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  • How Pop Star JoJo Finds Time for Exercise

    By Sarah Schmidt, SELF magazine

    Pop star JoJo is one busy lady. She hit the road earlier this year with Joe Jonas and Jay Sean, is prepping to drop her third album, Jumping Trains, in April and even managed to carve out some serious time in her schedule to give back.

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    This year, that meant taking part in the Hard Rock Cafe Pinktober Tour in support of breast cancer research. The opportunity had special significance for JoJo, who has been personally affected by breast cancer. "My Nana was just recently diagnosed, and my family and I are learning all we can so we can support her in the best way possible," she says. "I was honored to be a part of this concert series with Hard's such an important cause."

    With so much on her plate, we had to know how this young star (she turns 21 this month!) stays balanced. We were lucky enough to catch up with JoJo to chat about her secrets to staying healthy on the go, what keeps her happy despite her

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  • The Best Headphones for Your Workout

    By Bari Lieberman, SELF magazine

    When it comes to purchasing workout gear there are three things to look for: comfort, performance and durability. And finding the perfect headphones are just as important as wearing the right sneakers.

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    According to the American Council on Exercise, "Important factors to consider when selecting headphones include fit, acoustics, portability, compatibility with your music player and if they stay on while you are exercising." Another important factor I found is the material used to cover the earbuds: I prefer the earbuds with rubberized covering instead of the flimsier material which always seems to disintegrate after sweaty workouts.

    With lots of different headphones on the market, here's what you need to know to find the perfect style for your workout:


    A lot of runners gravitate towards over-the-ear style headphones like the UltraFit collection from Polk Audio and Yurbuds's Ironman Endure. This

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  • From Giuliana Rancic to Michelle Obama: 7 Biggest Celeb Health Stories of 2011

    By April Hussar, SELF magazine

    From Giuliana Rancic's breast cancer diagnosis and planned double mastectomy to Michelle Obama doing jumping jacks on the White House lawn, 2011 has been jam-packed with health news on the celeb front. Here's a look back at the biggest celebrity health news stories of the year...

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    1. Giuliana Rancic's Breast Cancer Diagnosis
    Last year, we applauded E! News host Giuliana Rancic for opening up about her miscarriage and struggle with infertility, giving a much-needed public voice to issues that so many women face but are often reluctant to talk about. Now, Rancic is going through another incredibly difficult trial, one that also used to be considered taboo to talk about: breast cancer. With her recent announcement that she'll be undergoing a double mastectomy, we wish wish Giuliana a speedy recovery and a happy and healthy 2012.

    2. Michelle Obama's Let's Move Campaign

    When HealthySELF interviewed the nation's

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  • 6 Healthy Ways to Detox

    By Erin Hobday, SELF magazine

    Find yourself eating too much junk food lately? You might be feeling the urge to detox. But resist the call of juice diets, fasts, and other trendy but potentially dangerous cleanses. Our plan involves "eating clean"- focusing on naturally nutrient-rich whole foods, and cutting back on processed bites.

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    1. Skip added sugars
    "White sugar, brown sugar, honey-all sugar pumps calories into your diet and spikes your blood sugar," says nutritionist Joy Bauer. Consuming too much of it also promotes inflammation, which can increase your risk for heart disease and certain cancers and make you feel foggy and fatigued.

    What to do?
    Stay away from foods that list sugar, high-fructose corn syrup or dextrose on the ingredients label. High-fructose corn syrup sweetens many processed foods, including cold cuts and ketchup, and food makers often add it to reduced-fat foods to make them tastier. Just like table sugar, HFCS can

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  • 7 Simple Ways to Ward Off Holiday Weight Gain

    It's a season of indulgence, but that doesn't mean your healthy habits go out the window. Follow these easy tips to maintain a balanced diet while still enjoying an occasional splurge.

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    1. Stock up on Healthy Options
    This holiday season, be even more conscious of your healthy eating at home so that when you are out you don't have to feel any guilt about indulging! Even if you have two or three parties in one week, you still will be at home for 4-5 nights that week. The best way to avoid holiday weight gain is to make sure your home is stocked full of healthy options and free of treats. -Cristin Dillon Jones, R.D.

    2. Skip Extra Treats

    During the holiday season it's a good idea to avoid that nightly glass of wine and that treat you have after dinner. Those two small things can add up to a few hundred extra calories that combined with your event eating could lead to extra pounds by January. Since you'll have plenty of other opportunities to

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  • The 6 Most Fattening Holiday Drinks

    Condé Nast Digital StudioCondé Nast Digital StudioBy April Hussar, SELF Magazine

    During these dark, chilly days, it's tempting to cheer up with a yummy holiday refreshment, whether you're out shopping, at the office holiday party or home watching A Charlie Brown Christmas for the 600th time. But beware -- just because it comes in a glass doesn't mean your treat won't trick you into consuming a meal's worth of fat and calories in a few sips.

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    Rachel Berman RD, Director of Nutrition for, told us the biggest beverage offenders to avoid -- and what you can cozy up with instead:

    1. Non-alcoholic eggnog (343 calories, 19 g fat per cup)
    It's creamy and delicious, but it's not worth gulping down your calories and fat with your eggnog. Research shows that we don't register nutrients from beverages the same way we do nutrients from food -- so you'll probably end up eating close to the same amount at your holiday dinner even if you've had a couple of nogs before. Yikes! However, if the

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  • Tips for Looking Good at Your Holiday Office Party

    Spend less time primping and more time merrymaking with these get-gorgeous how-tos and shortcuts.

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    Give this work-friendly look a shot of color with a little sheer peach blush only in the center of your cheeks.With hair and makeup that work overtime, you'll go from computer to cocktails completely polished.

    Nix the Concealer
    Camouflage tired eyes. You could wipe off your makeup and start from scratch, but then you'd miss the hors d'oeuvres.

    Beauty shortcut: "Dampen skin slightly with a hydrating facial spray to refresh the makeup you already have on," says Erica Whelan, a makeup artist in NYC. (Dry office air zaps moisture from skin, making foundation flaky.) As uplifting as a glass of the real thing, champagne-colored shadow can instantly energize eyes. Apply it only in the inner corners, or lightly line along upper and lower lash lines, too.

    Make eyes (and skin) radiant with Smashbox Halo Highlighting Wand in Pearl, $32. All

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  • 20 Superfoods for Weight Loss

    By Camille Noe Pagan, SELF Magazine

    It's time for a new slim-down mantra: Eat more to weigh less. No joke! The right foods help you drop pounds by revving your calorie burn and curbing cravings. We consulted top experts for the best picks and asked leading chefs for easy, tasty ways to prepare them. Add these eats to your plate today and you'll be slimmer and healthier in no time!

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    1. Steak
    Beef has a rep as a diet buster, but eating it may help you peel off pounds.Try to consume local organic beef; it's healthier for you and the environment.

    How to Eat More: Grill or broil a 4-ounce serving of top round or sirloin; slice thinly to top a salad, or mix with veggies for fajitas.

    2. Eggs
    Dig in to eggs, yolks and all: They won't harm your heart, but they can help you trim inches.

    How to Eat More: Omelets and scrambles are obvious choices, but if you can't cook before work, bake a frittata on Sunday; chill it and nuke slices for up to a week. An

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  • Elizabeth Edwards's Daughter Cate Remembers Her Grace One Year Later

    By Cate Edwards, SELF magazine

    One year ago today, my mom, Elizabeth Edwards, passed away from metastatic breast cancer. To those of us who knew her, loved her, admired her, it feels like yesterday.

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    There are things quintessentially Elizabeth that will always remind me of her. Some of them are grating (a constant flow of grammatical corrections). Some of them gracious (the constant claim that friends and family--not herself--are to thank for her own strength). Some of them are ill-advised (putting together meals comprised only of 100-calorie snacks). Some of them are good advice (to put together the biggest dream you can for yourself, then go one bigger). Some of them are passing (her idea to buy a bush hog and cut her own path in our backyard). Some of them are lasting (her idea to be herself, regardless, and forge her own path in life).

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    But every Momism that I took for granted during her life has served as a

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  • How to Find Love at the Holiday Party

    By April Hussar, SELF magazine

    The embrace under the mistletoe, the New Year's Eve midnight kiss ... those moments sound so sweet and romantic, but what if you don't have anyone to share them with? Depressing? Au contraire! Dating coach Bari Lyman, creator of and author of Meet to Marry: A Dating Revelation for the Marriage Minded, believes this is the perfect time of year to meet "The One" -- and she tells us how.

    First of all, says Lyman, don't get the holiday blues just because it seems like everyone else is paired up.

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    "The number one thing to keep in mind is how wonderful the timing is," Lyman says. "Embrace the season as a great time to be out there! Remember how amazing and unique you are and that you just need to find that one special person -- someone wonderful, who inspires you and shares your vision."

    OK, you say, but how? Lyman shares her top tips for making the most of this season of soirees in your search for the

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