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  • The 6 Do's and Don'ts of Male Grooming Habits

    As beauty editors, we can't help but have an impact on our immediate friends and family when it comes to hair tips, makeup how-tos and skincare advice.

    One person in particular who we do struggle with is our male significant other, which got us thinking: where is the line between being nicely groomed as a male and going overboard? If the tables were turned, can you imagine waiting an hour for your guy to get ready? Men aren't supposed to be high maintenance-that's our job. Here are six DO's and DON'Ts of male grooming. More: Beauty Secrets From Real Women

    1. DON'T: Manis/Pedis - André Leon Talley is the only man who should remain the pedicure prince-it works for the Vogue editor-at-large. But as for our main squeeze who isn't a head honcho at one of the most well-renowned fashion magazines? We'd rather not have our guy sitting with us at our next salon visit.

    2. DO: Nail clipping - No more hangnails, guys, and keep them short! We just hope that he opts for the clipper and not his

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  • 3 Smoky Eye Alternatives

    We don't think we'll ever tire of the smoky eye as the ultimate sexy makeup look (when done well). But what we are tired of are the black, gray and silver shadow palettes. Looking to mix it up? Try one of these smoky eye alternatives instead.

    This works best on blue and brown eyes. Blue eye shadow may remind you of the 80s but if used right, can have gorgeous effects. Skeptical? Use navy and deep slate gray. Palette suggestion: MAC Custom Eye Compact in Grey (It actually includes blues).
    See: How to fake wide-awake eyes.

    This hue will make brown and hazel eyes pop. Opt for plums instead of true purples if you're not ready to take the color plunge yet. Palette suggestion: Maybelline Eye Studio in Purple Icon.
    See: How to apply eye shadow like a diva.

    Try this on green, hazel and brown eyes. This look is great for the summer when heat levels are high and makeup tends to run all over your face. Add a bronze or copper shade to your makeup bag, and you've avoided

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  • Men Weigh in on Your Most Common Body Issues

    Every woman has (at least) one body part she can't stand. But what if she could see her "flaw" through the eyes of the person who loves her most? We asked seven women to open up about their biggest body issue, then asked their partners to tell us what they see.

    Kirsten and Tom, Together for eight years
    Kirsten dislikes: her butt. "When I was seven," she says, "I used to tell my mother 'You have the biggest butt I've ever seen in my life!'...and then I inherited it."

    Tom says: "I love the way her butt feels. It's round and sensual and I can't stop grabbing it." See: How to Seduce Anyone

    Steven and Ariana, Dating two years
    Ariana dislikes: her face shape and her calf muscles. "My face is so round! I always say it looks like a sunflower or a pancake. And my calves are too big - buying boots is a nightmare!"

    Steven says: "My favorite part of her is easily her face. It's beautiful - she has incredible skin and I love pinching her adorable cheeks. As far as her legs, they are about as

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  • Grammy Beauty Trend Report: 3 Looks We Loved

    We've been anxiously awaiting the Grammy red carpet for weeks. We love awards shows but the Grammys always tends to bump up the creativity when it comes to the hair and makeup. This year was no different from dye changes to Beyonce's blinging strands, these are three of our favorite trends.

    Gaga for Blond
    Blond was the color to be at the Grammys this year. While some shades were a little brassy, (Giuliana Rancic), we found Lady GaGa's sunny hues fabulous. Yes, the bold, bright yellow shades were a little bright but we love the look because that was exactly the point. If you are going to dye outside the box, then follow GaGa's footsteps and step out completely-don't just stick your pinky toe out. Get flawless, at-home hair color.

    Beach Babe Waves

    Surfer girl curls were all the rage on the red carpet in long and short forms. Marisa Miller rocked her signature breezy waves which looked great paired with her sultry smoky eyes. We always love Miller's waves, but we especially loved that

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  • 2 Killer Moves for a Flat Tummy

    A toned stomach is like an amazing Chanel bag. It looks good, feels great and takes a ton of work to get it. Some of us were born with it, and some of us spend our whole lives vying for it. Plus, it's sexy.

    We can't give you tips on buying a Chanel bag (other than save, save save!) but we can tell you the killer moves to get your stomach into shape. Just keep in mind that these exercises alone won't do it. Click here for fat-burning cardio ideas and metabolism-boosters.

    "A toned core will help your body age well in the decades to come, so it's crucial to build a strong one early on," says Valerie Orsoni, founder of "Also," adds Geralyn Coopersmith, senior national manager at Equinox Fitness Training Institute, "developing a fit core early in life sets you up for amazing posture and a pain-free lower back." (See: 4 Weeks to a Better Body)

    Killer Move: The Plank

    Goal: To condition your entire core
    Frequency: Four times a week
    - Get into a push-up

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  • 4 "Intimate" Products We Don't Understand

    You know that you'll be receiving flowers, cards and maybe candy from your main beau on Valentine's Day, but what about these treats below? They baffle us a bit and we wonder if any of these are comfortable. Tell us-would you try any of the below? What's the most outrageous Valentine's Day gift you've ever received?

    Color for Hair Down There - Neon on our clothes is one thing, but on our crotch? We wonder If a man will really be turned on by a hot pink patch of hair. Get hair-dying advice (for your head).

    Candy Nipple Tassels - The part that worries us the most here is that they're self-adhesive, plus the picture makes it look like two squids suctioned themselves to a woman's chest. Not to mention, there's a large margin of error here, so be careful where you let him bite - this novelty item looks like it could turn painful.

    See how to clear breakouts on your chest and back.

    Edible Thong - All we have to say about this is: Fruit roll-ups belong in a lunchbox, not sandwiched between

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  • SAG Awards Recap: The Best Hair and Dress Duos

    With every awards show that we watch, we daydream about what our ideal gown and hairstyle would be. Our one rule: complete syngery between the hair and the dress. Here are the four stars that made it work from head to toe at Saturday's Screen Actors Guild Awards.

    Kate Hudson
    Kate's messy but elegant updo complimented her dress' plunging back-and her pendant accessory dazzled us. To banish back breakouts, start in the shower and use your fingers or a body brush to gently rub a 2% salicylic acid cleanser into your skin. During the day, wear loose-fitting, breathable fabrics, like linen and cotton. At night, dab a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment onto body blemishes. See more tips on how to keep your back bacne-free.

    Sherri Shepherd

    We're a fan of glistening waves any day, and Sherri does it right. We think her dress is a bit casual, but we love that it hugs her curves in all the right places while she worked it on the red carpet all night. To get waves like Sherri's, wash and deep

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  • Get the Look: Kristen Bell in When in Rome

    After what feels like eons of vampires, aliens, and other scary creatures, we've been itching for a good chick flick. Well, the wait is over, thanks to When in Rome in which Kristen Bell plays Beth, an ambitious New Yorker who's had it with dating. And like the lead actress in all good romantic comedies, Kristen Bell's makeup looks natural yet stunning. Here, the film's head makeup artist, Lori Hicks, tells us which products she used on set and shares some of her best insider makeup tips.

    What was your inspiration for Kristen Bell's makeup look?
    "Since her character is a no-nonsense career woman, the challenge was to make her look less Hollywood glam and more like a New York City sophisticate. So we kept the makeup clean and natural for most of the film. However, when she goes to Rome for her sister's wedding, her look gets a bit sexier, with flushed cheeks and smokier eyes."

    Which products and techniques did you use to make her skin look flawless and radiant?
    "First, I always prep

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  • 5 Ways to Revamp Your Look

    Have a case of the beauty blahs? Is your current makeup routine and hairstyle a total snooze? It's time to get back on the beauty track! Choose from these five how-tos to freshen up your hair, makeup or both! Plus, check out our mega makeover special.

    Update Your Hair Color

    Add face-framing streaks. Ask your colorist for subtle highlights around your hairline. They create a halo of warmth and instantly brighten up your complexion. Plus, they're very low-maintenance. Even if you have to cover up your grays every five or six weeks, you can just get a single process (applying one shade all over) and not have to rehighlight until the next appointment.

    Alternate single process and highlights. For a sunny, golden-blond color, avoid overbleaching, which can weaken your hair. To keep your hair healthy, alternate between a single process and highlights every five to six weeks at the salon. Coloring your hair at home? If you're dyeing an already colored area, coat the roots, then in the last five

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  • Jennifer Aniston's Amazing Legs (and How to Get 'Em)

    With all the amazing looks from Sunday night's Golden Globe Awards, one look that stood out to us wasn't in the form of an elegant updo or glam makeup. We could not take our eyes off of Jennifer Aniston's gorgeous gams! Here are 4 must-know tips on getting your own set of flawless legs. Also, be sure to check out our video showing you how to get the sexiest legs ever!

    1) Tone
    Using a balance ball, this exercise will tone your glutes (butt), hamstrings (back of your legs), and quads (top of thighs). Stand facing away from a wall and place the ball between it and your buttocks. Leaning back against the ball to hold it in place, position your feet slightly in front of you, about shoulder-width apart. Bend your knees to lower yourself into a squat position. (The ball should roll up your back as you do this and your knees should not pass the front of your toes.) Hold for one count, then return to the starting position. Aim for two sets of 15 to 20 repetitions, two to three times a week.

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