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  • Beauty Lessons We've Learned from Kate Middleton

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: Beauty Lessons We've Learned From Kate Middleton

    Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, rocked her baby bump with quite the glow, but she's always had confidence and style fit for a (future) queen. We've long admired her approach to beauty, and no matter what your personal taste, there are a few lessons Kate can teach us all. So in honor of the royal birth, let's take a look at what makes Kate so great.

    • Don't Be Afraid to Skip the Trends: Trends come and go constantly. But if you have a look you love and feel good wearing, like Kate's soft curls and water liner, it's important to be able to push away all those voices telling you that you have to do something else just because it's having a moment. Experimenting is only fun if you actually want to.
    • Hair This Shiny Takes Dedication: Kate has been going to hairstylist James Pryce for several years, and she's in like clockwork for trims, treatments, and subtle color enhancement. She even took Pryce along on her North American
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  • Everything You Need to Know About Postpregnancy Hair Loss

    Source: Everything You Need to Know About Postpregnancy Hair Loss

    New mom Kate Middleton is known for her beautiful, lustrous blowouts, which is why she might be worrying about an issue that affects a bevy of women: postpregnancy hair loss. And for good reason. "Losing your hair can be quite dramatic and traumatic, especially if you don't know it's coming," Elizabeth Cunnane Phillips, a trichologist at the New York Philip Kingsley Clinic, says. "Emotionally, we're connected to our hair. And we're in a very vulnerable place postpregnancy." So in the spirit of knowledge, here's the brass tacks of postpregnancy hair loss.

    Why it happens:

    "Elevated estrogen levels make hair follicles hold on to hair longer than it should," Phillips says. When you finally give birth and estrogen levels regulate, your follicles release all of the hair you should have been shedding naturally . . . but it comes out all at once. That's a backlog of three to six months' hair. So if you do experience hair

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  • 10 Ways to Protect Your Hands with SPF

    Source: 10 Ways to Protect Your Hands With SPF

    We already know the many antiaging benefits of sunscreen. Aside from smoothing it on your complexion, do you apply SPF to your hands, too? Considering the layer of skin on the back of your hands is one of the first places to show signs of aging - think dark spots, wrinkles, and the thinning of your skin - protecting them with a plumping hand cream chock-full of SPF is the least you can do. Click through to discover 10 ways to keep youth in the palm of your hands.

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  • Bum Deal: How to Rid Your Bottom of Blemishes

    Source: Bum Deal: How to Rid Your Bottom of Blemishes

    We loving talking about lipstick, hair, and nails, but sometimes we have to discuss the less-flattering topics, too, like finding pimples on your derriere. Nobody probably wants to admit it, but most of us have had a butt blemish in our lives. Don't fear the swimsuit, though. See how to get back to that smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom stage when you [break]read more.[/break] Like blemishes on your face, bum zits are caused by blocked pores or clogged follicles. There are a few things you can do to treat these pimples:

    • Exfoliate: A buffed bum is a happy bum. Simply giving your bottom a scrub with a washcloth will send you on your way, and a body scrub will help slough away dead skin cells. This won't get rid of existing bumps, but it should help prevent them in the future. Try Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Body Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($65) to smooth things over.
    • Treat: Use a shower gel with salicylic acid, which keeps pimples
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  • How to Save Major Bucks on Your Beauty Routine

    Source: How to Save Major Bucks on Your Beauty Routine

    When it comes to your beauty routine, there's no need to spend big bucks. Rather than breaking the bank on spa facials and makeup counter creams, you can get the same results for less with a few savvy tricks. Shopping smarter and getting creative with household products, will keep your skin clean, clear, and under budget. Check out our list below and learn to make DIY and deals the main focus of your makeup bag!

    • Turn to your kitchen: It's not just your medicine cabinet but your kitchen cabinets that are filled with beauty secrets. In fact, you can beautify everything from skin to hair using common kitchen ingredients. Vinegar is great for soothing skin while this DIY face mask uses ingredients like tea and lemon to brighten your complexion.
    • Take it online: Heading online is a great way to score deals and compare the price of products. Discount sites like Gilt City offer weekly deals at local salons, and retailers like
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  • Prevent Frizz Before it Starts (and How to Fix It)

    Source: Prevent Frizz Before It Starts (and How to Fix It)

    Frizz could possibly be the worst part about Summer. Try as you might to predict the weather, the humidity and heat always seem to find a way to ruin your style. Instead of wearing an updo every day, get smart in your fight against flyaways. This prevention plan starts in the shower, but we also have tips for midday refreshers, because even the most prepared can be foiled by frizz.

    What to Do When Hair Is Wet:

    • If you already know you have frizz-prone hair, then opt for a deep-conditioning treatment once a week, rinsed out with cold water to lock in moisture and smooth the hair cuticle. Our moisturizing product pick is Ojon Dry Recovery Hydrating Mask ($30). Take the smoothing benefits a step further by drying your hair with a T-shirt rather than a towel.
    • Adding a leave-in conditioner like Carol's Daughter Hair Milk ($20) before you start your styling regimen is another way to keep hair in check.
    • To achieve a smooth,
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  • 7 Reasons to Break Up with Your Blow Dryer This Summer

    Source: 7 Reasons to Break Up With Your Blow Dryer This Summer

    In case you haven't noticed, it's hot out there, and the last thing you want to do when just getting out of bed makes you sweat is to wrestle with your blow dryer. So why not break up with your hot tool this Summer? We've got seven styles that are chic and don't require a blowout. That's a win-win, if we've ever heard one.

    • The Low Bun Perfect for gals with shoulder-length hair, this quick and easy style is almost outpacing the topknot as Summer's favorite bun.
    • The Side Braid For women with straight hair, a blowout-free mane is actually easier to manipulate into a side braid than silky-smooth hair. This style is also easily done anywhere.
    • The Topknot Topknot enthusiasts, you already know how amazing this style is . . . mainly for how easy it is to pull off. For added texture, spray down your dry hair with a dry shampoo, like Catwalk Transforming Dry Shampoo ($20), before you pile your hair into a tousled bun.
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  • Yes, Your Blowout Can Last for Days . . . Even in the Summer

    Source: Yes, Your Blowout Can Last For Days . . . Even in the Summer

    While there are plenty of blow-dryer-free styles to sport in the Summer, plenty of us still brave a blowout for Kate Middleton-like strands. But take one step outside and heat and humidity take your commercial-worthy blowout from fabulous to flopped in seconds. Believe it or not, it doesn't have to be this way. "I love making a blowout last," celebrity stylist Mark Townsend, who is the man behind the hair of stars like Jennifer Lawrence, said. He filled us in on three tips to keeping your hair in tip-top shape through the rest of Summer.

    • Opt for movement: "Don't try to do a super sleek, straight blowout," Townsend says. Instead, opt for one with a bit of texture and movement, and then twist it up while you walk to your destination. "It will keep a majority of your hair off your neck, which is a really troubled area, and the texture will still be there when you take your hair down."
    • Use dry shampoo the right
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  • View from Above: Best In-Flight 'Dos

    Source: View From Above: Best In-Flight 'Dos

    Though most of us don't have to worry about paparazzi snapping our mugs postflight, when it comes to looking impossibly fresh and perfectly coiffed, celebrities know a thing or two about getting it right. Garner in-flight hair inspiration from the jet-setting bunch that knows it best - and no one will ever know that you slept for hours . . . at 30,000 feet.

    • Loose waves: Second-day hair is ideal for airplane travel. Let your day-old waves or curls fall flat when you fly, refreshing roots with a touch of dry shampoo. Amp up the look with a swipe of bright lipstick and paparazzi-blocking shades.
    • Side braid: A ponytail or braid flipped over one shoulder will allow you to sleep with ease. Plus, you can take the braid down once you reach your destination for an effortless, wavy look. Another nap-friendly style is a milkmaid braid. Go ahead: put those earplugs in, and get some beauty rest.
    • Hat: A celebrity airport staple is a floppy or
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  • Sunscreen Labels Decoded: What Does Broad Spectrum Mean, Anyway?

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: Sunscreen Labels Decoded: What Does Broad Spectrum Mean, Anyway?

    Reading sunscreen labels can be likened to scanning a scientific journal, but it's easy to get the protection you need if you know what terms to look out for. The FDA has changed its rules for sunscreen manufacturers, so some of the terms you see are new (and improved).

    Broad Spectrum:
    Broad spectrum means you'll be protected from UVA and UVB rays. UVAs are the culprits of aging and skin cancer, while UVBs are the ones that lead to sunburn. Sunblock is not sunscreen, though, so make sure you buy a product with broad-spectrum protection.

    Water Resistant:
    Waterproof and sweat-proof are now outdated terms, so you want to find a water-resistant formula if you're planning to get in the water or exercise. According to the new FDA regulations, the bottle should also state how often you should reapply (40 to 80 minutes).

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