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  • Spring-Clean: How to Maintain Your Brushes, Combs, Tweezers, and More

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: Spring-Clean: How to Maintain Your Brushes, Combs, Tweezers, and More

    While you're going through old clothes and scrubbing floors for a Spring-cleaning, your vanity essentials deserve some much-needed maintenance, too. Beauty can be a dirty business. Taking the time to clean out stray hairs, dead skin, and product buildup will not only keep your rituals bacteria free, but also lengthens the life of your tools. Find out how to Spring-clean everything from your tweezers to your blow dryer filter when you scroll through.

    • Your Eyelash Curler: Keep germs at bay and your eyelash curler in tip-top shape by using a remover and cotton pad to clean mascara buildup. Also, when your rubber pads start to go, be sure to replace them to ensure your curler and eyes work their best.
    • Your Brush: Use the straight end of a rattail comb (or a pen) to loosen and lift hair and other debris in between the bristles. Next, wash it with shampoo and water, and allow your brush to dry upside
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  • 10 Tips to Make Your Spring Break Wax Nearly Painless

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: 10 Tips to Make Your Spring Break Wax Nearly Painless

    We're convinced only masochists look forward to a bikini wax, but you may need to take care of business before the holiday of bikinis, Spring break. But it doesn't have to hurt quite so badly. There are ways you can reduce the pain. If you're new to waxing, start out with a professional to see how it's done. After a few times, you might want to try doing it at home to save a few bucks. Either way, to learn how to keep pain at bay, keep reading.

    • Plan to wax after your period. Your pain threshold is higher in the week after your period than beforehand. Think of it like this: if sappy commercials make you cry when you're premenstrual, having wax applied to your dainty bits certainly will.
    • Lose your self-consciousness. Yes, a stranger is going to see you wearing, at most, a paper thong. Don't worry about offending her or feeling embarrassed. It's nothing she hasn't seen before. The less anxious you are, the less
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  • The Beauty Treatment that Made Me Love My Least Fave Body Part

    Source: The Beauty Treatment That Made Me Love My Least Fave Body Part

    I hate feet, and I always have. It doesn't matter if they are my own or belong to the hottest person ever. Jared Leto? Keep your socks on. Beyoncé? Please, every flip-flop you own in a box to the left. I find toes ugly and feet unhygienic, and I used to despise getting pedicures equally as much as going to the gynecologist before finally accepting them as a necessary evil. Which is why I felt both elation and terror when I discovered Baby Foot, a Japanese-devised beauty product that promises to melt off your disgusting, haggard old callouses and rough spots to reveal the infant-soft, youthful soles that have been hiding underneath the entire time. And for just $25! The product's website features horrifying close-ups of skin molting off heels in weird, crusty, translucent sheets, alongside disconcerting stock photos of women whispering into each other's ears. "Have you heard?" I imagined them saying. "It's

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  • Prepare for Spring Break Season with These Sunscreen Products Under $10

    POPSUGAR Love & SexSource: Prepare For Spring Break Season With These Sunscreen Products Under $10

    Spring break is nigh, which means sunscreen should be a top priority on your shopping list. But since these products tend to go fast, there's no need to spend beaucoup bucks on SPF. Luckily, we've rounded up 10 of the best sunscreen products available in drugstores now . . . and they're all $10 or less.

    • Yes to Cucumbers Stick: Perfect for stashing in your purse, Yes to Cucumbers Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Stick ($9) is 96 percent natural and perfect for on-the-go touch-ups.
    • Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Lotion: Sunscreens often get a bad rap for their smell, but Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Touch Sunscreen Lotion ($8) has a tropical fragrance that will make you feel like you're on vacation . . . wherever you are.
    • Nature's Gate Face Block: Looking for a sunscreen whose ingredients you can understand? Nature's Gate Face Block Sunscreen SPF 25 ($10) keeps your face protected from the sun with guava,
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  • The Ultimate Groom's Guide to Wedding Grooming

    Source: The Ultimate Groom's Guide to Wedding Grooming

    We know the type-A bride starts making beauty checklists as soon as that rock is put on her ringer finger - but what about the proactive guy who wants to prep for the big day, too? Well, we're looking out for you fellows, so we consulted pro Jason Schneidman. The hairstylist is a Men+Care hair expert and has worked his magic on gents like Bruno Mars, Hugh Jackman, Jonah Hill, and Rob Lowe. We quizzed him on everything from rocking a Jared Leto-inspired updo to whether or not you can sport scruff at the altar and how to dress up your hair for a black-tie event.

    • Wedding Hair Tips For Grooms
      POPSUGAR: Brides are supposed to get their last cut a few weeks before the wedding. What about guys?
      Jason Schneidman: It depends on his haircut, but in general, guys should get their hair cut about one week before (unless you rock a buzz cut), and then get their neck trimmed if they need. A week gives you time to adjust to your cut and go
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  • Girl-Tested, Man-Approved Lipsticks for Valentine's Day

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: Girl-Tested, Man-Approved Lipsticks For Valentine's Day

    We've all been there. You carefully apply a bright lip color before your big date (yeah, that date with that guy), you leave the door feeling confident, and then an hour into dinner, when you check your face in the bathroom, you realize it's smeared below your lip line and has gotten on your teeth. Worse yet, it's postdate and he finally leans in for the goodnight kiss (fireworks!), but when he pulls away, you're horrified to see your cranberry lip stain all over his chin.

    Ladies, we're here to help. The day of love has just passed us, but that doesn't mean your perfectly colored pout should be put on hold. So we rounded up our style editorial team and we tested six rockin' lip products from glosses to traditional lipsticks to something called a lip tar (but more on that later). We wore the shades, and then we even made out with our guys - and got them to weigh in on the taste, texture, and smell of the lippies.

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  • 5 Tips for Looking Flawless in Your Engagement Pictures

    Source: 5 Tips For Looking Flawless in Your Engagement Pictures

    Being engaged comes with plenty of excitement, and one aspect plenty of brides-to-be look forward to is their engagement shoot. And while you may have budgeted professional makeup for the day of your wedding (lucky you!), chances are you're going rogue for your engagement photos. And that's totally fine. These photos look best when they look like you. But in case you're still a little unsure of things, here are five tips to keep in mind when it's picture time:

    • Pick a primer. Not only will a primer completely even out your skin tone and work as a base for the rest of your makeup, but it will also keep your product from slipping down your face midshoot. Smashbox Photo Finish Primer ($36) is a classic. Smooth it on before you apply your makeup.
    • Go for full coverage. Your engagement photos are not the place to bust out your favorite tinted moisturizer. A foundation with full coverage, like Make Up For Ever HD
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  • Sushi is Bad for Your Skin, but Smiling is Good! Got It?

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: Sushi Is Bad For Your Skin, but Smiling Is Good! Got It?

    We spend so much time obsessing about what goes on our skin, and how to keep our complexions looking gorgeous with creams, serums, and treatments. But Dr. Harold Lancer, dermatologist to the stars and the creator of the superpopular Lancer skincare line, wants us to be as concerned with what we're putting into our bodies and how that shows up on our faces. With his new book Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method For Radiant Skin hitting bookshelves, Lancer answered a few of our questions, and yes, smiling is actually good for your wrinkles.

    POPSUGAR: How bad are processed foods for your skin?

    Dr. Harold Lancer: Processed foods are usually heavy in refined carbs, artificial sweeteners, as well as traces of chemicals like pesticides and hormones, all of which are terrible for the skin and your general health. Refined carbs are the main culprit, though, causing the body's glucose levels to skyrocket, beginning a

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  • 5 Homemade Acne Masks to Zap Zits Fast

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: 5 Homemade Acne Masks to Zap Zits Fast

    Here's everything you need to know about making quick, easy, inexpensive, and effective at-home zit-zapping masks. By gathering everyday ingredients like aspirin, honey, and yogurt, you can become your own chemist and ban blemishes. Scroll through for six easy recipes to try now.

    • Calm Inflammation With This DIY Acne-Fighting Gel: Zap zits without using any thick white creams. In less than one hour, you can whip up your own acne-fighting gel. And for those who are 21 and older, why not kick back with the leftover vodka and let the gel work its magic!

    15 marigold flowers
    2 cups of filtered water
    1 packet of vegetable gelatin
    15 drops of tea tree oil
    4 teaspoons vodka


    • Boil the water. Place the marigolds in a glass bowl and pour the boiling water over them. Let steep for about 1/2 hour.
    • Using a blender, mix the flowers and water together for about 30 seconds.
    • Strain the mixture,
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  • How Travel Beauty Experts Pack Their Bags

    Source: How Travel Beauty Experts Pack Their Bags

    Like so many of us, Alyssa Barrie loved raiding pharmacies for new beauty products wherever she traveled, but getting them to be under three ounces for TSA regulations and restocking them at home when she ran out were harder. So, along with COO Claire McCormack, she was inspired to start, which she describes as "the ultimate source of discovery for the finest luxury beauty and grooming products from around the globe." We say, it's the place we can get awesome products that we know won't get trashed at security or that we can't exactly find at our local chain drugtstore. We picked McCormack's and Barrie's brains to discover what else we should know about packing our beauty bags for travel.

    POPSUGAR: What is in your travel kit? Do you have separate kits for separate kinds of trips?
    Claire McCormack:
    What's in our kit? In a word: everything . . . the entire bathroom sink! And yes, what we pack varies depending on

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