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  • 10 Fashion Resolutions to Actually Follow This Year

    Courtesy of Netaporter.comCourtesy of Netaporter.comBy Megan Gustashaw, Glamour magazine

    Here are 10 classic fashion resolutions made more awesome and achievable in 2012 thanks to new technology, tide-changing trends and a little bit of positive thinking.

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    Fashion Resolution #1: Get Thrifty
    True story: In 2012, it's possible to run a tight financial ship without becoming an agoraphobic coupon clipper. With price-comparing apps like The Find downloaded onto your smartphone and sites like Gilt Groupe, eBay and Etsy firmly locked into your bookmarks bar, it'll be impossible not to keep that resolution to spend wisely and save whenever possible.

    Fashion Resolution #2: Get Organized

    Speaking of quality-of-life-improving sites, have you tried Svpply or WantWorthy? These wish-list-making digital havens are a super-easy way to keep all your wants and needs (and OMG-somedays) organized so that, when that tax refund finally comes, you'll know exactly how to spend it.

    Fashion Resolution #3: Up the

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  • How to Not Overspend While Shopping After-Holiday Sales

    Photo by CN Digital StudioIt can be tempting to blow your bonus on stuff you don't need this week, when rock-bottom sales make you feel like things are practically free, but if you plan to work the clearance racks, don't forget this bit of advice...

    I'm a diehard sale freak--I'll almost never, ever pay full price for anything, unless it's a once-in-a-lifetime item on vacation or a super-luxury brand that I know never discounts. My best finds come from Loehmann's, Century 21 (a Missoni cocktail dress for $75 back in 2009? Oh yes, I scored it), and sample sales.

    But I always keep one essential thing in mind when scouring the sale racks, and it's helped protect me from buyer's remorse for years: If I wouldn't have wanted it at full price, I won't want it on sale.

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    At last season's Alexander Wang sample sale, I approached a table full of handbags that were around 60% off, which you'll pretty much never see in a store. There was the highly coveted

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  • Retailers Admit to Targeting Drunk Shoppers, Kind Of

    Photo by CN Digital StudioHas this ever happened to you: A few days after a particularly boozy girls-night-out, you come home from work to find a large delivery from, oh, Net-a-Porter or at your doorstep-but you can't, for the life of you, remember placing the order? Hm, this has, ahem, never happened to me, nope, never-I've never accidentally spent $400 on a Dolce & Gabbana cashmere sweater (hey, it was on sale-even in a tipsy state, I browse the clearance section first...). Anyway, if you've ever drank-and-shopped, you're not alone-plenty of people hit up e-commerce stores after a couple of cocktails, and retailers are starting to notice.

    Today's New York Times talks to online, television, and brick-and-mortar stores that have seen a surge in late-night purchasing-and are subtly adjusting their evening sales and offers to attract those particular customers. Kind of.

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    "For reasons of propriety, [retailers] do not want to be seen as encouraging

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  • 3 Genius Style Rules From Stacy London, Makeover Queen

    By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

    If anyone knows a thing or two about bad wardrobe days, it's Stacy London, who has rescued endless women from the depths of Don't-ville on TLC's long-running What Not To Wear. Our gal in Los Angeles, Jen Weinberg, caught up with her on the Westfield Style Tour--an eight-city mall-to-mall fashion and beauty event--to get some style advice for staying squarely in Do territory.

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    1. Work with the body you have.
    "Part of style is acceptance of wherever your body is," Stacy says. "You have to really understand your body shape to know what kind of clothes are going to look good in it. Instead of trying to look like someone else, I want women to try to be the best version of themselves."

    2. Don't wait until the day of the event to find the outfit.

    "People have so many impulse buys that they never take the tags off. Or they wear once and it never gets worn again because they bought it the day of the event. They

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  • How Steve Jobs Changed Fashion

    By Megan Gustashaw, Glamour magazine

    We gals here at wanted to remember Apple founder and CEO Steve Jobs, who sadly passed away yesterday, by giving a shout-out to just a few of the ways he made the world a more stylish, more chic place. His life-altering products turned so many Glamour Don'ts into Glamour Dos - just scan the rows of chic, put-together women on subway platforms, waiting rooms and airplanes for proof.

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    1. Remember the yellow Discman you had before you got an iPod? There's not an OMG handbag in the world that could dress up that baby. And that's assuming you even attempted to get it into your handbag without causing the CD to skip. Not a good look!

    2. And then came iPod Shuffle, which gave us the opportunity to walk out of the house on a Saturday night with just a teeny, tiny clutch, listening to Gwen Stefani's "Hollerback Girl" (which also came out in 2005) on our way to meet up with friends. It makes you smile just

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  • 3 Stylish Reasons To Watch TV This Fall

    By Megan Gustashaw, Glamour magazine

    You ladies ready to climb into cozy sweaters, switch over to hot coffee and curl up with a glass of red wine and some good fashion TV at the end of a long day? I know I am! Here's what stylish TV shows are on my radar this season. Come tell which programs you'll be watching.

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    1. Throwback glam: Is there a better source for 9-5 outfit ideas than a Mad Men-esque throwback show (apart from Lauren's fab daily outfit series, of course)? Mad Men might be on hold (tear) but at least we've got The Playboy Club (Mondays on NBC at 10pm ET) and Pan Am (Sundays on ABC at 10pm ET) to watch this fall. Both feature a cast of gorgeous young women with old Hollywood good looks including Christina Ricci on Pan Am and Amber Heard on The Playboy Club. So cute!

    2. Guilty pleasure
    : Ever accidentally watch 2 hours of Bravo reality TV instead of curling up with a good book as planned? Just me? Okay, well then you'll be able to

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  • Kate Bosworth's #1 Wardrobe Go-To, Revealed! (What's Yours?)

    By Tracey Lomrantz,
    Glamour magazine

    We've all got that one thing in our closets we turn to over and over again to make us feel chic even on our dreariest wardrobe day (Lauren's a sucker for nautical striped tees, while I'll never say no to a little leopard print!). As for Kate Bosworth, she can't live without...

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    ...denim! The starlet's stylist, Cher Coulter (who she partners with on chic jewelry-of-the-month-club site, tells People StyleWatch that her client puts comfort first, and that's why you can so frequently find her in the super-casual fabric. "Kate loves denim because it's easy and casual," she says. "She always wears denim to remain comfy while running around town. On the flip side, she also loves to dress up denim by pairing it with a silky button-up and a necklace slung just under the shirt collar. Kate's a chameleon - she can wear anything!"

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    I'd say my animal print

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  • 3 Sizzling Little Fourth of July Dresses Under $100

    Are you ladies excited for the long weekend, or what? We'll, if you're in the outfit planning/getting excited-for-fireworks/jonesing for a few days off work stage and you'd like stylish distraction, you've come to the right place. I'm on the hunt for a cute little 4th of July dress under $100, stat! You ladies with me?!

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    While red, white and blue look completely adorable together, you can also just pick one of the iconic hues to create a festive 4th of July look. That's my plan anyway. Now, if I only knew which hue to pick! There's a case to be made for each one…

    The Little White Dress: While you can't wear it to all of the summer weddings on your agenda, it'll get you into warm-weather goddess mode every other weekend. And, anyway, what could be more appropriate than a quintessentially summer color like white on the 4th of July?

    The Little Blue Dress
    : The sneaky-cool thing about a blue dress is that you'll be

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  • 4 Easy Ways To Go Green In Style--Without Spending A Penny!

    By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

    Happy Earth Day, dolls! We're celebrating by bringing you some easy tips to help green up your style routine...and none of them require you to invest in anything new (which will eventually, inevitably, end up in a landfill, even if it is made of eco-friendly cotton). Here are our favorite ways to give the Earth a big old hug without spending a cent...

    1. Donate your old clothes. Haven't done your spring cleaning yet? What the heck are you waiting for? Follow our easy steps to making the closet cleanse a breeze, then send the stuff you no longer want to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army. Your good deed will do double duty: Someone in need will get great new clothes to wear, and you'll avoid sending more stuff to the trash.

    2. Bring your own bags when you hit the mall. You're probably already bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store (right?!), but have you ever thought about doing the same for your non-food shopping sprees? Think

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  • Crazy But True: Australian Stores Are Charging Customers To Try On Clothes!

    By Tracey Lomrantz, Glamour magazine

    Remember the recent report that fitting rooms are about to get a whole slew of new bells and whistles, from six different kinds of ambient lighting to TVs tuned to sports for waiting boyfriends? Well dolls, those aren't the only new features they'll come with--in Australia, the process of trying on clothes now ends, in some cases, with a tab!

    In what may be the craziest bit of retail news I've ever read, traditional boutiques down under are trying to compete with online charging their customers to try on clothes. According to this story in the Sydney Morning Herald (by way of Fashion Etc), "Retailers have resorted to charging try-on fees in store, which are refunded upon purchase, to stop consumers heading online to search for the same item at a lower price. Besieged by the new world of e-commerce, it is no longer enough for traditional bricks-and-mortar stores to fill their racks and then wait for the customers to roll in."

    Call me

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