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  • 5 Super-Healthy Rices You've Never Tried (Plus, Win a Deluxe Rice Cooker!)

    Beyond brown, white, and wild, there's a world of exotic rices waiting to be explored. These are worth seeking out for their good looks, distinctive textures, and intriguing flavors--qualities that play well in side dishes, stuffings, pilafs, and even desserts. And they're healthful: Low-fat and gluten-free, these rices provide a daily dose of fiber--and some pack a nice share of vitamin C, iron, and potassium, too.

    (pictured top to bottom)

    1/ Carolina Gold Rice
    This heritage grain is a true standout, with a plump, fluffy texture and a roasted aroma. Carolina Gold offers hauntingly buttery flavor because the rice's germ and inner bran layer are left in. Try it alongside curry or a spice-rubbed pork roast. Because Carolina Gold is perishable, it should be stored in the freezer. Cooking time: 20 minutes. $7 for a 14-ounce bag; 803-467-4122;

    2/ Riso Nero
    A new hybrid from the Piedmont region of Italy, riso nero is a cross between Italian risotto rice and Chinese black

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  • Waiters Have Been Replaced by Robots!

    Food technology has not yet reached the "Back to the Future Part II"-status of rehydrated compact pizzas and automated fruit dispensers that only respond to proper decorum, but there are still some advancements afoot.

    Soon you may be able to grocery shop on Facebook, a team at MIT is trying to "print" food, and robots can serve your dinner!

    Check out the video below of Hajime, a restaurant in Bangkok, to see the latter science in action.

    More from Bon Appétit:

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  • Invent a Pizza for a Cause and Prizes

    The earth-friendly* pizza franchise, Pizza Fusion, is holding an Earth Day Video Contest to design their next pie. Along with getting her or his creation on the menu of the restaurant's 16 nationwide locations, the winner will score a trip to an organic and sustainable vineyard, a bike, a year supply of Honest Tea, and gift certificates. Also, some proceeds from Pizza Fusion's Earth Day sales will go to charity.

    To enter, you have to upload a short video to YouTube that shows your recipe and explains what makes it a winner. The recipe has to be in line with Pizza Fusion's eco-ethos and use all-natural or organic ingredients. The official rules and entry form are on

    The videos will be judged by Pizza Fusion's president, The Next Food Network Star season four winner Aaron McCargo Jr., pizza blogger Craig Agranoff, and me. I am a self-proclaimed pizza maven, or zaven, (and a pro-YouTube watcher) so make your entries top-notch.

    Even if you don't win the trip

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  • 3 Foods You Should Never Sneak Into a Movie Theater

    When I ran across a CNN story about the worst foods to bring on planes, I totally agreed: hard-boiled eggs and tuna salad are the worst when you're stuck in a metal tube for hours.

    But thinking back on my plane rides, the only time I can remember being angry about food on a plane is when I got sick trying to eat almonds and read a magazine at the same time. Some of my worst inappropriate-food experiences actually come from other places, and the biggest offenders tend to be people who sneak food into movie theaters.

    Chances are, if you're sneaking food into a theater, you're either a) too cheap to buy the candy and popcorn there, or b) you think you're being creative by bringing a picnic to a movie. But we all know that creativity and thrift can easily coalesce into a vortex of obnoxiousness. So next time you decide to combine dinner and a movie, please remember to avoid these three foods. Your crotchety fellow moviegoers will thank you.

    1) Leftovers. Many movie theaters are attached

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  • How to Turn an Old T-Shirt into a New Grocery Bag

    According to the World Watch Institute, 100 billion plastic bags become trash every year in the U.S. The statistics vary from source to source, but the numbers across the board are staggering.

    As far as old, stained shirts filling landfills go, I found no definitive reports, but I'm sure they can be turned to better use than garbage.

    For instance, one great idea is to use them to make your own perforated grocery tote (like the ones used to package grapes).

    --Michael Singer

    HOW TO: Between the Lines posted the following nine easy steps with photos so you can soon give your oranges and apples a stretchy, earth-friendly ride back from the market.

    What you need:

    - an old T-shirt
    - scissors
    - matching thread
    - a button
    - a piece of ribbon
    - sewing machine


    1. Take an ironed adult size T-shirt, right side out. (You could use a kid's T-shirt for a smaller sized bag).

    2. Fold it in half as shown in picture 2.

    3. Cut off the sleeves as shown in picture 3 and put them

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  • 3 Reasons You Should be Cooking Lamb

    Lamb has long been overshadowed by its bigger, beefier competition at the butcher counter. But there's no better time for Americans to try this overlooked red meat:

    1. Nutrition. Lamb is an excellent source of protein (one serving provides 50 percent of your daily value), vitamin B12 (45 percent of your daily value), and zinc (30 percent of your daily value), and the leaner cuts of lamb have only around 72 to 85 milligrams of cholesterol, which is comparable to chicken.

    2. Flavor. As for taste, innovative farming techniques in the last 20 years have allowed farmers to raise more tender lamb (without the gamey flavor your grandmother may remember) year-round, outdoors, cage-free, and without using growth hormones.

    4. Versatility. Its mild flavor makes it as versatile in the kitchen as beef; lamb can be broiled, roasted, grilled, baked, or even ground for Lamb Burgers.

    How to Buy: Australian lamb is shipped fresh, chilled in vacuum-sealed bags that "wet-age" the cut--a process that

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  • The Truth Behind Excessive Sugar Intake is All Over Your Face

    I'm not one to complain about my skin. As a teenager, I had no serious acne outbreaks that I had to worry about, and I got away with never using any fancy moisturizers or cleansers. Plus I had a mother who encouraged frequent fruit and vegetable consumption. Of course, once I went to college, the sweet tooth I had suppressed for so long went off-the-charts crazy.

    The dining hall in my dorm had a dessert bar fully stocked with cookies, pie, and cake. There was also a soft serve machine--my best friend during finals. (I ate my way through several Styrofoam cupfuls while reading Milton.) Baking at home only cemented my addiction to all things sweet.

    This dependency on sugar escorted me from college life to adulthood. I started working at Bon Appétit nearly four years ago and, being the conscientious worker I am, I always volunteered to sample mail-order treats and dessert from our Test Kitchen. And boy, our food editors really know their way around a good dessert.

    What I'm really

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  • Coffee or Bananas? 3 Crazy-Looking Coffee Makers

    Just when we thought that coffee gadgets couldn't get any more outrageous, digs up over-the-top coffee and espresso contraptions that might inspire you to cash out your 401K, or shake your head in disbelief.
    1. Elektra Company's vintage espresso machine (pictured above) is R2D2's brassy cousin. Loving the extra room for cup storage, but it doesn't appear to be user friendly for the average coffee-drinker. The user manual must be difficult to get through.
    2. esPRESSivo's Portable Espresso Coffee Maker allows you to "press the beans, light up a small flame at the base of the unite to brew your cuppa, and stores the surplus." This is designed for outdoor use, but I can see how it's perfect for the lazy espresso fanatic who wants to do the grinding and extraction--while camped out in front of the television.

    3. Heart Bean Coffee Grinder is a purchasable experiment designed by Adi Navwany, Michal Shamsian, Itamar Paloge, and Danielle Ram that grinds beans to the

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  • Do "Produce Washes" Clean Fruit Better than Water?

    A growing number of produce washes sold in grocery stores claim to clean contaminants and dirt from raw produce better than water alone. Usually made from a blend of essential oils and plant extracts, produce washes are applied directly to fruits and vegetables and rinsed under running water. But do these washes make raw produce safer than plain water does?

    "For the most part, washes that use all-natural, organic ingredients won't hurt you," says Shelley Feist of the Partnership for Food Safety Education. In other words, avoid washes that are detergent or chemical-based, since any residue affects the flavor of food and can actually cause stomach upset when ingested. However, while natural produce washes may be safer, it hasn't been definitively proven that they clean better than water. The FDA recommends washing all raw produce with water, using a vegetable scrub brush on firm-skinned produce like cucumbers, and drying with a paper towel.

    "Peeling the skin from fruit and removing the

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  • Spring Guide: Asparagus 101

    Asparagus is a versatile vegetable that's easy to prepare and fun to eat. Its taste is a reminder of springtime-fresh, clean, and light. That's why it's such a good accompaniment to any meat or pasta dish. On its own, steamed asparagus can be eaten chilled, warm, or hot, with or without a sauce on the side.

    How to Buy

    Whether you're buying thick, thin, or medium asparagus, choose firm, bright-green stalks with tight tips and moist ends. The best season for fresh asparagus is February through June.

    How to Use

    Because asparagus is grown in sandy soil, you should wash the spears and remove any grit from the tips. If the stems are thick, use a vegetable peeler to remove the outer layer.

    How to Store

    Asparagus is best eaten fresh; if that's not possible, store it in the refrigerator standing upright in a container of water, like you would keep flowers, but covered in a plastic bag.


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