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  • 4 Steps to Achieving Better Brows in a Flash

    Source: 4 Steps to Achieving Better Brows in a Flash

    The eyebrows are the frames for beautiful eyes (that means they are important). And now that full, bold brows are in style, having the right moves for filling them in is essential. Makeup artist Floriane David of Make Up For Ever Academy reveals her expert secrets to achieving your best brows.

    1. Form an outline: Start by using an angled brow brush to draw one long stroke underneath and above the eyebrow, advises David. This will help highlight your arch and create boundaries to color within.
    2. Make high arches: Because the arch is the most important part of your brow look, it's where you should begin applying filler. This way, the arch will get the bulk of the product from your angled brush, making it a point of intensity.
    3. Fill it in: Next, sweep your brush from the arch to the outer corner, keeping in mind that the last two-thirds of your brow should be the darkest. Then, move from the inner corner to the arch to blend,
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  • Learn to Eye Contour in Two Simple Steps

    Source: Learn to Eye Contour in Two Simple StepsY

    ou have heard all about the benefits of face contouring, but do you know the makeup artist's secret for chiseled eyes? Find out how to contour eyes with these tips from Make Up For Ever Academy's Lead Educator in New York, Floriane David.

    1. Start with a highlighter in a shimmering shade. Using a medium-sized makeup brush, concentrate a dot of this bright shade on the center of your eye. (Imagine you're covering your iris through your lids). This spot will act as the point of emphasis in the eye contour. Next, gently blend outward to cover the entire lid. Make sure that your central focal point still holds most of the color.
    2. Now it's time to add definition. Choose an eye shadow that's one shade darker than your skin tone. Take a tapered brush to place shadow close to the top lash line - but only on the outer two-thirds. Then sweep the brush in an upward arching motion from the corner of the eye into the crease. Finally, remove the

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  • 5 Foods (and 1 Supplement) that Help Banish Acne

    Source: 5 Foods (and 1 Supplement) That Help Banish Acne

    There are topical home remedies to blast away acne, but certain foods can assist in putting blemishes, breakouts, and inflammation in their place, as well. Stay tuned for more information on superfoods and their skin-enhancing benefits, but for the acne-specific ones, just keep reading.

    • Five foods: Vitamin B1-laden asparagus, brown rice, beans, whole grains, and eggs greatly reduce whiteheads, explains Suki Kramer, president and founder of Suki skin care. Not only does antioxidant-rich B1 improve circulation, but it also helps to flush away toxins, as well as improve the absorption of other vitamins. In turn, "seeing chronic and numerous whiteheads may suggest a B1 deficiency or absorption problem," Kramer adds.
    • One supplement: "Probiotics aid nutrient absorption and can dramatically improve your health," says Kramer. For maximum benefits, purchase them in supplement form only, making sure they are "bio-available," which
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  • 3 Tips to Mastering DIY Gel Manicure Kits

    Source: 3 Tips to Mastering DIY Gel Manicure Kits

    Gel manicures are popular fixes for busy women who need chip-free finishes that will last. And recently, at-home kits have hit the market with brands like SensatioNail, Red Carpet Manicure, and Sephora by OPI (available soon) coming out with their own versions. Now that Spring is here and temperatures are rising, your hands and feet will be begging for a little attention - not to mention the benefits of long-lasting manicures and pedicures.

    1. Prep:
    To create a dry (and disinfected) surface for the set, try applying rubbing alcohol to the nails prepainting. Another tip is to buff the nails a bit before application to remove shine, in order to help the tacky base coat stick. Note: always follow each kit's instructions carefully on how to best prep the nails, as it may vary depending on individual formulation.
    2. Application:
    When you apply the clear base and top coat, make sure to put the polishes on the tips to form a sealed-off

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  • Why You'll Love to Use the Color Wheel in Your Makeup Routine

    Source: Why You'll Love to Use the Color Wheel in Your Makeup Routine

    The color wheel is used by professional makeup artists time and time again to help disguise discoloration on the skin, as well as find the best shadows for any eye color. Learn how to use this tool at home to raise your application skills to megastar status.

    • Emphasis: Color theory can be used to bring out your best colorful feature - your eyes. When you arrange two colors from the opposite side of the wheel next to each other, it makes them both pop. So blue-eyed beauties should look to orange and golden-toned shadows and liners. Green-eyed girls look to purple or rosy shades for an extra bright look. And for the brown-eyed babes, practically every color can work for you.
    • Corrections: If you're looking to reduce the appearance of a mark, dark spot, or pimple, turn to a colored primer or concealer to balance out the area. So, if you're attempting to shade in visible blue under-eye veins, reach for an orange
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  • Try Emily Blunt's Hot-Pink Lipstick Trick

    Source: Try Emily Blunt's Hot-Pink Lipstick Trick

    Hot-pink lipstick has often gotten a bum rap thanks to its more garish 1980s roots. But for Emily Blunt at the premiere of The Five-Year Engagement, her hot pink - CoverGirl's Lip Perfection Lipstick in Spellbound ($7), a bright, creamy fuchsia - was hotter than hot.

    Part of the reason the palette worked so well is that makeup artist Jenn Streicher kept Emily's eyes and cheeks simply elegant, opting for a clean-skin palette to begin with, starting with Hourglass No. 28 Primer Serum as a base, followed by Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Foundation. But another reason the palette worked so well is all thanks to the science of color. Pink (as seen on Emily's lips) when paired with green (as seen on her earrings and in her frock) is a winning combination. The reason is because pinkish tones are directly opposite of greenish tones on the color wheel, so Emily's overall ensemble made for one truly spellbinding style.

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  • 5 Steps for Making False Eyelashes Look More Natural

    Source: 5 Steps For Making False Eyelashes Look More Natural

    For special evening events or a night on the town, false eyelash strips (in lieu of individual lashes) provide glitz and eye-popping power to make the time and effort worth it. Armed with a few cool tricks up your sleeve, you can easily blend them in with your natural lashes so they don't look overly obvious. Celebrity makeup artist and Vanitymark Cosmetics founder, Brett Freedman, offers a few ways to make the whole false eyelash strip application go more smoothly.

    1. Cut the strip lashes so they are as long as the length between the center of your eye to the outer corner. "Remember it's all about blending your inner lash line lashes with the faux," Freedman explains. Avoid starting too close to your inner eye, because it's "a dead giveaway and difficult to glue down in that naturally sparser area."
    2. Spread a thin line of glue along the thread, and blow on it a little to allow the glue to become a little dry and tacky.
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  • Spring-Clean Your Makeup Bag

    Source: Spring-Clean Your Makeup Bag

    It's almost May, so it's time for a little Spring cleaning . . . of your makeup bag, that is. Since expired cosmetics can cause skin irritation and eye infections, it's important to replace them before they go south. Unlike food, though, cosmetics aren't required to have an expiration date on their packaging. Instead, you'll have to keep track of when you opened them. Most products have a jar symbol, in which the number signifies the number of months you have until the item is no longer usable. If you have a hard time keeping track of when you've bought things, just use a Sharpie to write down the purchase date. (Or use these handy expiration-date stickers.)

    If you know how to take care of your cosmetics, your makeup should serve you well. But use common sense: if your gloss is gloopy, your nail polish is separating, or your lipstick has a funny smell - it's time to bid it adieu.

    Product Toss it . . .
    Mascara Every three months
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  • How to Pick a Red Nail Polish for Spring

    Source: How to Pick a Red Nail Polish For Spring

    When bright blossoms abound and the days are getting longer, there's nothing as retro-fab as red nail polish. Back in the days before shades like purple, green, and tangerine were de rigueur for the season, there were reds meant just for this time of year. And this season, bright reds have made a huge comeback. They're a chic choice for those who want a pop of juicy color, and if you pick the right shade, your hands and skin will positively glow. So to find out how to get the right warm-weather red for you, just keep reading.

    • Go bright. Dark reds and brick reds can be lovely, but this just isn't the time of year for them, so look for a light, bright shade.
    • Go sheer. They might require an extra coat, but more translucent polishes have a lot of transparency and depth, which makes for a softer look.
    • Think about your undertones. If you're warm toned, find a pink or blue-red polish, and if you're cool toned, try an orange-red.
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  • 10 Eco-Minded Labels to Know

    BellaSugarBellaSugarSource: 10 Eco-Minded Labels to Know

    It's already difficult enough to shop responsibly, given how widely words like "organic" and "natural" are misused. To make things even more complicated, though, there are also tons of ecological certifications products can get. They're designed to tell consumers that a product is more ecologically friendly, but not all certifications are the same, and some are much more strict than others.

    We've rounded up 10 common logos and broken down what each of them means. So to get a simple and straightforward look at what the labels are telling you, just keep reading.

    • Natural Products Association Certification: The Natural Products Association certification means:
      • Any product labeled "natural" must be made with at least 95 percent natural ingredients - that is, from renewable resources found in nature. No petrochemicals are allowed.
      • No parabens, SLS, chemical sunscreens, or phthalates.
      • No animal testing.
      • The packaging must be environmentally
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