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  • Dangerous World of Counterfeit Drugs

    By Paul Toscano,

    The World of Counterfeit Drugs

    Counterfeit prescription pharmaceuticals are widely recognized as a growing public health risk and a serious concern to public health officials, private companies, and consumers. This slideshow presents a shortened overview of the longer report, found here.

    In some countries around the world, counterfeit prescription drugs comprise as much as 70% of the drug supply and have been responsible for thousands of deaths in some of the world's most impoverished nations, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). However, in most of the world's developed countries, effective regulatory systems and market controls cause an extremely low proportion of counterfeit pharmaceuticals, usually below 1%. But even patients in developed countries can still be affected by counterfeit drugs, and deaths linked to counterfeit drugs occur every year in the U.S. and Western Europe - and even more often in South America, Asia and Africa.


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  • Trendiest Adult Halloween Costumes 2011

    By Christina Cheddar Berk,

    Trendiest Halloween Costumes

    Each Halloween there are many classic themes people use to inspire their costume choice, but every year there are some that stand out from the rest.

    This year Halloween spending is projected to rise 9 percent to $6.86 billion, according to a survey conducted by BIGResearch on behalf of the National Retail Federation trade group. There are two reasons for the increase: More Americans are celebrating the holiday, and more American adults are dressing up in costumes as part of the fun. Based on the survey, it is expected Americans will spend $1 billion on costumes this year.

    See the Slideshow: Trendiest Halloween Costumes for Adults

    As consumers put more focus on finding the right costume, there has been a trend to "mash up" or create unique costumes by blending elements from several existing costumes.

    For those who are either too time-pressed or not as creative to create their own costumes, don't worry. There are

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  • Tips to Help Your Kids Become Entrepreneurs, Too

    By Cindy Perman,

    When you hear about kids like Abbey Fleck, who helped her parents achieve their dream home, adopt a few more kids and put all five through college on her Makin' Bacon money, it makes you wonder, how did she do it?

    Well, if we're honest, it makes you wonder how your kids can become entrepreneurs - and maybe millionaires - too.

    We talked to several kid inventors and their parents about just what makes them different from the rest of us. What are they doing that we're not?

    The good news is - you don't have to give up your TV. Sure, some of them are home-schooled and watch ZERO hours of television per week, like Oink-a-saurus inventor Fabian Fernandez-Han but Cassidy Goldstein, inventor of the crayon holder, said TV is where she gets some of her best ideas. Admittedly, she's usually making jewelry or doing something else while watching TV, but still, it's OK - even helpful.

    Some kids had a way in - their parents were inventors (like Fleck) or

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  • Toning Shoes: Too Good to Be True?

    By Darren Rovell,

    Wednesday morning, the Federal Trade Commission announced that it would settle its case with Adidas' Reebok brand for its deceptive claims about its EasyTones thanks to a $25 million settlement that will be used to refund customers.

    It appeared that the company has also taken off all previous claims about the shoe on its consumer website.

    Like the rest of the category, the company said that its purposely unstable foundation allowed the wearer could tone her hamstrings, calves and butt up to 28 percent. A tag on EasyTones told the consumer that air pockets built into the shoe created natural resistance that led to this muscle toning.

    Reebok EasyTone shoe.Reebok EasyTone shoe.

    Reebok said that its research came from wear-testing its shoes on hundreds of people, with more than 20,000 hours of data collected, though the company never published the findings. But independent reports suggested that the results weren't as clear. The American Council of Exercise called the claims "far fetched" and

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  • London Fashion Week: Spring-Summer 2012

    By Katy Barnato,

    Scenes from London's Fashion Week

    The world economy may be stagnating, but London Fashion Week, coming hot on the heels of New York's show, provided further reason for investors to feel upbeat about high-end retail.

    Speaking at Burberry's show in Kensington Gardens, London, CEO Angela Ahrendts told CNBC: "(Fashion is) relatively sheltered from the global slowdown. Over 60 percent of the luxury business - not just Burberry - is down to tourism, so most of the big flagship markets are somewhat sheltered in Europe, and in America."

    The variety of trends on display during the week suggested other fashion houses share her confidence. Styles exhibited ranged from girly florals and pastels, to androgynous boyfriend jackets and Morticia Adams-inspired gothic maxi dresses. Fur also put in an appearance, along with an eye-watering palette of lemon yellows, fuchsia pinks and cornflower blues

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    London Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2012
    New York Fashion Week

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  • Are Women Better Stock Pickers?

    By Tanzeel Akhtar,
    In a male-dominated industry, female stock pickers are a rare breed. But when it comes to buying equities and surviving on little sleep, all while managing a family as well as a portfolio, women often come out ahead of their male peers.

    Ana Armstrong, a mother of three and chief executive of Armstrong Investment Managers, believes companies should provide more flexibility to encourage working mothers in the finance industry.

    "Women often re-evaluate their decisions, which is good for a stock picker. They are also more risk-averse than men and are superior in managing portfolio volatility. Women are also equipped with better intuition and are trained to survive on little sleep, multitask and organize their time, as they cannot afford to waste any," Armstrong told

    "This helps with work-life balances, and companies should provide more flexibility to encourage working" mothers, she added.

    This view is backed up by research published by

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  • Luxury Spending Enthusiasts Are Cutting Back

    By Jessica Naziri,

    Vera Wang - A model displays one of Vera Wang's creations during her spring 2012 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.Vera Wang - A model displays one of Vera Wang's creations during her spring 2012 show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The models have already headed from New York to London as the Spring fashion shows to debut the latest trends, but one study from American Express's consulting arm suggests that luxury fashion enthusiasts are cutting back.

    But there is a silver lining in this cloud: regular consumers are picking up the slack for the first time since the 2008 financial crisis, according to the report.

    The study shows that the top-tier of luxury consumers curbed their spending on high-end clothes, accessories and jewelry in the first half of 2011.

    "Average consumers have started to replace existing clothes and accessories again, while enthusiasts are delaying the purchase of new items," American Express Business Insights said in a statement.

    Last week, designer Elie Tahari told CNBC at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Show in New York City that good design trumps an economic downturn.

    Despite the uncertain economic outlook, crowds descended on Lincoln Center

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  • America's Fastest Growing Coffee Chains

    By Constance Parten,
    Americans crave their daily fix of coffee, drinking an estimated 400 million cups a day, so it's no wonder that coffee retailers have grown signficantly over the last several years, even in the face of tough economic times.

    Here, we take a look at the coffee retail chains that had the fastest year-over-year pace of growth in 2010, according to figures from market research group Technomic.
    See the fastest-growing coffee chains in America.

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    CNBC: The Coffee Addiction

    5. Starbucks
    Stores: 11,158
    2010 Sales: $9.07 billion

    This world-renowned and ubiquitous brand continues to grow, increasing sales in 2010 by nearly 9 percent, even though the number of stores declined by 23 in 2010.

    4. The Coffee Beanery
    Stores: 100
    2010 Sales: $50.5 million

    This privately held company based in Flushing, Mich., was founded in 1976. The chain added four additional stores in 2010.


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  • Fashion Week: The Nails for Spring 2012

    By Ashley Kalinkse,

    Fashion Nails a New Look

    Forget about the bag, the shoes, and the lip gloss. At the moment, the most fashion-forward accessory is your nails.

    The action going on inside the tents at Lincoln Center during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week's spring/summer 2012 shows proved that nail polish is making its mark on the fashion scene.

    Major highlights from the shows included the reemergence of nail color as more nail artists and designers opted for bright colors and metallic colors, rather than the nude nail looks that have dominated the runways in recent seasons.

    At Wes Gordon and Tracy Reese, there were bright corals. Gold tones were shimmering at Norman Ambrose, while at Jen Kao, there were ombre, or graduated tones, on the models' nails.

    Even for designers who stuck with a more neutral look, it was a "new nude" with peachy undertones or with layered iridescence, as was seen at the Rachel Zoe, Jill Stuart, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and BCBG shows.

    There's also

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  • Forget the Lipstick Indicator, It's All About the Nails

    By Ashley Kalinske,
    Bright colors were favored at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as nails increasingly become an important accessory.Bright colors were favored at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week as nails increasingly become an important accessory.Forget about the bag, the shoes, and the lip gloss. For Spring 2012, nails are the most fashion-forward accessory on the runways of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, and there may be a reason: the economy.

    "The recession and innovation have re-energized the category and clearly played a part in the resurgence," said Bill Boraczek, senior vice president of Global Marketing at Sally Hansen.

    (Estee Lauder Chairman) Leonard Lauder talked about the lipstick index...Today, I believe it should be called the nail polish index," Boraczek said, referring to the concept that women indulge in little pleasures like lipstick when economic times are rough.

    In the past, the indicator was lipstick, in today's recession it is nail polish.

    "Since the recession, nail color growth has exceeded the growth of the entire cosmetics category at a greater rate every year," he said.

    The industry rang up $300 million in nail polish sales to the mass market, and sales have grown Read More »from Forget the Lipstick Indicator, It's All About the Nails


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