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  • 7 Tips for a Sleek, Straight Blowout at Home

    1. Create your base. Comb in a lightweight leave-in conditioner cream after shampooing. If a cream is too heavy for your liking, try a spray instead.

    2. Protect your hair. Also use a heat protective spray like got2b Guardian Heat Protect 'N Blow Out (plus has smells really good!). This will make your hair shiny without weighing it down.
    3. Use a jumbo round brush. The bigger the brush barrel, the straighter your hair will turn out.
    4. Work in sections. This will ensure that you're covering your entire head and will make hair more manageable. Try clipping up your all your hair and only un-clip one-inch sections at a time.
    5. Position your dryer right. Keep it pointed down the hair shaft as you're running it over your locks for the most smoothing benefits.
    6. Break out the flat iron. Never use it on your Read More »from 7 Tips for a Sleek, Straight Blowout at Home
  • Easy (and Quick!) Workouts for Big Results

    Kickstarting your fitness routine doesn't have to involve banking 30 minutes on the elliptical or belonging to a pricey gym. Here are exercises you can do at home to get your body looking more toned and feeling healthier. Try each of these for two minutes straight - if you're feeling energetic, repeat the cycle.

    Stair Walking
    Have a set of stairs in your house or apartment building? Pull on your sneakers and plug in your iPod and step your way to toned legs. It helps your form if you drive your arm upwards like you're taking something out of your pocket and eating it-your opposite knee will automatically follow suit. Remember: keep your knees high!

    Chair Squats
    Stand with your back to a sturdy chair, your feet about shoulder-width apart, your heels about one foot in front of the chair, and your arms straight out in front of you, parallel to the floor. Then lower your body to a sitting position, count to three and stand back up to the starting position. Try to achieve a 90-degree

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  • Party Makeup Tips for Your Lips

    The best accessory to this season's holiday party dresses is a set of sparkly lips. Check out our five tips below for flawless application and be sure to try our favorite metallic and shimmery lipsticks and lip glosses.

    1. During the holidays, you'll want a look that can easily go from day to night. "Amp up the eye area by blending a dark metallic shade in the crease," says makeup artist Angelique Velez. But keep in mind if you're keeping your eyes dark, wear a neutral lip to balance out the boldness of the look.

    2. A deep metallic plum lipstick looks beautiful on darker skin tones. Just check out Oprah working the look. To make a metallic lip look last longer, use the built-in liner to fill in your entire mouth, then apply the gloss.

    3. For an ultra lush pout like Iman's, layer a sparkly gloss over your lipstick. "This adds moisture and makes lips appear fuller. That way, you control if you want a subtle shiny lip or a more intense Read More »from Party Makeup Tips for Your Lips
  • 5 How-to Tips for African American Hair

    Stuck in a hair rut and not sure what to do? Here are five easy how-to tips below for working with the great hair you've got.

    How to Clip In Extensions

    Make sure your hair is completely straight in order for the hair extensions to blend seamlessly with your real hair. Then, section the hair into 1-inch partings, placing each extension clip at the root of the hair. Repeat until the full head of hair is complete. You can use a two-inch barrel curler to create voluminous curls, imparting beautiful body. As the final step, use a medium hold hairspray to keep the style in tact.

    How to Get Blond or Honey-Colored Highlights
    First, break the base using a neutral ash permanent color applied in a virgin application and let process for 15 minutes. Create back-to-back foils by skipping an inch and place a single foil. Foils are placed horizontally and vertically throughout the shape. Utilize a sheer hair color to add honey and caramel hues.

    How To Camouflage Thinning Hair
    If your hair is

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  • How to Create a Smoky Eye for Asian Eyes

    Eyes are one of the most striking features on Asian women and highlighting them with a sexy, smoky eye can only enhance them more. Christopher Drummond, a licensed esthetician and founder of Christopher Drummond Beauty, offers these tips for making your eye makeup sizzle while complementing your unique Asian heritage.

    Shadow tips: Stay away from very dark colors. Instead, use light to medium colors, like a light beige for your base, on the eyelid, and a mauve or brown for the color closer to your lash line. "A light, shimmery color on the lid helps to open the eye," says Drummond.

    To add an additional pop to your smoky-eye look, choose a shade that complements your eye color. For example, green eye shadows go well with brown eyes and vice versa.

    To create a smoky-eye:

    1. Apply a light, shimmery beige shadow to the entire eyelid.
    2. Apply a matte brown or mid-tone shade along your lash line and the outer corner of the lid.
    3. Blend the shadow upward toward the brow bone. Because
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  • 5 Beauty Shortcuts for Moms

    Being a superstar Mom shouldn't mean sacrificing your own beauty routine. Here are 5 tips for saving time in front of the mirror while looking like you spent the day at the salon.

    1. Trade Shampoo for Hair Powder
    No time to hit the shower and maintain a good blowout? Baby powder works well to absorb grease on blond or gray hair - and luckily it's always within reach. If you have a darker shade of hair, invest in a decent tinted powder and apply it to your roots. Try Jonathan Green Routine Dry Shampoo. Real mom Jennifer (pictured here) says, "Thanks to this genius dry shampoo I don't have to wash my hair every day. I just brush it on my scalp, and my hair instantly looks clean and shiny, plus it has a little extra volume."

    2. Switch Up Your Part
    To lift limp locks, try switching your part. Turn your center part into a side part, for example, to get more lift. Your hair will have more body, and the change only takes about five seconds to accomplish. Another option for instantly fuller

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  • 3 TV Looks to Try this Weekend

    Looking for some hair and makeup inspiration to kick the weekend off? Take a tip from some of our favorite shows! Read below to get three refreshing new looks from your favorite stars.

    If you can't seem to give up your go-to hairstyle like Khloe Kardashian, make sure you wow the crowd with your makeup. Her wavy wedding day hair may have been predictable but her makeup was flawless and her skin was absolutely radiant. Find out how to get her wedding day look.

    Red lipstick is always a classic look, but for a twist this season Joanna Krupa of Dancing with the Stars proves that dark shades can be truly stunning. For a slow lipstick transition try a burgundy or chocolate shade. If you're ready to jump right in, see what shades will turn heads this fall.

    Shorter cuts are perfect if you want to bring definition to your face, especially in your jaw and cheekbone areas. The stars agree, as V's Morena Baccarin sports a sophisticated pixie cut in the new ABC series. Ready to chop your locks off?

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  • 5 Friday Night Energy Boosters

    It's Friday and after a long work week, all you want to do is go home and curl up with a good read. Your girlfriends are pushing to meet up for dinner and maybe a few drinks, but your PJs are calling your name.

    According to researchers at the Wake Forest University School of Medicine, women who regularly see good friends are the healthiest because they feel less stressed out and have more emotional support and energy.

    You deserve a good break before heading into the weekend, but how can you muster up the energy to go out? Read below for some energy-boosting tips that you can do right now.

    1. Get pumped with peppermint
    Try peppermint, recommends Bryan Raudenbush, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at West Virginia's Wheeling Jesuit University. His research indicates that the smell of peppermint enhances performance and alertness and can reduce fatigue. Try Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm with peppermint oil or chewing a sugar-free peppermint gum.

    2. If you work at a desk,

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  • 6 Things to Know Before (and After) You Head to the Salon

    Getting a great haircut is key since having a good hair day ranks top among a woman's feel-good moments. Here's how to know when to get a haircut, how to fix any style snafus and proper salon etiquette. Then, be sure to try on new hairstyles here.

    How do I know it's time for a haircut?
    If your hair has no volume, meaning the top is flat, the sides are bulky, and it no longer frames your features, then it's time. "If your hair just sits there, even after you've blown it dry, set it, or curled it, at the very least get a trim," says Mark Garrison of the eponymous New York City salon.

    How often should I cut my hair?
    Short hairstyles are more high maintenance and therefore require a trim every six weeks. Longer hair can go up to three months between cuts. Though keep in mind that getting a half-inch trim here and there not only will keep split ends at bay, but will also keep hair healthy and growing.

    My stylist gave me too many layers. What should I do?
    "Unfortunately the only other way

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  • Double-Duty Beauty - New Uses for What You Already Have

    Be a beauty maverick and find new ways to use your current beauty products. Not only will you cut back on space in your makeup bag and bathroom cabinet, you'll never be in a beauty pinch again!

    Solid Perfumes

    Nothing is worse than a leaky perfume that smells great until it leaks all over your bag. A solid perfume multitasks as a cuticle balm and also tames flyways. Try these Clinique Happy-to-Go perfume pencils.

    Super Lathering Shampoo

    Leave your shaving cream at home and lather up with an inexpensive super-hydrating shampoo. Plus, if you leave it behind in your hotel room, you won't be kicking yourself all the way home.


    Forgot your blush? Don't panic! You can use your favorite hue of lipstick to solve this issue. Using your finger, lightly dab color from your lipstick onto the apples of your cheeks. It may not give you that allover color you love, but it will prevent you from looking washed-out in Read More »from Double-Duty Beauty - New Uses for What You Already Have


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