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  • Show Yourself Some Serious Love with These Valentine's Day Gifts

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: Show Yourself Some Serious Love With These Valentine's Day Gifts

    Valentine's Day may be a holiday for couples, but not all of us are paired off. So what's a gal to do with all of that love? Spend it on yourself, of course! Ahead, we've got some of the best gifts to give yourself on Feb. 14. Scroll on and splurge!

    • Trish McEvoy Sexy #9 Fragrance: Even if you don't plan on seducing anyone, you'll welcome Trish McEvoy Sexy #9 Fragrance ($98), which incorporates notes of blackberry and vanilla musk, lilies, patchouli, and amber.
    • Sephora Deluxe Manicure Kit: Sephora's Deluxe Manicure Kit ($30) allows you to give yourself pretty paws at home.
    • Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick: A swipe of Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick in Private Party ($50) will bring you from blah to beautiful.
    • GHD Jewel Collection: Add some bling to your hair routine with GHD's Jewel Collection ($235), which includes a jewel-toned brush and flat iron.
    • Library of Flowers Bubble Bath: A
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  • 3 Simple Steps to Stronger, Healthier Hair

    Source: 3 Simple Steps to Stronger, Healthier Hair

    Having a better head of hair in the New Year is a lot easier to achieve than you think. Make a promise to yourself (and your hair) to follow these three easy steps to healthier strands. So put down those hotter-than-hot heating tools and resolve to have the hair of your dreams with these three simple tips.

    1. Turn down the heat. You already know that heat styling causes split ends, breakage, and frizz, so do your hair a favor and turn down that dial on your curling iron, flat iron, and blow dryer. If you really want to make a dramatic change, Coolway has a whole line of styling products that work on even the most coarse hair . . . without going over 300 degrees.

    2. Air-dry your hair. On the topic of heat styling, why not lessen the amount of time under the dryer by letting your hair air-dry first? This way you can still get that heat-styled look without spending nearly as much time, all while reducing potential damage. It's a

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  • Learn How to Shape and Fill Your Brows like a Pro

    Source: Learn How to Shape and Fill Your Brows Like a Pro

    You tweeze them, get them waxed, or even threaded, but do you also fill in your brows? This simple step is often overlooked, but whether you have on a full face of makeup or just a touch of foundation, well-groomed brows are the key to a flawless look. MAC senior artist Luc Bouchard shares the tricks for achieving perfectly groomed brows with a naturally flattering result. Plus, check out our downloadable cheat sheet.

    • Brush Them: Before you start doing anything, Bouchard recommends brushing everything out first so that you're working with your natural shape.
    • Find the Right Shade: Next, Bouchard says to evaluate how much color you need. He likes to generally go a shade lighter than the natural color of your brows. "This way it creates a shadow under the hair," he explains. His product of choice is the MAC Veluxe Brow Liner ($20) because it's a pencil that turns to powder for a more natural effect.

    More from

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  • Everything You Need to Know to Find Your Perfect Hairbrush

    POPSUGAR BeautyPOPSUGAR BeautySource: Everything You Need to Know to Find Your Perfect Hairbrush

    It's easy to get overwhelmed when you're standing in the hairbrush aisle of your favorite beauty store. With so many shapes and sizes, how can you be sure that you're using the right one for your hair type or style? To help make sense of it all, we've broken down the type of brushes for every use and hair type out there - even curly girls! Keep scrolling to meet your hairbrush match and to figure out whether or not it's really worth shelling out the dough for that Mason Pearson brush.

    • For the Perfect Part . . .: Whether you want a center, side, or zigzag part, reach for a plastic rat-tail comb. Not only does that pointed end help you achieve the most precise line possible, but the thin teeth also help smooth strands down so that you don't have flyaways around your crown. Consider this your elegant updo savior.
    • For Fine Hair or Brushing Wet . . .: The Wet Brush ($9) is actually great for a couple of reasons:
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  • The Treatments You Need to Get Before You Go Home Next Week

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: The Treatments You Need to Get Before You Go Home Next Week

    You've got one week before you head home for Christmas, and it's time to start mentally preparing yourself. We can already hear your mom's voice nitpicking about your unruly roots and chipped nails, so we've got your beauty checklist for a holiday spent with the family. You'll look your best, which will hopefully minimize the stress of the whole holiday season . . . but we don't make any promises.

    • Day 7: See your stylist. Ratty ends, obvious roots, and all-around dull hair will definitely hit your mother's sore spot. So, make it a point to schedule an appointment with your hairstylist before you go. A root touch-up and trim are required before you reunite with your long-lost cousins (you have to win the favorite grandchild award after all). In a pinch, seek out a full-strength hair mask like Alterna Caviar Repair Microbead Fill and Fix Hair Treatment ($42).
    • Day 6: Start your whitening regimen. It's going to
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  • Get Luxe Lashes Just in Time for the Holidays

    Source: Get Luxe Lashes Just in Time For the Holidays

    If you've been wanting to experiment with luxe lashes, let this holiday season be your time to take the leap. But if you haven't dabbled with out-to-there lashes, the thought of wearing them, not to mention applying them, can be daunting. See what you can do to get your eyes perfectly framed, whatever your skill level, when you keep reading.

    Beginner: Not a fan of false eyelashes, or failed miserably that one time you tried them? Reach for an eyelash curler instead. First, warm it for about three-to-five seconds with your blow dryer, then position it at the base of your lashes. Press and hold for five seconds, shimmy it up to the middle of your lashes, and hold again for another five seconds. Finish with two-to-three coats of Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara ($8) for some serious boost.

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    : You're not afraid of false lashes, but you're not

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  • Perform Smoky-Eye CPR with Bold Jewel Tones

    Source: Perform Smoky-Eye CPR With Bold Jewel Tones

    The easiest way to add some life to your boring black smoky eye this season? Do it in jewel tones, lady! Purples, blues, and pinks have been seen swept across women's eyes, and whether it's to a movie premiere or backstage at a fashion show, this look always seems to land. "Jewel tones were a huge trend on the runways," said Kayleen McAdams, CK One Color global makeup artist (and Rachel McAdams's sister!). "It brightens the eye and brings a little more color to it. It's fun!" Celebrities have cozied up to this trend, too. We've spotted it on Naomie Harris, Lupita Nyong'o, and Kat Graham, which means it's high time we try out the trend ourselves.

    Play around with colors to see which color complements your eyes the most. Purples bring out greens, bronzy shades complement blues, and bright blues help brown eyes stand out. "Start with a jewel-toned eyeliner, and sketch out the shape," McAdams says. "The pencil will help the shadow to

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  • Say so Long to Dry, Flaky Lips This Winter

    Source: Say So Long to Dry, Flaky Lips This Winter

    We've all seen it, and we've all been victims of it: dry, cracked lips. Between cold air and the moisture-sucking effects of indoor heating, the delicate skin of your lips can get chapped fast in the Winter. You can keep your lips hydrated and supple all season with these helpful tips.

    1. Stop licking: The first rule of preventing chapped lips is to stop the lick. Your lips naturally have a very thin layer of protective oils, but excessive licking can cause it to deteriorate, which will only worsen chapped lips.

    2. Use lip balm correctly: Occlusive ingredients like waxes and petroleum jelly seal in moisture and prevent it from escaping, but they do not necessarily give the boost of hydration your lips need. So be sure to use a hydrating lip balm, like Nivea A Kiss of Moisture ($3), which has a creamy texture that penetrates already-dry lips. Then, seal that in with a more waxy product if you prefer.

    3. Add in a lip

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  • 4 Party Updos that Will Jump-Start Your Holiday Hair Plan

    POPSUGAR BeautySource: 4 Party Updos That Will Jump-Start Your Holiday Hair Plan

    If you're anything like us, your schedule is packed with holiday soirees galore: your friends' annual potluck, pre-Christmas cocktails, and that fancy seasonal charity event. Plus, the year's end means you'll be putting in overtime hours at work and shopping for gifts. Who has time to hunt for holiday hair tutorials? (Not us.) The good news is, last night's Trevor Project Benefit in LA offered plenty of celebrity updos for inspiration. So allow us to help you cross one more thing off your list by copying the red-carpet-approved styles below.

    For Fringe Fanatics
    Blunt bangs can get in the way when you attempt your holiday updo, but take your cues from the runway, and let your fringe breathe. The beauty of a topknot is that you don't need to add any hairpieces (like a bun shaper) to create volume. Hairstylist Aviva Perea slicked hair up section by section to avoid lumps using Oribe Surfcomber Mousse ($37). Then,

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  • 2013: The Year We Embraced White Eye Shadow and Gray Nails

    Source: 2013: The Year We Embraced White Eye Shadow and Gray Nails

    This year was a big one for color cosmetics, especially when it came to bright makeup. Turquoise blues, hot pinks, and pastel whites were all major trends in makeup and nails in 2013, which made every beauty maven squeal with glee. And while we already know that Radiant Orchid is poised to be one of 2014's hottest colors, we can't help but hope some of the hues below make it through 2013. Keep scrolling to see some of the hottest pigment trends of the year!

    White Eye Makeup
    Sure, white may be the absence of color, but this shade made eyes pop in 2013. It was sketched in close as eyeliner and washed across the lid as shadow, proving that this seemingly simple hue is more than versatile.

    Hot Pink Lipstick
    We gave our red lipsticks a break this year and embraced a sexier shade: hot pink. Diane von Furstenberg showed off the hue for Fall, and we taught you how to apply it with ease. This color looks

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