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  • 10 Best Shampoos Under $10

    Source:10 Best Shampoos Under $10

    Shampooing is a daily ritual for most, which is why we love a good drugstore find when it comes to hair cleansers. Whether you're looking for color protection, frizz control, or even volume, there's an affordable option out there. Check out our top 10 wallet-friendly picks below.

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  • 6 Tools Every Curly Girl Needs to Maintain Healthy Hair

    Source: 6 Tools Every Curly Girl Needs to Maintain Healthy Hair

    The number of products on the market targeting curly hair can be overwhelming, but the core of any regimen is the tools you're using. Whether you're embracing your natural texture or heat-styling your strands, celebrity stylist Ursula Stephen (who frequently works with Rihanna) breaks it down to the six tools - shop them here - you really need to manage curly and kinky hair.

    1. Paddle brush:
    A paddle brush is a versatile tool that can be used for detangling as well as blow-drying curls straight. Stephen recommends using a brush to detangle before you shampoo, starting from the ends. "It's always best to brush out kinks and loosen the dirt and oil before you soak it because once you wet it, everything is going to be matted together," she says. "You never want to pile curly hair on top of your head. Wash in a downward motion so you keep it tangle-free."

    2. Wide-tooth comb:
    A wide-tooth comb (or even a vent brush) is

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  • Makeup-Brush Breakdown: The Eye-Shadow Brush

    Source: Makeup-Brush Breakdown: The Eye-Shadow Brush

    Eye-shadow brushes are pretty standard, right? Well, believe it or not, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to these essential makeup tools. Discover everything you need to know about shadow brushes, along with our top shoppable picks, when you keep reading.

    What It's Used For: Eye shadow brushes are used for, well, eye shadow. They're great for sweeping and blending pigment across the eyelid, into your eye crease, and under your brow bone.

    What It Looks Like:
    While there are plenty of eye-shadow brushes out there, your basic one looks like a shrunken-down blush brush. The bristles are only about an inch long and fan out and around to create a dome shape. Make sure to pick something up that's fluffy - still bristles don't allow for fluidity of movement, which is a necessity when it comes to eye shadow.

    Why You Need It:
    Eye shadow is part of most women's beauty regimens, and you want to make sure you're applying and

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  • Tricks of the Trade that Will Make Your Life Easier

    Source: Tricks of the Trade That Will Make Your Life Easier

    For some, April Fools' Day is a time for tomfoolery and high-level antics to thrive, but we're more interested in revealing the tricks of the trade used by beauty professionals everywhere. If you've ever gotten a stellar haircut or makeup application, then you know the power of a well-trained expert. They can magically make your hair, nails, and skin look a thousand times better, all while making it seem like a cinch. We're letting the cat out of the bag by revealing the best-kept secrets of the beauty industry.

    • You don't have to be afraid of coloring your color hair at home. Before you rip open your new shade, consider this easy technique to color your curls from Marcy Cona, Clairol's creative director of color and style.
    • Nude nails are such a huge trend for Spring, but finding the perfect hue to match your skin tone can prove tricky. Nail artist Deborah Lippmann has an easy tip for picking your perfect polish. "Our
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  • 10 New SPF-Stocked Products to Get You Ready for Spring

    Source: 10 New SPF-Stocked Products to Get You Ready For Spring

    Whether or not Mother Nature is showing it right now, warmer temps are right around the corner. And all that sun means one thing: it's time to go full force on your SPF. We've rounded up the need-to-know products to make sure you're protected all Spring, all Summer, and all year long. Just keep clicking for the details.

    • Not only does Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture ($36) have SPF 30, but it also contains eight antioxidants to prevent premature signs of aging. It's a one-two punch.
    • Lotions and sprays not your bag? Mineral Fusion SPF 30 Sun Defense ($25) is a brush-on powder that's virtually mess-free.
    • Dr. Jart offers up a V7 Beauty Balm ($36) that smooths out skin while while shielding it from the sun's harsh rays. Protection can be beautiful.
    • With Clarins Sunscreen Stick ($26), you get SPF 30 protection in a travel-friendly size. Plus, the swipe-on application ensures you'll be covered in a flash.
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  • CC Creams Explained and 8 Formulas You Can Buy Now

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: CC Creams Explained and 8 Formulas You Can Buy Now

    The skin care alphabet is steadily expanding as the craze has jumped from last year's star BB creams to the 2013 must-have CC cream. But what's the difference? BB, short for beauty balm, boasts anti-aging benefits, UV protection, and brightening benefits, while CC cream, aka color control cream, has all that and more. CC creams work like skin care treatments, minimizing dark spots and wrinkles over time to give you a better complexion in a matter of months. Plus, many brands are offering multiple shades to reach a wider spectrum of skin tones. Now that you know more, here are eight CC creams you can try now.

    • Clinique: With six different shades, Clinique's CC Cream ($35) has an option for most skin tones. Lightweight and oil-free, this makeup smooths the complexion and helps take down sallowness.
    • Smashbox: Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream ($42) comes in five shades that range from fair to dark, maximizing the amount of
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  • 4 Steps to Wedding-Perfect Skin

    Source: 4 Steps to Wedding-Perfect Skin

    Whether your nuptials are impending or you have a big event coming up, there's nary a person who doesn't long to show off clear, radiant skin. "Preparing for your wedding day can feel like training for a marathon (or getting ready for a photo shoot) - hours of effort for just a few hours in the spotlight," says Suki Kramer, president and founder of Suki skin care. "But as any bride (or marathoner, or model) would attest, preparation is the key to any successful day, and every minute is worth it." Well, check another box off on your wedding to-do list, then; Kramer is sharing her four-step skin care routine, which can begin several months out before the big day.

    • Exfoliate: Not only does exfoliating help to purify pores and stimulate collagen production, but it's also key for achieving a glowing complexion. "Repetition and habit is important too," explains Kramer, who recommends performing this step three times a week to have continually
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  • 4 Tips to Rock Bold Brows that You Haven't Heard Already

    Source: 4 Tips to Rock Bold Brows That You Haven't Heard Already

    Aside from recently being named the face of Burberry Body Tender, model Cara Delevingne has two other claims to fame: her famously bold eyebrows. Her embracing full brows has spawned a trend that has women contemplating their eyebrow brushes. But if you're a little scared about dusting on some pigment for fear of looking perpetually angry at the world, don't fret. Here are some things to keep in mind while doing up your eyebrows:

    • Stick to powders, not pencils. While pencils have usually been the mainstay for brows for generations (hello, '80s makeup), powders are easier to handle and create a more natural, feathered look. Grab two shades: one that is a shade lighter than your natural color for daytime and one that is a tone darker for more drama.
    • Brush powder on your hairs, not your skin. One common mistake women make is that they press on their brushes and pencils too hard, causing pigment to adhere to
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  • Avoid the 5 Worst Spring Break Beauty Blunders

    Source: Avoid the 5 Worst Spring Break Beauty Blunders

    The season for weeklong beach vacations, overseas plane rides, and cross-country treks is here. Celebrating Spring break can take a toll on your skin and hair, whether you're laying out in your backyard or partying in Bora Bora. So, beware of these basic beauty mistakes that can ruin your vacation.

    1. Presoak strands: Chlorine from the pool and the salt in the ocean can dry out your hair (and turn it wacky colors). So, to prevent the tangled and frizzy look of a beach bum, take care of your hair before you dip and follow Olympic champion Natalie Coughlin's tip: saturate hair with water and conditioner before hitting the waves.
    2. Hydrate: Don't let the sun soak up all your moisture. Getting at least eight glasses of water (more if you are getting physical exercise) is crucial during your vacation. Plus, if you decide to sip mojitos poolside, then you'll need to replenish your inner irrigation system. Visiting the hospital for

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  • New to Self-Tanning? 10 Application Tips You Need to Know

    Source: New to Self-Tanning? 10 Application Tips You Need to Know

    Spring is finally here, but that doesn't mean that your skin is ready for its close-up. A self-tanning treatment gives a natural-looking golden glow to your bare skin, but the process can be daunting with so many potential mistakes looming. St. Tropez expert Sophie Evans takes the complexity out of a DIY tan; read her tips for your best self-tanner application ever.

    • Moisturize the Dry Spots: You likely already know that you should exfoliate preapplication, but you should also apply moisturizer to your hands, feet, knees, and elbows to avoid a too-dark finish.
    • Use a Q-Tip to Refine: Fair-haired women should be cautious when using self-tanner on the face, as brows can be inadvertently colored in the process. Prevent bronzed brows by using a Q-tip to wipe eyebrows postapplication.
    • Spray With Caution: When using a self-tanning spray formula, use downward strokes for the best coverage, and make sure to do it in
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