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  • What It's Like to be Married to Rachel Zoe

    Rachel Zoe's husband, Rodger Berman, explains what life with the superstylist is really like.

    Nothing makes your station in life more clear than when a stranger hands you a camera while he poses with your wife. But I'm proud to say I can now add amateur photographer to my growing list of secondary occupations, which also includes valet, personal assistant, and publicist. While being the husband of überstylist Rachel Zoe lets me waltz confidently into fashion shows with Rachel by my side, the VIP treatment usually stops there. Any delusions of grandeur are interrupted by the words "Excuse me, sir, you're in my seat."

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    I met Rachel in the summer of 1991. She was 19, and I was 22. She was a restaurant hostess, and I was working as a waiter in Washington, D.C., where we both attended college. I vividly remember the first time I saw her, wearing a tight black minidress, high-heeled pumps, stick-straight hair, and big red lips

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  • 10 Winter Buys that You Won’t Regret — Ever

    We've gathered 10 celeb-tested winter staples that will never go out of style. Eying that camel coat in the window or a luxe cashmere scarf? Take the sartorial plunge - we're betting you'll get your money's worth for years to come. Don't miss 10 more classic winter items.

    Camel Coat

    Camel might be on the forefront of fashion these days, but this chic hue has never had a passé moment when it comes to coats. Seen on the shoulders of Grace Kelly and Katharine Hepburn and now Cameron Diaz, this classic topper is the epitome of luxe and glamour.

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    Knee-High Boots
    Boots that hit right at the knee have a timeless appeal, not to mention flatter most leg shapes. They look great tucked into jeans and add a cool touch to tights and a dress. Take a cue from Rachel Bilson and invest in a red pair to add punch to your mostly dark winter wardrobe.

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    Leather Biker Jacket
    Literally the perfect

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  • Princess Bride Style: Kate Middleton’s Spring 2011 Runway Report

    It's Catherine Elizabeth Middleton's bridal year, and she'll surely need a trove of stylish looks for all the coming months of celebrations. So while the world speculates on her Big Day style, we're thinking about the in-between-she'll need suits for luncheons, dresses for showers, gowns for the royal galas, and grown-up denim for horsing around North Wales with her fiancé. And while her louche style has earned her an A for understated, it's not aimed at stealing the spotlight - one that is officially now her royal duty (and toast to the late Princess Diana). From New York to Paris, we've picked the best looks from the Spring 2011 collections to suit the future Princess of Wales. See highlights below and then see all the looks on By Joyann King

    FOR: Kicking back with the prince.

    Collection: Derek Lam spring 2011


    FOR: Tea with the Queen

    Collection: Donna Karan spring 2011


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  • 9 Timeless Celeb Looks: Then and Now

    From sleek chic to seriously sexy, these timeless styles turn heads. Check out more classic celeb looks here.

    For more on celebrity style, see our tips on dressing for your body type.

    Smoldering Eyes
    Past: Elizabeth Taylor. Taylor's shadow look remains the ne plus ultra of eye makeup.
    Present: Angelina Jolie. What you need: Styli-Style 24-Hour Power Line & Seal 24-Eyes in Black ($5.99), Dior 5-Colour Designer shadow palette in Smoky Design ($58), and CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion Mascara in Very Black ($8.99).
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    Redhead Bombshells

    Past: Rita Hayworth. Are you one of the chosen few with radiant red locks and a flawless, creamy complexion?
    Present: Christina Hendricks. Don't be afraid to swipe on a brilliant blue-based red lip shade like Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture in Le Rouge ($30) to channel your inner Rita Hayworth.
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    Überpretty Pixies

    Past: Twiggy. Not for

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  • 6 Steps to a Youthful Complexion

    Most dermatologists agree on the basics of fine-line-fighting skincare. We asked top doctors for their best anti-aging advice and narrowed it down to six steps - three for morning and three for night. Follow this regimen to diminish the wrinkles you already have and keep new creases at bay.

    DAY: Gentle Cleanser Dermatologists almost unanimously recommend gentle, fragrance-free cleansers for all skin types. "You're looking for something that will 'do no harm,'" says Boston dermatologist Ranella Hirsch.

    Tip: Try going fresh-faced and makeup-free more often. Check Out Models without Makeup

    DAY: Antioxidants
    Protect your skin with these powerful ingredients. New York and Miami dermatologist Dr. Fredric Brandt recommends the antioxidants green tea, resveratrol, vitamins C and E, and polyphenols. "They prevent collagen from breaking down," Brandt explains, "and they block free-radical damage, which causes wrinkles." Try Brandt's Lineless Gel.

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  • 9 Tips for Figure-Flattering Holiday Style

    These days holiday party invites start rolling in come early November and instead of wallowing in sheer, what-to-wear panic, be prepared to dress your party best this season-no matter what your shape. Whether you're curvy, boyish, petite, or full-figured, we've got 9 red carpet-tested tricks that will ensure your look is both festive and flattering.

    FULLER FIGURED: Try Anything-But-Shy Silhouttes

    Reaching for a sack dress might be a natural reflex, but a loose shape will only add pounds. Enhance your figure in a form-shaping sheath dress or a forgiving wrap dress. And black is not your only choice hue this season: Embrace navy, gunmetal gray, and Bordeaux-all of which are rich and slimming. Reward your newfound bravery with a bold accessory a la Christina Hendricks.

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    FULLER FIGURED: Choose the Right Details
    You can't go wrong with a simple LBD, but where's the fun in that? Show off your personal style with pleats, ruffles, and fringe

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  • Would You Get a Vagina Facial?

    The hottest new spa service takes the quest for perfect skin to a new place. Alex Kuczynski bravely investigates.

    I went for a beauty treatment the other day. The aesthetician used an array of products by Yon-Ka and Sonya Dakar-exfoliants and cleansers and masks-and all the regular tools: tweezers, lancets, cotton pads. There was just one thing that was different: It was not my face getting the facial, it was my vulva.

    Many years ago, back when my marriage was new, before we had two babies, there were days when I would dance off to get a bikini wax as if it was no big deal. I could blame something vague and anthropological like the influence of pornography on American culture. I could blame Eve Ensler and all those monologues. (Coochi Snorcher, anyone?) But I personally place all the blame on my friend Candace Bushnell, the author of Sex and the City. Because of her, the bikini wax somehow stealthily warped itself into one of the required grooming routines of the urban female.

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  • The Key to a Better Complexion: Know Your Skin Type

    Find out how to keep your face smooth, clear, and radiant, no matter what your age or skin type. Not sure what your skin type is? Take this quiz to find out.

    Spa Fix: Maintain the good skin you already have and get a fresh glow. Kate Somerville, L.A. facialist to Jessica Alba, suggests an exfoliation treatment that combines a physical scrub and a chemical peel, followed by intense hydration. If you don't need them, don't let your facialist do extractions, which can lead to blotchiness or marks.

    Best Regimen: Commit to a daily routine. Doing this wards off future problems. "Start simple: a gentle cleanser and sunscreen," says New York dermatologist Amy Wechsler. Try Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser ($7.10) and L'Oréal Paris Active Daily Moisture Lotion SPF 15 ($17.99). At night, use a repairing moisturizer. Try Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream (left, $7.99).

    Star Product: Vichy Aqualia Antiox Fresh Serum ($45). Ready for an extra step? Boston

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  • Erase Sun Damage at Every Age

    Summer may be long gone, but the ugly effects of sun damage can linger on. Here's how to effectively get rid of dark spots, rough texture, and lackluster skin-fast.

    This tactic is perfect if you're short on time. New York dermatologist Patricia Wexler recommends exfoliating in the shower before applying a lightening serum and a moisturizer with SPF. You'll see a difference in 30 days. Try IS Clinical White Lightening Serum ($68) with Norwegian kelp and mushroom extracts and Patricia Wexler MD Skin Brightening Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 ($39.50).

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    If you completely revamp your routine, you're guaranteed to see results. "I believe in a daily system," says Wexler. "A treatment once a week or once a month won't accomplish that much." Kinerase PhotoFacials Sun Damage Reversal System ($100) comes with an exfoliating cleanser, a moisturizer with SPF 50 (to keep new spots at

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  • 11 Must-Try Ways to Look Younger

    Who knew looking younger could be this easy! Discover 10 brilliant tips that turn back the clock and find 7 more must-try tricks here.

    1. Choose a Lighter Lipstick

    Dark shades can be unflattering on mature skin because lips get thinner with age, explains makeup artist Matin Maulawizada, who works with celebrities like Angelina Jolie. To keep lipstick from looking too severe, choose rosy reds or flesh-colored shades, and stay away from peaches and oranges, which can make teeth appear yellow. We like Lancôme Color Design Lipcolor in Natural Beauty ($22). And remember, swiping on lipstick without other makeup can make you look older than if you wear no makeup at all.

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    2. Baby Your Hands

    Derms agree that hands are a dead age giveaway. To keep them young, apply the same retinoid from your face to your hands and add a layer of Vaseline, says New York dermatologist Heidi Waldorf. Wear cotton gloves to bed to keep the treatment in place

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