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  • 12 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

    Aside from diamonds, we're pretty sure shoes are a woman's best friend. With seemingly endless options each season, it's hard not to amass a collection of pumps in a rainbow of colors, or more than 10 pairs of black boots. So, if you're looking to make a major investment this season, or spring cleaning is on your horizon, here's an easy guide to help you streamline. Click through for the classic shoes every fashionable woman should have in her closet.

    By: Chrissy Rutherford

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  • The Lazy Girl's Guide to Staying Svelte

    For the lazy girl in all of us, here's a guide on how to stay slim.
    By Nicole Catanese

    Eating clean and consistent workouts are proven to boost metabolism, increase muscle (and therefore after burn) as well as blast fat. But if the Polar Vortex has you skipping both in the name of maintaining mental and stay warm sanity, here are simple no-gym-in-sight alternatives so that you can keep the scale in check until spring strikes.


    While the sweet nectar won't zap fat on its own, what The Honey Diet claims is that it helps keep your waist trim by helping to shut down sugar cravings. So essentially, if you are drizzling the sweet stuff onto snacks, or salads or even taking it straight up throughout the day, in addition to cutting out refined carbs and increasing your veggie and protein intake, the result is an even keeled blood sugar level. And the result: you're more apt to stay in check when it comes to your food choices because you're cravings no longer have a Read More »from The Lazy Girl's Guide to Staying Svelte
  • 11 Things Every Fashionable Woman Should Have by 30

    Your 20s can be for style, career and love experimentation, but as a woman enters her 30s there are certain pieces she should own that well-represent her. From a beautiful coat to a signature flower- here are 11 items that are meant to be earned.

    By Kerry Pieri

    1. A Classic Shoe. Whether you're a pump girl or more into a great flat, the key is that your go-to shoe is well-designed, versatile and timeless.

    Manolo Blahnik BB,

    2. A Great Suit. Even if you work in a creative field, a suit that's tailored like it was made just for you will become a go-to for work meetings, interviews and anywhere else where you're meant to look chic and professional.

    Stella McCartney jacket, and pants,

    3. A Signature Flower. How will anyone know it's your event or what to send you as a thank you, an I'm sorry or I love you without one?
    Miho Kosuda, Ltd. flowers, (212) 922-9122.

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    4. A

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  • Eat These Immune-Boosting Foods

    This season, win the fight against germs by supercharging your natural defenses.

    By Nicole Catanese

    Most of us already know the basics when it comes to warding off a wintertime cold or flu-from excessive hand washing to loading up on vitamin C and getting plenty of rest, as well as keeping stress at bay. However, incorporating these foods and spices into your daily meal plan will play as much of an integral role in keeping you healthy, all season long.

    Greek Yogurt. "Yogurt is packed with probiotics, which are live active cultures, or good bacteria, that help keep up your defences," says Candice Kumai, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef and author of the upcoming Clean Green Drinks, Cook Yourself Sexy and Pretty Delicious and a judge on Iron Chef America. Can't plan to eat yogurt every day? Try a probiotic supplement, too. "Probiotics are known to boost the immune system by supporting digestive function and gut health and helping to stave off, and fight flu symptoms-and taking

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  • The Haircut that Can Get You a Raise

    Money and sex may be at the top of the list, but when it comes to getting what you want, hair may play a bigger role than you think.

    "Your hair is your co-star in life," says celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel, who has coiffed the strands of the elite for decades at his namesake salons across the country. And will continue that legacy at his soon-to-open (March 2014) flagship salon, Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, tucked inside the newly renovated Lowes Regency in NYC, known for their 'power breakfast'. "Your hair is the first thing people notice when you walk into a room and can say a lot about who you are and your personality," says Farel. So, how does one get 'power hair' exactly? The mane man behind the concept shares all.

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    Harper's Bazaar: What is 'power hair' and why does one want it?

    Julien Farel: 'Power hair' gives you the competitive edge to perform at your highest level to conquer the demanding city of New York. I

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  • 5 Style Tricks to Try Now

    We're keeping an eye on the red carpet, the It girls and the fashion bloggers who are innovating. Check back daily for the style how-tos.

    By Kerry Pieri

  • 7 Items Fashion Editors Buy in Bulk

    These are the pieces that have us saying, "I'll take one in every color," season after season.

    By Kerry Pieri

  • The Secrets to Thick, Shiny Hair

    Soft, bouncy, voluminous tresses can be yours. Here, the latest breakthrough products, tools, and treatments to get the hair you want.

    1. THE PERFECT SHAMPOO Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner ($24 each) can help scale back the number of times you shampoo in a week, thanks to technology that repels dirt and oil by casting an invisible shield around each strand. Why shampoo less? "Wet hair is most vulnerable to breakage," says Tim Rogers, Living Proof's creative director, so the less often you brush and blow-dry sopping-wet hair, the healthier it can grow without splitting. Bottom line: With this duo, your locks becomes smoother and shinier.

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    2. EASIEST EXTENSIONS Hair extensions can cause severe damage, look fake, or be difficult to attach. But Hair2wear, a line of clip-in pieces ($24-$49) launched with tress-blessed model Christie Brinkley, are a goofproof DIY option that adds instant volume without breaking the bank-or

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  • The Pretty Skin Diet

    When it comes to having a gorgeous complexion, you truly are what you eat.

    Maintaining a consistent skincare routine that utilizes a powerful mix of anti-agers to reverse as well as prevent future damage is key to having youthful, radiant skin. However, it's not the only link in the quest for reaching skin nirvana. What you eat-and what you skip-day to day plays a vital role in the integrity and appearance of your skin. Nicole Avena, PhD, a nutrition expert and author of Why Diets Fail, shares some of the top foods that will solve, as well as halt, the main universal skincare concerns.

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    To get smoother, line-free skin: It's as simple as remember to a vast array of fruits and veggies.

    WHAT TO EAT: Strawberries, peppers, oranges, broccoli, pineapples, kale, papaya, and kiwis.

    "Each of these are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant involved in collagen synthesis, among other essential skin functions," explains Avena. "While the

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  • 40 Reasons to Love Kate Moss

    In honor of the super's 40th birthday, in no particular order...

    By Kerry Pieri

    1. Moss has appeared on 9 Harper's BAZAAR covers solo-and counting. Clearly, we are fans.

    2. The Kate Moss Book. Released by Rizzoli last year, this formidable coffeetable tome is pages of reasons to love Moss. Clearly, she has a lot of fans.

    3. Kate arguably, single-handedly launched the skinny jean revolution. Her slim gray Siwy jeans became the unofficial uniform of Kate-acolytes the world over.

    4. Stella, McQueen, Marc. Kate's friendships with top designers have brought about some truly beautiful editorials and runway moments.

    5. Speaking of BFFs, Moss' enduring friendship with Naomi Campbell is a love story for the ages-and has also resulted in some iconic photography.

    6. Quotable quotes. You may not like them, or agree with them, but bon mots like "nothing tastes as good as skinny feels," is certainly memorable.

    7. Kate's quotes are so memorable because they're so rare. We love

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