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  • 7 Steps to a Perfect Topknot

    Source: 7 Steps to a Perfect Topknot

    The topknot trend seems like it's going to be sticking around for a while, and it's not hard to see why. The style is easy enough for everyday wear, keeps your neck cool, and can transition to a casual night out with just the addition of some bold makeup. But like all styles that look like they're not hard to do (hello, bed-head waves), the topknot can be a little tricky to master.

    1. Second-day hair works best for this style since it grips a bit easier. Brush your hair and gather it into a high ponytail at the top of your head (a few wispy fly-aways are OK) but don't tie it off just yet.
    2. Using one hand to hold the base of the ponytail against your head, twist your loose hair until it's tight.
    3. Take your twisted ponytail and wrap it around itself, forming a messy bun.
    4. Next, take a thick elastic band and wrap it around the base of the bun to secure it. It's going to feel a bit loose, but you'll fix that in a second.
    5. Pull on the bun

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  • Swimsuit SOS: How to Nix Razor Burn for Good

    Source: Swimsuit SOS: How to Nix Razor Burn For Good

    Most women have accepted razor burn as a part of their life: it happens every now and then, and when it does there isn't much that can be done about it. But razor burn is 100% preventable, according to Jamie Ahn, owner of Acqua Beauty Bar in NYC. "Razor burn is a type of inflammation," she says. "You have to treat it right away." Think there's no way for you to actually nurse those painful bumps in all the wrong places? You'll be singing a different tune when you keep reading.

    • What causes it: Razor burn has a lot to do with sensitive skin, according to Ahn, which is why it shows up in places where your skin is the most delicate. "You're shaving away dead skin cells," she says. "It's a reaction to the shaving."
    • How to prevent it: Ditch disposable razors and your skin will thank you, Ahn says. "They're cheaper grade, cheaper quality... the blades are a little rougher and a little more jagged if you really look at it." Investing
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  • Give Yourself a Midseason Beauty Tune-Up

    Source: Give Yourself a Midseason Beauty Tune-Up

    Easy, care-free beauty is something to look forward to in the Summer, but becoming delinquent with your daily upkeep can cause your hair and skin to go from glowing to dull very quickly. Luckily, it's easy to breathe life back into your routine with a few simple steps. Give yourself a seasonal tune-up with these beauty-saving products:

    • Hair: By late July your hair can become bone-dry, whether it's from the sun, the salt water, or the chlorine. Bring your strands back to life with a moisture-rich mask such as Neutrogena Deep Recovery Hair Mask ($7). This treatment is designed for extra-dry hair, so it will give your hair the seasonal TLC it needs.
    • Face: Heat and humidity can turn your face into a permanent oil slick in the warmer months, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. Get your skin squeaky-clean with this detox face mask ($40) by Malin+Goetz. This cleanser delivers a one-two punch to your skin care woes: it clarifies,
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  • 6 Grooming Products to Steal from the Boys

    BellaSugarBellaSugarSource: 6 Grooming Products to Steal From the Boys

    When it comes to beauty products, most women have their go-tos but are always looking for the next big thing. Whether it's that elusive lotion that will finally nix our lizard skin or something to wipe away that painful razor burn plaguing our legs, we will scour the beauty aisles of drug stores looking for that miracle product that will remove all of our beauty woes. But what if someone told you there were products that could work wonders hiding in the last place you'd expect them to be . . . the men's section. That's right; there are many male-targeted products that can come to your rescue when your beauty regimen is in need of a boost. Click through for six grooming goodies to bag from the boys.

    • Two For One: Dove makes it easy on men when it comes to keeping clean. The brand's Men+Care line includes a body and face wash ($5) so the boys can kill two birds with one stone. Why should they have all the fun? Pick up your own bottle
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  • Getaway Guide: How to Stay Cute While Roughing It

    Source: Getaway Guide: How to Stay Cute While Roughing It

    If you're looking to get out into Mother Nature while the weather is on good behavior, a camping trip is a good getaway choice. But mention "beauty products" and "camping" in the same sentence, and images of Troop Beverly Hills come to mind. And while packing your entire makeup routine up for a weekend in the woods is a bit extreme, there are definitely some products that should come along with you when you rough it.

    • Dry shampoo: Not every campsite will have a shower station, and if they do, wet hair in the woods can wind up being a chore. Stick with a dry shampoo, like Dove Style+Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo ($5), to refresh your locks.
    • Spray-on toner: Sweaty from a day of hiking and sitting around the campfire? Your skin needs a little perk. Keep Evian Facial Water Spray ($11) in your backpack to rehydrate and cleanse your skin when you need it.
    • Waterproof mascara: Just because you're roughing it doesn't mean
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  • Beauty Good Enough to Eat (and Imbibe) at Cosmoprof 2012

    Source: Beauty Good Enough to Eat (and Imbibe) at Cosmoprof 2012

    Today marked day one of Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas, where beauty brands from all over presented their latest launches and biggest innovations. And while there were nifty new nail polishes with mirrored and ceramic finishes, sometimes it's the stripped-down products that prove to be the most leading-edge.

    Take Shobha, for instance. The NYC-area hair removal salon offers a lemon-based sugaring gel that's actually OK to eat. In fact, I'm told it makes excellent margaritas thanks to its able-to-be-consumed components of sucrose, water, glycerin, and citric acid.

    A similar notion rings true for the herbalists at Vivoderm. The brand's antiacne mask helps to soothe and treat pimple-prone skin, but due to a natural blend of rosemary, marshmallow, mint, fennel, and basil (among others), this green powder can be ingested, too. (This one might be more of an acquired taste, though.)

    The go-natural movement may not be

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  • What's Your Sign, Beautiful? Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)

    Source: What's Your Sign, Beautiful? Leo (July 23 to Aug. 22)

    Just like their symbol, the lion, Leos are known to be protective, loyal, and courageous. But on a bad day, watch out. Those born under this fifth sign of the zodiac can roar with arrogance and jealousy. They are fire signs, after all. You'll love them for their magnetic, charismatic personalities, though, as these are the traits that make Leos natural-born leaders and entertainers. Famous Leos include Charlize Theron, Madonna, Halle Berry, Hilary Swank, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Vivica A. Fox, Amy Adams, Rose Byrne, Coco Chanel, Viola Davis, Iman, Mila Kunis, and Jennifer Lawrence.

    To bring out your inner Leo beauty
    : Bold, bright tones (like orange, gold, and yellow) match your dynamic disposition. To channel your inner lioness, try a fun, patterned scarf or vividly hued hat atop your wild mane of hair. Add a sparkly element with shimmery makeup, or heat things up with a fiery red lipstick.

    • Eau de
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  • Too-Dark Foundation? There's a Fix for That

    Source: Too-Dark Foundation? There's a Fix For That

    Not only can the wrong shade of foundation give you an unnatural cast, it can age you well beyond your years. But if you happen to have a too-dark foundation in your stash, hold off before tossing it or sending it back - unless you want to go for that more mature look, that is. You may just be able to make a too-dark foundation work to your advantage. Learn what to do if your base is too light, and for tips on correcting base that's too dark, just read on.

    If your foundation is too dark:

    • Use it to contour: A deeper shade helps to add dimension and to slenderize the face. Apply on the hollows of the cheeks, along the hairline, the sides of the nose, and under the jawline for strategic contouring.
    • Tone it down: Dilute the too-dark shade by mixing it with a moisturizer or primer. Or if you're feeling artistic, mix it with a lighter shade of foundation (or concealer) for a completely customized palette. You can even blend your
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  • 2 Ways a Highlighter Will Change the Way You Blush

    Source: 2 Ways a Highlighter Will Change the Way You Blush

    The benefits of using a highlighter are seemingly endless. While you can apply highlighters all over your face to strategically brighten, it turns out that highlighters paired with blushes make for quite the dynamic combination. The key is to blend, blend, and then blend some more.

    Transform powder blush
    : To create a cream blush in an instant, shave a bit of pressed powder blush with a highlighter, like Benefit's High Beam. Mix together and apply on the cheeks for a subtly shimmery complexion. This combination is available in three new cheek and lip kits ($28 each).

    Make a cheek tint glow
    : For a lit-from-within effect, apply highlighter in a large dot on the apple of your cheek. Add a cheek tint in the middle and blend, adding more color as desired.

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  • Swimsuit SOS: How to Deal with Ingrown Hairs

    Source: Swimsuit SOS: How to Deal With Ingrown Hairs

    Teeny bikinis leave little to the imagination as it is, but when you're suffering from a less-than-pleasant beauty situation, it can feel like you're under a microscope. Case in point: that ingrown hair plaguing your bikini line. Jamie Ahn, owner of New York's Acqua Beauty Bar, has seen her fair share of swimsuit-related mishaps. "Brazilians and bikini waxes are always more popular in the Summer," she says. "Because of this, there are always more issues with ingrown hairs." To get Ahn's insight on what causes ingrown hairs, how to prevent them, and how to treat them when you find yourself with one, just keep reading.

    • What causes them: When a hair starts to grow, it's not difficult for it to get trapped beneath the skin's surface, causing it to curl under and grow back in, Ahn says. This tends to happen in areas where the skin folds, such as your bikini line. Bacteria accumulates in these high-friction areas, making them places for
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