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  • Spring-Clean Your Makeup Bag

    Source: Spring-Clean Your Makeup Bag

    It's almost May, so it's time for a little Spring cleaning . . . of your makeup bag, that is. Since expired cosmetics can cause skin irritation and eye infections, it's important to replace them before they go south. Unlike food, though, cosmetics aren't required to have an expiration date on their packaging. Instead, you'll have to keep track of when you opened them. Most products have a jar symbol, in which the number signifies the number of months you have until the item is no longer usable. If you have a hard time keeping track of when you've bought things, just use a Sharpie to write down the purchase date. (Or use these handy expiration-date stickers.)

    If you know how to take care of your cosmetics, your makeup should serve you well. But use common sense: if your gloss is gloopy, your nail polish is separating, or your lipstick has a funny smell - it's time to bid it adieu.

    Product Toss it . . .
    Mascara Every three months
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  • How to Pick a Red Nail Polish for Spring

    Source: How to Pick a Red Nail Polish For Spring

    When bright blossoms abound and the days are getting longer, there's nothing as retro-fab as red nail polish. Back in the days before shades like purple, green, and tangerine were de rigueur for the season, there were reds meant just for this time of year. And this season, bright reds have made a huge comeback. They're a chic choice for those who want a pop of juicy color, and if you pick the right shade, your hands and skin will positively glow. So to find out how to get the right warm-weather red for you, just keep reading.

    • Go bright. Dark reds and brick reds can be lovely, but this just isn't the time of year for them, so look for a light, bright shade.
    • Go sheer. They might require an extra coat, but more translucent polishes have a lot of transparency and depth, which makes for a softer look.
    • Think about your undertones. If you're warm toned, find a pink or blue-red polish, and if you're cool toned, try an orange-red.
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  • 10 Eco-Minded Labels to Know

    BellaSugarBellaSugarSource: 10 Eco-Minded Labels to Know

    It's already difficult enough to shop responsibly, given how widely words like "organic" and "natural" are misused. To make things even more complicated, though, there are also tons of ecological certifications products can get. They're designed to tell consumers that a product is more ecologically friendly, but not all certifications are the same, and some are much more strict than others.

    We've rounded up 10 common logos and broken down what each of them means. So to get a simple and straightforward look at what the labels are telling you, just keep reading.

    • Natural Products Association Certification: The Natural Products Association certification means:
      • Any product labeled "natural" must be made with at least 95 percent natural ingredients - that is, from renewable resources found in nature. No petrochemicals are allowed.
      • No parabens, SLS, chemical sunscreens, or phthalates.
      • No animal testing.
      • The packaging must be environmentally
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  • 5 Tips for Getting the Bold Brow Trend

    Source: 5 Tips For Getting the Bold Brow Trend

    Over the past few seasons, bigger, bolder eyebrows have been growing in popularity. While we'll save the more outrageous looks for on the runways - Chanel's jewel-encrusted strips or the foiled follicles at Fendi - if you are looking to try the full and filled brow trend at home, be sure to follow these essential grooming tips.

    1. Grow them thick: To get the full look, first you need to grow out overwaxed or overtweezed brows. Malynda Vigliotti of the Boom Boom Brow Bar in New York City recommends applying castor oil every night to help hair growth.
    2. Shape them up:
    To groom, choose tweezing or threading over wax so that you can remove one strand at a time as opposed to several. First, fill in brows into the shape that you like. Then tweeze any hairs outside your outline. Tip: The best place to do your grooming is outside in natural sunlight so that even the tiniest hairs are easier to see.
    3. Pencil me in:
    Pencil and powder are two

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  • 5 Tips for Happier Hair Now

    Source: 5 Tips For Happier Hair Now

    In life, there are very few quick fixes, and even less so with hair, which can be notoriously prone to damage and breakage. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to get your hair looking and feeling better right away. Check out five easy solutions below.

    1. Throw in the towel
    Towels are great for absorbing moisture, but they can be a little too effective when it comes to delicate strands. Instead of the towel you use on your body, wrap your hair up in an old t-shirt. It will still soak up excess moisture, but it won't leave your hair dehydrated.
    2. Get boared
    Boar bristle brushes may seem old-fashioned, but they're a gentle solution for keeping hair in check. They make hair look shinier because they help evenly distribute oil from root to tip, and they're especially wonderful for damaged strands that need a milder touch.
    3. Go to the plait Braiding isn't just fashionable, it's also an unexpected way to protect your hair while sleeping.

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  • Cheryl Burke Talks DWTS, Tans, and More

    Source: Cheryl Burke Talks DWTS, Tans, and More

    Anyone who watches Dancing With The Stars knows how easily Cheryl Burke moves around a ballroom. This season, she's done the salsa, Argentine tango, cha-cha-cha, and more with hunky Cuban actor William Levy. In between tapings, the dancer and Veet spokeswoman revealed what it takes to get ready before and after she hits the floor. "When I'm not performing, I keep it simple," she says of her beauty regimen. Here, she shares her beauty routine on- and off-camera.

    BellaSugar: What's it like to get ready before Dancing With the Stars?

    The ballroom look is pretty intense, but we have an unbelievable team. I usually spend about four hours in hair and makeup - covering everything from tanning to fake lashes to nails - before I even get started on wardrobe.

    BS: Dancing With the Stars is known for featuring shimmering airbrush tans. Do you have any tips or tricks for looking fresh in-between applications, when they tend to get blotchy?

    I keep

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  • 5 Stars Who Have Proudly Gone Makeup-Free

    BellaSugarBellaSugarSource: 5 Stars Who Have Proudly Gone Makeup-Free

    Sure, the paparazzi get lots of snaps of stars coming and going from the gym sans makeup. And while it can be understandably irksome to have one's photo taken at an inopportune time, certain celebrities have shared their no-makeup looks with pride. See five women who have dared to go bare.

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  • 5 Extremely Haute Designer Nail Polish Collaborations

    BellaSugarBellaSugarSource: 5 Extremely Haute Designer Nail Polish Collaborations

    If you love the gorgeous Prabal Gurung gown here, you're going to be ecstatic about the designer's copycat Sally Hansen nail wraps. 'Tis the season of beauty collaborations, and if Gurung isn't to your taste, a slew of well-loved designers have decided to put their dukes up (in the friendliest way possible) with nail polish brands of late.

    Right now, everyone from Betsey Johnson and Kate Spade to Thakoon is launching a nail line of some sort. Want to get a glimpse at the goods? Here are our top five most covetable new collections.

    • Betsey Johnson: It was kismet: Betsey Johnson and Sephora by OPI are just about perfect for one another. Ms. Johnson's collaboration is out now and features seven polishes, including It's My Pink! ($10, at left), which is scented with Johnson's most recent fragrance, Too Too.
    • Kate Spade: Kate Spade teamed up with Lipstick Queen impresario Poppy King to create this limited-edition set of
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  • Earth Day Everyday: 10 Green Product Lines to Watch

    BellaSugarBellaSugarSource: Earth Day Everyday: 10 Green Product Lines to Watch

    April is Earth Month, but in the world of beauty, going natural is a big deal everyday. Organic beauty has gone from being a concern for co-op shoppin' hippie chicks to being front and center, and there are new brands purporting to be "all-natural" popping up daily. These 10 lines each have their own appeal, from USDA-certified ingredients to fair trade sources and low carbon footprints. Check them out and get a little greener.

    • Suntegrity: When it comes to our everyday skin care routine, Suntegrity is one of the foundations. Their sunscreen smells like freshly squeezed tangerine juice, and it's incredibly gentle. It's a physical sunscreen, made with 20 percent zinc oxide, so you get broad-spectrum protection. Plus, it's also packed with goodies like aloe juice and cucumber extract.
    • Tay: We love Tay's awesome bamboo packaging, and the stuff inside the bottles is pretty great, too. Try the Botanical Water ($28) for
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  • Mad Men-Inspired Beauty Looks to Try Right Now

    BellaSugarBellaSugarSource: Mad Men-Inspired Beauty Looks to Try Right Now

    After a 17-month hiatus, Mad Men makes a much-anticipated return this Sunday. But before we head back to the well-decorated halls of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, let's take a look at the well-decorated hairstyles (and faces) of the women of Mad Men, along with a few ideas on how you can re-create these glamorous looks yourself. Check out more Mad Men-inspired beauty looks here.

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