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  • Weird Celebrity Chef Endorsements

    By Daniel Bukszpan,

    Paula DeenPaula DeenCelebrity chef Paula Deen has been a fixture on the Food Network since 2002. She's been teaching aspiring comfort-food cooks how to prepare their own decadent creations, which use butter, sugar and bacon as primary ingredients. On Jan. 17, 2012, she announced that she had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.

    Deen has claimed that the foods that she features on her shows and in her cookbooks are not meant to be eaten every day. "I've always said, 'Practice moderation, y'all.' I'll probably say that a little louder now," Deen said after disclosing her diagnosis. However, a high-fat diet is a major risk factor for the disease, so the food she was famous for was the most likely culprit for her condition. Furthermore, it turned out that the diagnosis was 3 years old, and she had kept on hawking her deep-fried cheesecakes anyway.

    She also announced that she had become the spokeswoman for the anti-diabetes drug Victoza, putting her in the unique position of

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  • Hot Dog! Meet the World's New Most Expensive Hot Dog

    By: Colleen Kane, CNBC
    $100 Hot Dog$100 Hot Dog
    In honor of the Year of the Dragon, a Vancouver hot dog vendor going by the handle Dougie Luv created the Dragon Dog. The price: $100.

    What does the hot dog adventurer get in exchange for their $100? (That's Canadian dollars, which is roughly equivalent to U.S. dollars, but it helps to be little exotic when you're spending a lot of money.) The Dragon Dog consists of a pork bratwurst infused with Rémy Martin Louis XIII Cognac, which contains elements up to a century old and sells for anywhere from $1,900 to $2,500. Why? "Cognac and pork go hand in hand," says Dougie Luv.

    The bratwurst is sautéed in olive and truffle oil, placed on a sourdough sweetbread bun, and topped with Kobe beef, fresh lobster, tomatoes, truffles, aoli and a hot sauce that is "just a little spicy."

    In week one of the Chinese new year, demand has been strong. Luv's restaurant, DougieDog, sold four Dragon Dogs on Wednesday when it debuted, and Luv reported having 10

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  • The Man-cession and the He-covery

    By Daniel Bukszpan,

    During the height of the recent financial crisis, a new term entered the lexicon of pop economists and established number-crunchers alike --- "man-cession." This term refers to the loss of jobs among men, which occurred at a higher rate than it did among their female counterparts.

    The data bears out this disparity. "Over the course of the official recession, men lost twice as many jobs as women," says Heather Boushey, Senior Economist at the Center for American Progress. She attributes this to the hammering that the male-dominated construction and manufacturing sectors took in the economic meltdown.

    Fortunately, things finally seem to be turning around for the dudes. "Since the economic recovery began, as defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research to be June 2009, private-sector employers have hired 503,000 men," Boushey said in March 2011. "Over the economic recovery so far, men have seen especially strong job gains in professional and business

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  • At-Work Wellness Boosts the Bottom Line

    By Jennifer Leigh Parker,

    The real motivator for Americans to get fit at work isn't smaller jeans - it's a bigger bank balance.

    Survey results show that employers who invest in wellness programs see increased employee retention, attendance, and productivity.Survey results show that employers who invest in wellness programs see increased employee retention, attendance, and productivity.Employees enrolled in workplace wellness programs report reduced personal healthcare costs, most commonly because of fitness center discounts and free preventative screenings, according to the findings of a recent survey by Principal Financial Group.

    While the survey does not quantify the dollar amount of costs saved per employee, Principal's research does attempt to do so on the corporate level.

    Survey results show that employers who invest in wellness programs see increased employee retention, attendance, and productivity. The numbers show that medical costs improve "by an average of $3.27 and absenteeism costs improve by an average of $2.73 for every dollar spent on wellness."
    Thus far, large corporations have led the charge.

    "We get gym discounts, and flu shots in-house. Our health insurance coverage is also quite good. But I couldn't imagine

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  • Is Gay Marriage Good for Business?

    By Daniel Bukszpan,

    Washington state may soon join Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont and the District of Columbia as a state with legal gay marriage. Like Maine, the state has had a domestic partnership law in place for several years. However, Washington's Senate Bill 6239 would extend full marriage equality to same-sex couples, and according to the Associated Press, there are enough votes in the state senate for the measure to pass.

    Gay Marriage Good for Business?Gay Marriage Good for Business?The bill has the support of several major companies -- but Microsoft, whose headquarters are in Redmond, is the most high-profile business to back it. And Brad Smith, Microsoft's executive vice president of legal and corporate affairs, says the law is essential to the company's competitive edge.

    "As other states recognize marriage equality, Washington's employers are at a disadvantage if we cannot offer a similar, inclusive environment to our talented employees, our top recruits, and their families," he wrote.

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  • By Darren Rovell,

    When I've gotten a trainer in my life, I've done it for two reasons. The first reason is obvious. They get me to work out harder. The second reason always sounds a little strange to people: I'm paying someone a lot of money, so I have to show up.

    Get your App to the gym! Gym-Pact is an App that fines you for missing the gym and rewards you for showing up.Get your App to the gym! Gym-Pact is an App that fines you for missing the gym and rewards you for showing up.Yifang Zhang studied Behavioral Economics and found out that my second thought is actually quite rational and common. So instead of having people pay a trainer at all, Zhang decided to have people fine themselves if they didn't show up at the gym. The result? An app called Gym-Pact.

    Here's how it works. You tell the determine your weekly gym schedule and an amount of money you're willing to pay if you don't meet your commitment. A locator device makes sure you check in, so you're not cheating. And if you don't show up, and stay there for 30 minutes, your credit card that you provided gets debited.

    "On average, people put about $5 or $10 on the line," Zhang told me. "And we actually have 80 to 90 percent success

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  • Email mistakes you're making

    By Cindy Perman,

    Companies are still reluctant to hire new employees and that means productivity is at a premium right now.

    Think you're optimized for maximum productivity?

    Um, have you seen your inbox lately?

    Two words: Digital garbage.

    Ever feel buried under a mound of email? You're not alone.Ever feel buried under a mound of email? You're not alone.The average person gets 100 or more emails a day. And, while no one wants to point fingers, if you're leaving a large number of those emails in your inbox, you are killing your productivity.

    I know what you're going to say - "But I keep some of them in there so I don't lose them. What if I need them?" (OK, maybe that was me who said that!)

    No one is telling you to delete emails you might need - but what you need to be doing is filing them in the appropriate folder, not leaving them in one giant list (your inbox) that you have to keep scrolling through to get to the email you need. It's an unnecessary distraction.

    "I call it the most dysfunctional to-do list in the world!" said Marsha Egan, a workplace productivity coach and the author

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  • America's Weirdest Restaurants

    By Colleen Kane,

    Unusual Dining Experiences

    Novelty and theme restaurants seem to be more common outside the U.S., especially in Asia, but we've uncovered 20 unusual dining experiences right here in the USA, serving cuisines from the aggressively unhealthy to whimsical works of art. Some meals come with shows and some with surprises; some of the restaurants transport diners to another time, and one to another planet.

    It's a rare diner who will want to experience all of these restaurants, but click on ahead to see how many appeal and how many appall.

    See the full slideshow: 20 Weirdest Restaurants in America

    Location: Miami, Florida
    Price: entrées $20 - 60, cover charge applies

    Instead of breakfast in bed, how about dinner? B.E.D. stands for beverage, entertainment, dining, and that's exactly what you get…in bed!

    Executive chef Vitor Casassola's menu includes cold appetizers like camembert tempura and tomatillo guacamole and entrees like surf & turf and Chilean

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  • The $400,000 T-shirt

    By Jane Wells,

    A website called The Most Expensive T-shirt in the World is selling a tee for 400. Grand. Yes, $400,000. For a T-shirt.A website called The Most Expensive T-shirt in the World is selling a tee for 400. Grand. Yes, $400,000. For a T-shirt.Last blog I mentioned a popular t-shirt being sold in Italy based on the shoutfest between an Italian coast guard captain and the cruise ship captain accused of abandoning ship. The tee costs about $16.50.

    That's a reasonable price. T-shirts are meant to be cheap. Companies like Ed Hardy have made them fancy and charged you a bit more.

    Well...Hardy is hardly expensive enough for those with so much money lying around they need to launder some with their laundry.

    A website called The Most Expensive T-shirt in the World is selling a tee for 400. Grand. Yes, $400,000. For a T-shirt.

    Full story: The $400,000 T-Shirt

    What a dilemma.

    Buy a house or this T-shirt?

    Lamborghini or T-shirt?

    College and postgraduate school...or a really cool T-shirt?

    The shirt's manufacturers, based in the UK, justify the cost by saying the tees are made from 100 percent organic cotton. Also, they claim the manufacturing process uses only renewable energy, like wind and solar, which

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  • Most Outrageous Deliveries

    By Michelle Fox,

    When you want your business documents delivered the next day, or the shoes you purchased off the Internet to be delivered to your door right away, you usually rely on FedEx or UPS. The transportation giants deliver almost 25 million packages a day. While most are your run-of-the-mill deliveries, others are a bit more unusual. Just think, someone has to get that panda to the zoo.

    We've compiled a list of the most outrageous deliveries, courtesy of FedEx and UPS. Check out the special deliveries that required more than just a box and some packing tape.

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    Keiko the Killer WhaleKeiko the Killer WhaleKeiko the Killer Whale

    Keiko, star of the movie "Free Willy," became the center of a real-life drama when the public discovered his poor living conditions and clamored for his release from captivity. When the killer whale's owners in Mexico City donated him to the Free Willy/Keiko Foundation in 1996, it was UPS that transported him to a temporary home in the

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