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  • Find a Fragrance that Suits Your Style

    If You're a Flower Girl: You like bright, peppy fragrances that are light and pretty. You dress with a casual, preppy flair, and you lean towards the feminine side of things.
    Try: Kate Spade's new fragrance, Twirl, which blends pink watermelon with fresh flowers.

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    If You're a Sophisticate: You're a modern minimalist in both your style and your approach to scent. You like sleek suits and simple silhouettes.
    Try: Lancôme Tresor in Love, a lovely floral with bergamot, and Italian citrus.

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    If You're a Sensualist: You love food, spices, and mysterious fragrances. You wear a lot of jewel tones in lush materials like velvet and silk.
    Try: Gucci Guilty, with mandrian, pink pepper, geranium, and amber.

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    If You're a Maverick: You mix textures, take chances and love edgy style. When it comes to fragrance, you don't like anything sweet and

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  • How to Wear Bright Lipstick Without Looking Like a Clown

    Although sometimes a tad scary, a colorful lip is a great way to pack some punch - especially if you're like me with see-through fair skin and a wardrobe consisting of 95% black. Here are some helpful tips we learned backstage at fashion shows:

    1. Get an awesome mascara. You'll definitely want to pump up your lashes to build contrast between your eyes and lips. Stick to black, brown, or navy.

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    2. Don't be afraid to wear face makeup, but avoid blush. Tinted moisturizer, translucent powder, and a touch of concealer are fine, but you don't want to look like you're part of the circus.

    3. Reapply the right way. You want your color to last all day, but that may require a quick redo after meals. Be sure to blot your lips, dab a touch of concealer around your lip line, and swipe away. -Jessica Prince

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  • I Discovered My Husband's Secret Gay Life

    Author Sally Ryder Brady long suspected that her husband of 45 years was leading a DOUBLE LIFE, but it wasn't until his death that the truth came out.

    The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows, and from the moment we met, my husband, Upton Brady, radiated a multifaceted brilliance. When he died suddenly in 2008, my world was drained of light, yet I had no idea of the utter darkness that awaited me. Days after our four grown children and I scattered his ashes at sea, I began sorting through his closet. Upton's bathrobe and Brooks Brothers cashmere blazer still carried his clean scent.

    I turned to the drawers in his bedside table, expecting to find nail clippers, cough drops, and the usual miscellany. But instead, two handsome naked men with polished bodies looked at me seductively from the cover of a magazine.

    Two days later, I uncovered more gay porn, videos this time. And then condoms. We had never used condoms.

    Not wanting to add to my children's grief, I

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  • Date-Night Hair & Makeup — That Won't Scare Him Off

    1. Subtle Smoky Eye: A full-on smoky eye can be intimidating. Here, Jessica Biel wears a softer version of the standby look. Skip the liner and use brown or gray shadow and a few coats of mascara.

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    2.Simple Ponytail: This style runs the gamut from casual to dressed-up, and when it's styled without too much primping - like Blake Lively's version - the result is very girl-next-door.

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    3.Flushed Cheeks: A pop of color will make you look fresh-faced and vibrant. Kate Bosworth wears a bright pink blush, which works with her fair skin.

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    4. Soft Blowout
    : A bouncy blowout - not too straight,not too curly - is natural and always flattering. Katie Holmes gets the look just right: Her color is glossy and her hair looks touchable.

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    5. Pink Lipgloss: Natural makeup always works. Cameron Diaz's look is special because of her subtly lined eyes

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  • 5 Beauty Fixes that Take 5 Minutes or Less

    1. Quick Twist Hairstyle

    Here's your formula to look polished fast: Start by massaging Dry Shampoo into your roots. "It soaks up excess oils and adds texture," says hairstylist Andy Lecompte, who works with Jessica Biel and Leighton Meester. Pull hair back into a chignon and twist in Goody Simple Styles Spin Pins ($6.49 for two)--one equals 20 bobby pins.

    Gorgeous Hair Styling Options

    2. Fake Great Skin

    Balancing work, kids, husband, friends? No time for you often equals lackluster, tired skin. Don't bother layering on the foundation, bronzer, and blush; your skin will just look tired and cakey. The solution: tinted bronzing gel, applied over your face and neck after your morning shower for an instant outer glow--even if you don't feel one on the inside.

    How to Get Perfect Skin

    3. Perfect Your Pout

    Use a lip plumper before lipstick. "Plumpers keep your lips hydrated, which prevents new lines from forming and simultaneously fills creases you already have to stop color

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  • How to Lose Weight When You Work with Super-Skinny Models

    Jen Ramey is telling me the story of her life over breakfast at the restaurant Maialino in Manhattan. Without even casting an eye over the decadent Italian menu, she fishes out an herbal tea bag from her purse. She asks for a cup of hot water and urges me to get the doughnuts and cream so she can watch me eat them. A year ago, she would have ordered the doughnuts and a chocolate croissant. A year ago, she was 240 pounds.

    Ramey, 48, is one of the most powerful model managers in the fashion industry. Her roster at IMG boasts some of the best girls in the business, like Kate Moss, Daria Werbowy, and Lily Donaldson, which means she's perennially surrounded by young and very thin beauties. But she herself was always on the high end of zaftig. After almost three decades of wrestling with obesity and yo-yo dieting, Ramey had had her fill. Famously tough and hard charging, she's never one to mince words. "I didn't realize how f--- ed up my relationship with food was until I wasn't

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  • Sensa: The Easiest Diet Ever–Not.

    Sensa, the latest dieting craze, promises that you can lose weight and eat what you want - by sprinkling food with a powder that makes you feel fuller faster. -By Patricia Marx

    A cardboard box the size of an extremely large pound cake has arrived. Inside are several double-sided plastic salt-and-pepper-style shakers, each housing 20 grams of white powder. This is not what you think. The granules are called Tastants, and they are the slim-inducing component of the Sensa Weight-Loss System.

    What is Sensa? It is the Jewish mother of diets. Setting no restrictions on what you may put on your plate-or how much-Sensa practically pleads, "Eat. Have some more! You want butter with that?" Its sole requirement is that before partaking of food, you dust it with Tastants, specially formulated scent and flavor combinations that "help trigger the brain mechanism that signals when you are full," according to its Web site. It promises that you will shed pounds without ever feeling hungry. In a

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  • 7 Beauty Trends That Will Instantly Make You Prettier

    1. Try Subtle Highlights: Brighten up your color with subtle, shiny highlights. Redken Creative Consultant for Color, Tracy Cunningham, thinks the metallic trend from the spring runways will also be huge for hair. Here, Anne Hathaway's dark chestnut shade has hints of shimmery gold threads.


    2. Half-Up Hair Is Back: Camilla Belle's half-up style is a serious upgrade from the casual version of years past. Volume is the key to modernizing the look.


    3. Only Line Your Top Lid: While the smoky eye isn't going anywhere, here's a look that's equally sexy but a bit crisper. Try the combination of big lashes and liquid liner for a modern twist. Here, January Jones wears a hint of shimmery shadow in the inner corners of her eyes for extra brightness.


    4. Try an Updo: From braids to chignons, hairstyles are getting higher. Zoe Saldana's milkmaid braids are simultaneously youthful

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  • Is Staying in Love a Choice?

    We all know it's easy to fall in love, but Alex Kuczynski argues that keeping the romance should be too.

    I'll never forget learning the difference between a successful long-term marriage and a failed one. I was in a hair salon on Madison Avenue a week before my wedding, and the woman next to me getting highlights offered her advice. I knew her nephew, and she thought this was enough of a connection to be candid. "Don't let it become like mine," she said, sounding flatly unimpressed with herself. "It's been 10 years, and we've had our children. Now we live in the same house and sleep in the same bed, but it's not really a marriage." She stopped and peered at me from under a Sydney Opera House of tinfoils. "Don't become brother and sister. Make a choice to be something else."

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    Now that my husband and I have been together for 10 years, married more than eight, from time to time I pause to reflect on what that woman said. There is so much

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  • Want a Ballet Butt? 3 New Workouts To Try in 2011

    If you've been to the gym in the last two weeks, you know the effect of New Years resolutions: It's packed to the brim, and there isn't a free treadmill in sight. Instead of wasting hours waiting in line for a cardio machine, opt for one of these new classes. We tried them out - here's how we fared.

    1. Ballet Beautiful: Mary Helen Bower's tone-without-bulk method of keeping her own body in the same shape it was in during the 10 years she danced with the New York City Ballet. Since retiring, Mary Helen trained Natalie Portman for a year for her role in Black Swan.

    DAY 1:
    I meet Mary Helen after work at the gym in my office building for my first hour-and-a-half-long private session. She is exactly how I expected her to look. She's five nine but reads much longer, with her sinewy limbs showcased in a black long-sleeved scoop-back leotard, burgundy wrap sweater, and black leggings. Her abnormally high arches are encased in ballet slippers, which make my hot-pink Nike trainers look like

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