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  • Healthy Cooking Philosophies from Julia Child

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Julia Child would have turned 100 years old today, and while it may seem appropriate to celebrate her birthday with a decadent dessert, it would be even more fitting to whip up something fresh and delicious from the garden!

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    The name Julia Child is often synonymous with butter, cream and animal fat -- not to mention delicacies like crepes suzette and ile flottante (a "floating island" concoction of meringue and custard), but when her seminal cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, came out in 1961, TV dinners and convenience foods had become a big part of American culture. With her book and ensuing cooking show, Child encouraged people to get back into the kitchen, placing an emphasis on using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients.

    "Cooking is not a chore it is a joy. Dining is not a fuel stop, it is recreation," she once said.

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    "Julia Child's

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  • Helen Gurley Brown's 10 Most "Fun and Fearless" Quotes

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Helen Gurley Brown -- the incomparable "Cosmo girl" and editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan magazine for 32 years -- died at 90 years young on Monday, leaving behind a legacy of straight talk about sex and relationships (especially where single ladies are concerned!), more than one shattered glass ceiling and a treasure trove of witty one-liners.

    Brown, of course, is credited with leading the way for women to talk openly about sex. Not only did she pen the (at the time) controversial book Sex and the Single Girl in 1962, but she edited Cosmo -- a magazine for "fun and fearless females" -- from 1965 until 1997.

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    Cosmo describes Sex and the Single Girl as "a fictional book about a swinging singleton who was leading this new kind of life ... Not only did the book tell women they didn't need a man to be happy, but it also encouraged them to enjoy sex with whomever they damn well pleased -- without guilt."

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  • Sweat: What's Healthy and What's Not

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Feeling a little hot and sweaty lately? It's not just you: The first half of 2012 was declared the hottest six-month period ever on record by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's (NOAA) National Climatic Data Center.

    But heat waves aside, if you've been wondering A.) if you're sweatier than the average person and B.) if there's anything you can do about embarrassing underarm stains, the answers are -- maybe, and yes!

    According to dermatologist David M. Pariser, M.D., there's no such thing as strictly "normal" when it comes to sweating. The average person has two to four MILLION sweat glands, and "there is a wide variety in the amount of sweating," he says, adding that men tend to produce about twice as much sweat as women.

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    However, he says, if you find that you often have wet underarms, or even wet palms or soles of your feet, and you're not hot, stressed or exercising at the

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  • 3 Must-Dos to Stay Young and Healthy

    Caroline Schaefer, SELF magazine

    Want to stay young and sexy, always? SELF's on-call medical expert, Dr. Lodge shared his top three things to do that'll keep you healthy for years to come.

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    "Run upstairs to use the loo."

    Or if you're stuck on one floor, take a stroll around. Being even a bit active, once an hour or so, can slow aging. Breakswill help you avoid losing steam at work, too.

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    "Eat kale as an appetizer."
    Pile up your plate with nutrient-dense noshes first. It will help you steer clear of junk, which makes you feel blah now and increases risk for disease and death later.

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    "Visualize a beach."
    Sit quietly for a few minutes, close your eyes, and imagine your favorite place--you'll feel recharged, and the dip in anxiety will help protect your immunity and heart. No sunscreen needed.

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  • The PMS Workout: 4 Moves to Ease Cramps

    Dana Meltzer-Zepeda, SELF magazine

    You're 25 days into your cycle when those all-too-familiar aches and pains start to emerge in your lower abdomen. Not only are you plagued with stomach cramps but you're also exhausted but you can't seem to stop inhaling gallons of Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream.

    PMS is the bain of most women's existence. For most of us, it either means dealing with constant discomfort or popping pills like Tic-Tacs to ward off cramps. Luckily, there is another option to keep symptoms at bay.

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    "Working out helps release endorphins and mitigates the stress that can cause you to go off-kilter while you are PMS-ing," says Cristi Christensen, Mind Body Director at Exhale Center for Sacred Movement in Venice, California. "Exercise gets your blood flowing and brings your body back into balance, alleviating the physical and psychological symptoms of PMS."

    Incorporate these four moves into your regular routine

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  • Your Favorite Childhood Treats Made Healthy!

    Kana OkadaKana OkadaApril Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    There's something about summer that brings out the kid in everyone -- maybe it's all that bike-riding and splashing in the pool. Found yourself in line for a soft-serve ice cream cone lately? Summer also tends to bring out everyone's childhood sweet tooth!

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    We asked our friends at (the site founded by the "Hungry Girl" herself, best-selling author and host of the Hungry Girl TV show, Lisa Lillien) and Jennifer Iserloh, aka "The Skinny Chef," founder of, for some of their favorite recipes that will have you grinning like a kid again, without sacrificing your bikini bod...

    1. If you'd dig a Devil Dog...
    Have a yen for a cream-filled treat of yesteryear? Make these Mini Chocolate Cakewiches, developed by The Skinny Chef for SELF, filled with cream cheese and Greek yogurt.

    2. If you scream for ice cream...
    Ice-cream man miss your street today? Three (yes, three!) of SELF's

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  • The Best Vending Machine Picks

    Sarah-Jane Bedwell, SELF magazine

    When 3 p.m. rolls around, it's not uncommon to get a case of the munchies. An afternoon snack can help keep your energy levels up and prevent you from getting overly hungry before dinner, which can lead to overeating, but what if your only option is something from a vending machine? Since you can't always check the nutrition labels before you buy, I've sorted through some of the most common vending machine fare to find the best choices.

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    Chocolate Treat:
    When that craving hits, my pick of the bunch is peanut M&Ms. The peanuts are a source of healthy fats and M&Ms are lower in overall calories and lower in sodium than most candy bars. Plus, peanuts contain fiber, which helps make this chocolate treat more satisfying.

    Salty Snack: With options ranging from pretzels to baked chips to pork rinds to popcorn, choosing the healthiest pick can be difficult. I would chose popcorn, especially if you can get your hands on a

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  • 4 Foods that Quench Your Thirst

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Water is healthy and necessary, but sometimes it just gets ... boring. Luckily, foods that are high in water are hydrating, too, and there's no better time than summer for sweet, fresh fruits and veggies that help you keep your cool.

    Plus, added bonus: "Fruits and vegetables that contain high water content can add volume to your meals without the calories," says Angela Ginn, registered dietician and spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. "They keep you satisfied!"

    Here are Ginn's top picks for what to reach for the next time you need a little water in your life -- but don't want a glass of water!

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    "Peaches are candy from a tree!" says Ginn. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), peaches are 88 percent water. Ginn says peaches are also a good source of vitamin C, vitamin A, niacin, potassium and dietary fiber. Plus, as SELF has reported, the phenolic

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  • 3 Moves to Make You a Better (and Safer) Runner

    Amanda MacMillan, SELF magazine

    The sport of running is more popular than ever. Unfortunately, so are running injuries and ailments: In fact, 82 percent of runners get injured at some point or another, says Jay Dicharry, director of the SPEED Performance Clinic and Motional Analyst Lab at the University of Virginia.

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    To protect yourself, what you do off-road is just as important as what you do on, says Dicharry in his new book, Anatomy for Runners, out this month. The book includes a full-body routine of exercises and stretches you can do at home -- using simple props like a broomstick and a stool -- to prepare your body for faster, smarter running.

    "Stability needs to be built from the bottom up," says Dicharry. "Changing your muscle memory is all about making the muscles smarter." These three exercises, along with others in his book, will help you improve coordination and retrain specific muscles to work with correct alignment --

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  • Baby Formula Lock-Up

    Courtesy of NYC.govCourtesy of NYC.govApril Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg just unveiled a health initiative that he hopes will encourage new moms to breastfeed. The plan? Ask hospitals to treat formula like any other regulated substance, keeping it locked up and given out only under certain conditions.

    According to the press release from the New York City Department of Health, the initiative is designed to "support a mother's choice to breastfeed and limit the promotion of infant formula in their facilities which can interfere with that decision."

    When "Latch On NYC" goes into effect in September, hospitals that partake in the voluntary initiative will instruct nurses not to hand out formula unless there's a medical need or unless moms specifically ask for it, and to sign out and account for all formula they DO dispense. The city also launched a subway and hospital poster campaign designed to showcase the benefits of breast milk (see image above).

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