, what do I want to do, etc. Instead, my friend focused her entire day on kindness towards others. If we all could take even a fraction of this attitude into our daily life, imagine how nice the world would be.

    RAOK's can most certainly be incorporated into your everyday life. In fact, they may subconsciously be there already. Perhaps it's holding the door open for the person behind you who

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  • Does Your Carpooling Kid Go Without a Car Seat?

    Over the past couple of decades it has become understood among parents and law makers that it is much safer for children under age 8 to sit in a booster seat when riding in a car. Until children reach a height of 4' 9", seat belts can cause injury in the event of an accident. So why are we ditching the booster seat when it comes to carpooling?

    Web MD reports about a survey that finds only half of parents of kids ages 4 - 8 insist they use a safety seat when riding with friends.

    Researcher and co-author of the study, Michelle Macy, MD, says the findings are "disturbing because close to 70 percent of parents say they carpool children other than their own, and when they do, they're often failing to use booster seats."

    Some of the reasons parents fail to use a car seat while carpooling is limited space in the vehicle and the inconvenience of lugging an extra seat from one place to another. Macy also believes peer pressure has something to do with young school-aged

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  • HPV Vaccine: Not Just for Girls Anymore

    The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine has seen its fair share of controversy over the last few years. One of the reasons some took issue over the vaccine that inoculates against the human papillomavirus (which can cause some serious health risks including genital warts as well as mouth, throat, and cervical cancers) was because it was only recommended to girls between the ages of 11 and 21-years of age and not for boys.

    Some parents wondered what the logic was behind this. If men could contract and spread HPV why was it not recommended that they also receive the vaccine? A recent article from The State Column reports about how this has all changed now. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) is now recommending that boys also receive the vaccine.

    Another controversy over the vaccine was the question of why young children should receive a vaccine to prevent a sexually transmitted virus when they are too young to be having sex. This controversy could possibly be quelled too

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  • Is a Nice Tan Worth Risking Your Life?

    With the promise of warmer weather approaching, many of us may already be dreaming of basking on a sunny beach. Some of us will turn to tanning salons or use the popular self-tanner to give our pasty winter skin a little glow before suiting up this bathing suit season.

    What lengths would you go to in order to get the perfect tan? Fox News reports about some people in Australia who are willing to risk death for that bronze glow.

    Melanotan II, an illegal injectable bronzing agent known as the "Barbie drug", is reportedly being used by body builders, brides-to-be, actresses, and others willing to risk some serious side effects for a tan.

    The drug, available online for a little over $40, carries known risks of raising blood pressure, darkening freckles, suppressing appetite, scarring, increasing libido, and nausea. Dr. Richard Kidd, member of the Australian Medical Association, warns that the still yet unknown long-term risks could prove to be fatal. Dr. Kidd explains,

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  • Ten Tips to Love Your Life

    Yolanda Shoshana is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    When a woman loves herself and her life she becomes a magnet to the opposite sex. If you are single and ready to meet the love of your life, here are ten tips that are sure to help you have more fun in life while giving yourself some love.
    1) Do at least one thing a day that is just for you - This may sound simple, but how often do you do this? In the hustle and bustle of life we constantly forget to take care of ourselves. Schedule some me time everyday, even if it's just taking time to have a cup of your favorite tea.

    2) Ask a guy out- So you are into someone and you think he is into you, but for some reason he hasn't asked you out. Why not take the initiative? You can ask him out and stop wasting time wondering if he's into you or not. Don't think about it, just do it. Carpe diem.

    3) Take a trip to a new destination- Have you been saying that you want to go someplace on a vacation, but you simply keep Read More »from Ten Tips to Love Your Life
  • Homemade Chocolate Truffles

    T Barrick is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    This recipe could be a sweet treat for someone you love or 'just because'; smooth, velvety, chocolate truffles. Homemade simple but store bought elegance.

    Almond Truffles

    Yield approximately 2 dozen

    1/2 cup evaporated milk
    1/4 cup white sugar
    2 cups milk chocolate chips
    1/2 teaspoon almond extract*
    1 cup finely chopped toasted almonds OR 1 cup melted chocolate almond bark for dipping (or extra chocolate chips)
    melted white almond bark for drizzling

    Combine evaporated milk and sugar in small saucepan. Cook over medium heat until mixture comes to a full boil. Boil 3 minutes, stirring constantly. Remove from heat. Stir in chips and almond extract, stirring gently until smooth. Chill mixture about 45 minutes until it can easily be shaped into balls. Roll into the crushed nuts or dip in melted chocolate. Drizzle or sprinkle with nuts if desired. Chill until ready to

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  • Cranberry Mango Salsa

    T Barrick is a blogger who shares her thoughts with us at SheSpeaks

    I made this salsa up while brainstorming ways to use leftover whole cranberry sauce. It's a versatile sweet yet spicy salsa that goes effortlessly from tortilla chips to grilled chicken and beyond. The Mango's give it a hint of sweetness, the cranberries give it color and an updated spin to the flavor, and the jalapenos and onions give it the kick.

    Cranberry Mango Salsa

    2 mangoes, sliced and diced
    8 oz. whole cranberry sauce (1/2 of a 16 oz. can whole cranberry sauce)
    1/2 cup sweet yellow onion, diced
    1-2 T fresh squeezed lime juice
    1 tablespoons cilantro
    1 small jalapeno, seeded and chopped fine (or use 2 T canned chilies for less heat)
    1 T oil
    1 tiny clove minced fresh garlic
    salt to taste (about 1/4-1/2 t)

    In large bowl, combine and chill before serving with tortilla chips or as a topping for grilled chicken. You can add more or less jalapeno or

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