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  • Sleep Better with This One Trick

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Have you ever found yourself a wee bit jealous of Sleeping Beauty [Ed. Note: I may or may not have a figurine of her on my desk] not because of the hot prince, but because of all that great sleep she got?! If you've ever lay in bed trying to just fall asleep already, you're not alone. The good news? We found an incredible trick--not to turn off your mind, but rather giving it something different to think about.

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    "At bedtime, people with insomnia will often plan the next day, re-hash the previous day, think about daily concerns," says Les A. Gellis, Ph.D., sleep research and professor of psychology at Syracuse University. You worry about whatever it is you're worrying about, then you start worrying that your worrying will keep you awake!

    What's a girl in need of beauty (and health!) sleep to do? According to Gellis, changing the content of your pre-sleep thoughts may be your ticket to slumberland.

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  • Text Your Way to His Heart

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    OK, so we all know about sexting-and the dangers of sending out a nudie pic of yourself. But in this digital age, texting is vital to daily communication-especially your dating life. We promise it's easy to master; you just need to master the art of "Flirtexting." Really.Digital dating experts (and self-confessed "one-time serial daters") Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz wrote the book on the subject, literally. The revised edition of Flirtexting: How to Text Your Way into His Heart (Skyhorse Publishing), comes out next month--but we got a few sneak-peek tips on how to give him great text.

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    : Guys love texting because it insulates them from first date jitters. You get to break the ice over text, before meeting face-to-face. Plus, they say it makes rejection easier to handle AND it helps guys know if you're into them or not.

    2. DON'T T.U.I.: That stands for Texting Under the

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  • Stick to Your Diet on Date Night!

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Long gone are the days when women nibbled daintily on lettuce so as to appear "feminine" to potential suitors--and seriously, good riddance. Here at
    SELF, we like to eat. But what if you really are watching what you eat? (And yes, SELF often does too!) Do you have throw your diet out the window if you've got a hot dinner date?

    Of course not, says
    SELF's Nutrition Blogger, Sarah-Jane Bedwell, RD. We checked in with Bedwell and Angela Ginn, RD, Spokeswoman for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, to get their top tips for avoiding diet pitfalls while being wined and dined. After all--the important part of the date is what comes after dinner, amirite?

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    1. Plan Ahead:
    "This is key!" says Ginn. "Get involved with choosing the restaurant, or go online and review the menu ahead of time so you have some good ideas about what you can order." Once that's done, you can focus on important things, like what

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  • GMO: What it Really Means

    Sarah-Jane Bedwell, SELF magazine

    GMO stands for genetically modified organism, which means that the designated organism, like yeast or bacteria, has had its DNA altered by man. Foods made from GMOs, such as corn and soybeans,were first introduced in 1994 and were designed to increase overall production of said food, resist disease and produce more nutrients.

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    Even though it appeared to be a great innovation, many people have concerns about the safety of GMO-containing foods today. Some point to studies that have linked GMOs to health-risks in humans such as immune suppression, antibiotic resistance and cancer. Other studies have indicated that GMOs pose a risk to the environment by leading to uncontrolled biological pollution and even the extinction of some species.

    However, others argue that genetically engineered foods are necessary to ensure an adequate, healthy food supply for the earth's growing population.

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  • 5 Second Rule—FALSE!

    April Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Dropped your cookie (or granola bar, or apple) on the floor? Better leave it there. Yes, we have sad news to report: The "Five-Second Rule" has been disproven in a recent study.

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    According to researchers at San Diego State University (funded by The Clorox Company--no surprise there), germs are faster than you think. Fast enough, it seems, to contaminate that bite you thought you could save by swooping it up off the floor and declaring, "Five-Second Rule!!"

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    The team at SD State University dropped baby carrots and "sippy cups" onto various surfaces (including countertops, highchair trays, tile floors and carpet), picked them up within five seconds, and tested them for germs--which they found plenty of. In a disturbing bit of news, carrots picked up the most germs from the counter, which makes us think twice about where we put our food, to say the least.

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  • Bizarre Eats with Health Benefits

    Courtesy of Emerald CoveCourtesy of Emerald CoveSarah-Jane Bedwell, SELF magazine

    Have you ever eaten seaweed snacks? What about freekeh? If you haven't, maybe you should. These under-the-radar eats actually contain loads of health benefits, and are pretty tasty, too-just keep an open mind. These strange foods may just surprise you-and your tastebuds.

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    Seaweed Snacks:
    When I received some samples of these snacks in the mail, I was pleasantly surprised that they had a satisfying crunch and were full of great flavor. And can you believe they only have 25 calories and 2 g fat per serving? Plus, they are relatively low in sodium and pack 25% of the vitamin C you need each day. The best part about these babies? They come in all types of interesting flavors including wasabi, sesame, and if you're craving something slightly sweet, brown sugar.

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    Freekeh: Freekeh is an ancient whole-grain that was created by accident nearly 2,000 years ago when a Middle

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  • 6 Cheap Ways to Cozy Up Your Home for the Cold

    Courtesy of westelm.comCourtesy of westelm.comApril Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    Summer is to outdoor lounging as winter is to cuddling up indoors-and before we know it, these crisp fall days will give way to cold, dark knights. but you don't need to spend a fortune warming up your apartment's-or home's-environment. Check out these six tips to cozy up your space without breaking the bank

    Interior designer and HGTV Design Star alum Cathy Hobbs says decorating can be affordable and approachable, even if you don't think you've got the knack for it. "Just take an inspirational image [that you love] to any store and copy some of the elements," she says. "That's a great way to get started!" From there, follow her six tips for decorating on the cheap this season.

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    "A little texture goes a long way," says Hobbs: Add pillows or throws in contrasting textures like sheepskin, wool, and felt. We found the scrumptiously cozy Mongolian Lamb pillow covers pictured at

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  • Email Etiquette: 7 Tips You Should Always Follow

    Aprils Daniels Hussar, SELF magazine

    We've all done it -- gotten into trouble at work or with friends by "replying all," calling someone the wrong name or sending an email to the entirely wrong person ... but these faux pas aside, is there an art to crafting a great email?

    Lizzie Post, great-great-granddaughter of Emily Post and co-author of the 18th edition of Emily Post's Etiquette, says yes! Here are her top tips for making sure you always come across the way you want via the electronic word:

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    1. First things LAST: "Make filling in the 'to' field the very last thing you do," says Post. "That way you don't accidentally send your email when it's not ready to go."

    2. Never Assume: From assuming everything in your email is spelled properly to assuming it arrived and was read by the intended recipient, assuming is "probably your biggest faux pas," says Post. "The one thing people really remember are the mistakes!"

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  • The #1 Personality Trait That Will Help You Live Longer

    Could organization lead to a longer life?Could organization lead to a longer life?Dr. Catherine Birndorf, SELF magazine

    Guess what personality trait is most associated with longevity? If you said "happiness," "optimism" or "healthy relationships," I don't blame you. Those characteristics all seem like they'd make for a long, fulfilling life. The real answer will surprise you:

    It's conscientiousness, according to a study that followed subjects for 80 (!) years, conducted by psychology professors Howard Friedman, Ph.D., and Leslie Martin, Ph.D. People who are organized, prudent and persistent are apparently outliving the rest of us. Huh.

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    But if you think about it, this makes sense: Conscientious people are thoughtful about how they live, and they embrace the notions of moderation and balance. They might challenge themselves to get out for a run a few times a week, but they don't go too far--pushing themselves to exhaustion or to overtrain. Same goes for how they eat--probably healthfully but not obsessively (and

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  • 5 Great 5-Minute Lunches

    Courtesy of smarterer.comCourtesy of smarterer.comSarah-Jane Bedwell, SELF magazine

    To celebrate National School Lunch Week, SELF decided to drum up five amazing lunches you can bring to class--or work, or pretty much anywhere. And since my clients always complain that they never have enough time to pack a well-rounded meal for themselves (or the little ones), I gave you quick, easy options that'll have you out the door in five minutes or less. Promise!
    1. Delicious Dippers:
    Fill a large plastic container with at least 1/2 cup of three different types of veggies (baby carrots, mini sweet peppers and sugar snap peas are my faves), a single-serving packet of hummus, a single-serving packet of salsa and a hard boiled egg (look for pre-cooked and peeled eggs in the deli section of your grocery store). At lunch time, enjoy trying different dip and dipper combinations.

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    2. Tuna Lettuce Wraps: First, make the savory sauce for the wraps by stirring together 2 tbsp nonfat, plain Greek yogurt and

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