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  • 5 Ways to Snag a Man Without Scaring Him Away

    5 Ways to Snag a Man Without Scaring Him Away5 Ways to Snag a Man Without Scaring Him AwayTimes have changed, ladies. We no longer have to wait by the sidelines while every other girl dances with a cute boy. We can ask him out to dance because it's no longer taboo to tell a man you're interested. It's 2014 and women are encouraged to be proactive. And so we are.

    But what about the myth that chasing a man reeks of desperation? It can if you do it the wrong way. As Rori Raye states in this YourTango post, "When we find ourselves falling for a man, it's normal to start feeling that if we don't show enough interest in him he might get the wrong message and drift away." That's when we act like boy-crazy teenagers.

    So, yes, show him you like him! Just make sure to do it right. Here are five ways to chase a man without scaring him away.

    1. Ask Him Out

    A man will notice you if you are bold enough to ask him out. It isn't desperate; it shows confidence. Besides, many women don't go this route so you will stand out from the crowd. What can you say? You're a woman who knows

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  • The Unbelievable Way One Woman Gave Birth

    The Unbelievable Way One Woman Gave BirthThe Unbelievable Way One Woman Gave BirthAs a labor and delivery nurse for the past three years, I've seen a lot of women give birth.

    Epidural-aided and natural, vaginally and via C-section, side-lying, on all fours or by the ever-popular legs splayed to the side in bed route -- I thought I had seen it all.

    And I have to confess that I am one of those weird people that happens to think that birth is the single most wondrous thing on earth. It took me months after training before I was able to assist in a delivery without having to embarrassingly wipe my tears away with my latex-gloved hand.

    But there is one birth that sticks out in my mind as the one that I will never forget -- the birth that stills seem almost unbelievable to me, the birth that moved me to tears I didn't even try to hide.

    They were a couple approaching their 40s, a husband and wife team who had thought they were "done," with three children already well past the diapers and crying-every-two-hours stage.

    It's a situation that many of us dread --

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  • Why I Stopped Using the Silent Treatment Against My Husband

    Why I Stopped Using the Silent Treatment Against My HusbandWhy I Stopped Using the Silent Treatment Against My HusbandWhen we first got married, it's quite possible that I was the worst wife on the planet.

    Granted, we were pretty young when we got married - barely 21 - but aside from the fact that we were young, I had a lot to learn.

    It may have stemmed from the dynamics in my family growing up, as all good love stories go, of course, but I never really learned how to properly "fight." In our house, it was a lot of hurt feelings, emotions brushed under the rug, cold shoulders, and then, finally, when the tension moved from "simmer" to "burn," a giant, violent explosion.

    No one is perfect of course, but looking back, I can see how unhealthy my version of dealing with conflict was.

    And of course, like a dowry from the blushing bride, I was only too happy to bring my conflict baggage straight into the sacred bond of our marriage.

    My favorite form of fighting in those turbulent early years?

    The silent treatment.

    I'm not sure what I thought was so brilliant about the use of the

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  • Beyonce, Feminism, and Keeping Her Clothes On: What She Can Learn from Madonna

    Beyonce, Feminism, and Keeping Her Clothes on: What She Can Learn from MadonnaBeyonce, Feminism, and Keeping Her Clothes on: What She Can Learn from MadonnaBeyonce is on the cover of this month's Out magazine. Despite the fact that she is topless and wearing a wig, I couldn't help but notice that she's reminding me a lot of Madonna from the early '90s these days. I'm not just talking about her appearance, but the path she is taking in her career, too.

    In her Marilyn Monroe-inspired wig, Beyonce talks to Out magazine about how easy it can be to be sexy and classy at the same time, explaining: "There is unbelievable power in ownership, and women should own their sexuality. You can be a businesswoman, a mother, an artist, and a feminist - whatever you want to be - and still be a sexual being. It's not mutually exclusive."

    Sound familiar? Well it should because these are the same words that were preached to us over 20 years ago when Madonna was still at her reign on top of the Billboard charts. Although Madonna was more of a straight shooter when it came to owning her risqué image back then (she was once quoted as saying, "Can a body be a

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  • 7 Do’s and Don'ts of Online Dating — Post-Divorce

    7 Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating — Post-Divorce7 Do's and Don'ts of Online Dating — Post-DivorceOk, so you're 40+ years old, divorced with a kid or two (or possibly more - God bless you!), and you have just awoken to the realization that you're single, too.

    Let's face it: Dating after divorce is really weird. And I know getting divorced is weird enough without having to add, "Finding another mate to fill up your loneliness," to your already long to-do list that you're probably doing alone.

    For a while, you went out and did all the things people told you to do: You found a hobby, you took a yoga class, you went on a trip around the world - or you stayed home and wished you had done all of the above. But the truth is, we like companionship. We were built to "co-stuff" - you know, like co-going to a movie, co-going to a concert, co-walking on the beach and looking at the sunset. And if we're being honest, it's a lot more fun to co-stuff with a guy or a gal that we're actually into. My mom and my girlfriends are fun, but come on - snuggling up on the beach is way more fun with

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  • Amy Poehler and Tina Fey as Sisters? OBVIOUSLY!

    Amy Poehler and Tina Fey As Sisters? OBVIOUSLY!Amy Poehler and Tina Fey As Sisters? OBVIOUSLY!I could watch Amy Poehler and Tina Fey read a diner menu and be completely entertained. I am more than thrilled to hear that the two actresses, comics, besties, and brilliant writers are teaming up to play sisters in The Nest. This is a project Tina has been developing for a while. Both Tina and Amy will be producers of the film. Jason Moore from Pitch Perfect will be directing what is sure to be a comedy-palooza.

    Suzanne just wrote about the Bechdel test, and The Nest seems like it will pass that test perfectly. Which, hopefully, means it will be a huge success.

    Deadline is reporting a broad stroke of the comedy plot: "They'll play thirty-something sisters who come home to find their parents' house has been put up for sale. They spend a last wild weekend together, bonding and feuding and finally growing up."

    Related: 16 child stars from the '90s - then vs. now

    Amy Poehler and Tina Fey met in an improv class in Chicago in 1993 and have been encouraging and propelling each

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  • Phyllis and Michael SommerPhyllis and Michael SommerIt struck me shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer on Jan. 6 of this year how grateful I was to be the one in my family with cancer. I was nauseated with fright and dizzy with all of the details of what lay ahead of me, not to mention nearly paralyzed about the possibility that it had spread -- but I knew that I had more control over myself, my emotions, and how to attack it all than I could possibly have if it were happening to my husband or kids. To see those closest to me in pain and fearing for their own lives? It was a thought that literally took my breath away as it raced through my head during bouts of insomnia at night.

    Thankfully my story is one of the good ones. While 2014 will go down as the longest year in history for me as I plod through the painful and painfully long reconstruction process, the cancer was caught early, which means that while I'll still die one day, it won't be because of my breasts (especially since I don't have them anymore).

    I wish

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  • Will This Intense Ad Cut Down on Distracted Teen Drivers?

    Most people think they are excellent drivers but others on the road are not. Teens are no exception. Probably because they know it all, yes?

    The problem is that if everyone is right about their own exalted driving abilities, it likely means that everyone else on the road is a lesser driver. Which means that you must drive defensively, even if you're an A+ driver. Which means that you cannot be distracted. But not because you're not a good driver. It's because others on the road are bad drivers. Make sense?

    Whatever the reason that you need to drive on high alert even if you're a good driver, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration still wants to bring heightened awareness to the fact that, in 2012 alone, 3,328 people died in the United States in distracted driving crashes. That's why they've made a new public safety announcement in the form of a commercial called "U Drive. U Text. U Pay."

    Texting and driving knows no age limits, although teens get the brunt of

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  • This Family Gave Up Sugar for a Year -- Could You?

    Could Your Family Go an Entire Year Without Sugar? This Family DidCould Your Family Go an Entire Year Without Sugar? This Family Did"Can I have my dessert?" my 6-year-old eagerly asks each night mere moments after finishing his dreadfully consumed dinner.

    "I guess. Go ahead." I tell him, acutely aware that I have only myself to blame.

    Long ago, in a kitchen not so far away, I started the nasty habit of bribing my slow-eating, ever-picky kids to finish their meals with promises of dessert. I did it because it worked. "Ah, it's just a sweet treat. So long as they eat a balanced meal, a little sugar isn't going to hurt them," I thought.

    Only, a daily dessert isn't "just a little sugar," now is it? When combined with all the kid-friendly and consumer-friendly foods we eat, sugar is everywhere. It's in my pantry, my fridge, all over my kids' school (Hey, it's [insert random no need to celebrate occasion]! Let's celebrate with a sugar-filled class party!), the haircut place, my bank branch, and the local businesses we frequent. Everywhere we go, strangers and non-strangers alike are offering my kids candy. And

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  • My daughters are all about the princesses lately. The Frozen princesses, in particular. If Elsa and Anna aren't available, however, they'll settle for a Cinderella, Sophia the First or Tinker Bell any day. They don't discriminate; if she sparkles, has a tiara and flowing gown, they're good to go.

    Which is not to say they won't get their hands dirty (I know this because I am the definition of insanity, telling them like a lunatic that they must wash their hands after going to the bathroom each and every time, even when my 5-year-old declares she only had to wipe once). They like rain puddles, Lincoln Logs, Play-Doh and paint just as much as the next girl -- or boy. I don't worry my girls are condemned to an exclusive life of rainbows and unicorns (unless, of course, it's a rainbow-pooping unicorn), because I know they're well-rounded and not particularly apt to direct their sole attention from here to eternity to castles and treasures.

    GoldieBlox, a toy line meant to get girls

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