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  • 7 Places You Might Forget to Apply Sunscreen — but Shouldn't

    Source: 7 Places You Might Forget to Apply Sunscreen - But Shouldn't

    Even the most careful of sun protection applications can result in unwanted burns and irregularly shaped tan lines (sports bra "tan," anyone?). And while it probably goes without saying that most of us are thorough with our shoulders, backs, necks, arms, and legs, there are a few places you might want to double-check before heading out into the intense heat.

    • Upper ears: Peeling, blistery ears? Ouch. Believe what you hear: if it happens one time, you'll never let it happen again.
    • Hair part: The top of your head is often the first place the sun's rays hit. Be sure to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin on the scalp - especially your part. Better yet, wear a cute straw hat.
    • Under arms: Falling asleep in the sun with arms stretched behind your head leaves plenty of exposed skin. Pay close attention to the back and underside of the arms to avoid an unpleasant burn that could leave you immobile.
    • On the
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  • Baby Steps to Blond: How to Go Light Without the Fright

    Source: Baby Steps to Blond: How to Go Light Without the Fright

    Summer is an optimal time to lighten your hair color, but first things first: Can anybody be a blonde? "I joke that there are always some blond pieces or some highlights that can be put in everybody," says celebrity colorist Kim Vo (who has worked with stars such as Katherine Heigl, Britney Spears, and Kate Hudson). But he readily admits that while blond doesn't necessarily work for all people, everyone can embrace their inner blonde when need be. Luckily, we've come a long way from the brassy, unhealthy-looking blondes of yesteryear, allowing even the darkest of brunettes to achieve perfectly flaxen strands. Thinking about lightening up this season but feeling a little gun shy?

    • How to choose the ultimate blond: The best hair color coordinates with the person, so that's why Vo looks to the flecks within the eyes - the actual color of the eyes - and the skin tone when choosing what formulation he will use. "If you have a
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  • Go (Un)Streaking with These Self-Tanner Removal Tips

    Source: Go (Un)Streaking With These Self-Tanner Removal Tips

    So, you've had an unfortunate encounter with a self-tanner. Even though you followed the directions carefully, you ended up looking less sex kitten, more striped kitty. Have no fear, we're going (un)streaking. For tips on how to make the patchwork look a little less obvious, keep reading.

    • Think fast: The faster you see the streaks developing, the easier they'll be to remove. Consider using a fast-developing self-tanner so you can see the "oops moments" as they unfold, or use a gradual tanner, like Jergens Natural Glow ($10). This way, bad results are less obvious.
    • Exfoliate: Since tanners dye your skin, try to get those pigments out by sloughing off skin cells through exfoliation. Whether you use a loofah, body scrub, or plain old baking soda on a washcloth, these types of scrubs will help newer (untanned) skin cells to surface more rapidly.
    • Prepping power: To prevent streaking in the first place, exfoliate first
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  • 5 Gym-Free Ways to Make Your Bum Look Better in a Bikini

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: 5 Gym-Free Ways to Make Your Bum Look Better in a Bikini

    Bikini season means you'll be exposing perhaps more than you're used to, including your behind. From acne spots to cellulite to stretch marks, however, certain issues can leave us all feeling less than confident. Solve all your skin woes with these remedies that will ensure your bum is bikini-ready. Gym membership not required.

    • Stock up on caffeine: While you can't rid your bum of unwanted cellulite completely, whipping up a quick DIY caffeine scrub will help tighten the appearance of your skin.
    • Do a little retouching: Stretch marks often seem to mar the thighs and cheeks, peeking out of bikini bottoms. Disguise any discolored areas by applying self-tanner. It's like your own personal Photoshop eraser! The hint of color will help smooth out any marks for a smoother back view.
    • Feel good vibrations: You may have heard that stars like Kim Kardashian and Demi Moore turn to massage and vacuum treatments such as
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  • A Quick, Beach-Ready Pedicure That's Easy to Retouch

    Source: A Quick, Beach-Ready Pedicure That's Easy to Retouch

    The sand and sea tend to deteriorate pedicures more quickly than just about anything else. That's why you need an easy-to-achieve, quick, and simple pedicure that can be done (and redone) in about 10 minutes flat. It's easy to master and will keep your feet looking groomed all season long.

    What you need:

    • A bowl of hot, soapy water
    • Toe spacers to separate toes
    • Toenail clippers
    • Base coat
    • Sheer, pinky-peach nail polish
    • Top coat

    The steps:

    • Begin by soaking your feet in the soapy water to soften your skin. Then, push back your cuticles and file away any hard calluses under your toes or around your heels.
    • Trim and file your toenails so that the ends of your nails are slightly shorter than the end of the skin on your toes.
    • Swipe your toenails twice with nail polish remover. Use a nonacetone product, like Priti NYC Soy Remover ($11), if possible, since it's less drying. Then, separate your toes with toes
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  • Why You Should Try a Dry Haircut

    Source: Why You Should Try a Dry Haircut

    A trip to the hair salon for a trim or a full-on cut almost always includes a massaging shampoo and conditioning session, but what your stylist probably doesn't do next is actually dry your hair before running scissors through your strands. Such is not the case for stylist Eiji Yamane, who is perfecting the art of the dry haircut at his New York salon, Eiji. He learned the pioneering technique under the late John Sahag, and he explains why the dry-cut is a better option.

    "The dry-cut is known for its ability to sculpt, shape, and save time on styling," Yamane explains. He starts off with wet, cleansed hair, and analyzes the client's strands from a wet state to a dry state as he blow-dries the hair. This enables a stylist to better assess texture, movement, and how the hair naturally falls, which makes for a much more customized cut for each individual's needs.

    Once the hair has been dried and assessed, Yamane then runs a flat iron through the

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  • No, Your SPF Makeup is Not Enough and Here's Why

    Source: No, Your SPF Makeup Is Not Enough and Here's Why

    Question: Is the SPF in your favorite foundation enough to protect your skin? Answer: Not really. While your color cosmetics may be labeled SPF 15 or more, there are other factors that could be keeping you from getting the protection you need.

    Why is an SPF foundation not enough?
    In order to get the full protection of any SPF product, you should use about a teaspoon (which is about the size of an almond) on the face and neck. On average, however, most people only use pea-size portions of foundation and only on the face. Also, many apply product unevenly, making SPF coverage uneven.

    What about powder formulas?
    Recently, The New York Times featured an article on sunscreen and makeup, where Dr. David Colbert explained the inconsistency of powders. "Powders are millions of little particles. They can't form a uniform shield," he said. "They're a physical sunblock in a way, but they let too much light through."

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  • 10 Top Self-Tanners, All Under $10

    Source: 10 Top Self-Tanners, All Under $10

    'Tis the season of bronzed skin, and getting that sun-kissed glow can be as simple as a trip to the drugstore. From wipes to foams and moisturizers, we're breaking down our favorite sunless tanning options that don't go over $10. Looking like a golden goddess just got a lot easier.

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  • Shop These Meltproof Makeup Must Haves for Summer

    Source: Shop These Meltproof Makeup Must Haves For Summer

    Summertime means your likelihood of having a Wicked Witch of the West moment ("I'm melting!") increases exponentially with the rise in temperature. Beat the heat by stocking your makeup arsenal with products formulated to resist slipping and running. Click through for a step-by-step guide to getting a melt-proof, sweat-proof, waterproof complexion - and it's shoppable, too.

    • Primer: While primer is meant to smooth out visible pores and fine lines, it also provides a wonderful base to help your makeup stay put. Look for an oil-free formula with mattifying powers to avoid a shiny T-zone. You can also pick up a separate primer for your eye makeup, too.
    • Shadow: Somehow, eye shadow always seems to melt away in the hot Summer sun. Avoid creases and smears with a long-lasting cream formula. Top with a pigmented powder, such as an eye shadow, for added hold.
    • Eyeliner: When it gets warm outside, eyeliner travels south. To
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  • Snack Your Way to a Whiter Smile with These Seven Superfoods

    Source: Snack Your Way to a Whiter Smile With These Seven Superfoods

    A whiter smile is on top of just about everyone's beauty wish list, but did you know that there are foods you could munch on to help you win the battle of a bright smile? In honor of National Smile Month, snack your way to pearly whites when you add these seven superfoods.

    Oranges and Pineapples

    Oranges and pineapples contain an enzyme called bromelain, which acts like a natural stain remover. Research shows that bromelain can help break up plaque, and plaque can lead to some serious tooth decay if it isn't kept in check.


    Malic acid is the stain fighter in strawberries that can help your teeth stay that alluring shade of ivory. A fun way to boost their stain-fighting power is to mash up a couple of strawberries, smear them across your teeth, let them sit for a few minutes, and then brush your teeth. Just make sure to get all the seeds out from in between your teeth.

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