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  • Bye-Bye Botox: No-Needle Tactics for Younger-Looking Skin

    You don't have to get injected to look rejuvenated with these painless face-fixing secrets. Plus, how the right hair and makeup can make a big difference.

    We've all been there before: You're standing in front of the mirror, obsessing over each line and sun spot and wondering when they all appeared. For some, laser treatments, wrinkle-filling injections, or a mini lift may go right onto the to-do list. But what if you don't want to go down that road? No problem. Read on for the tried-and-tested tips that will take years off your look.

    Easy Makeup Tricks

    As tempting as it can be to skip the makeup, throw on sunglasses, and hope your lip color makes you Photo Credit: Sean CunninghamPhoto Credit: Sean Cunninghamlook "done," Lancôme makeup artist Sandy Linter warns, "Less is less; less is not more." Linter, who has made up her fair share of celebrities, gives lessons to real women at New York's Rita Hazan Salon and says you don't have to spend hours to look terrific. "But if you're going to do just one thing, do your eyes. Nothing is

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  • Combat Crow's Feet: Anti-Wrinkle Strategies for Every Decade

    20s: Strengthen Thin Skin
    Even if you don't have any wrinkles yet, you may have started to see undereye shadows. "Dark circles are usually hereditary and are often a sign of leaky blood vessels or thinning skin," says dermatologist Patricia Wexler. Any product that boosts collagen (look for those with peptides or vitamin C) will thicken skin, making blood vessels less visible. Try peptide-packed Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Creme.

    30s: Prevent Puffiness
    Swollen eyes at this age are usually the result of fluid retention. "Sleep disturbances, diets high in salt, and allergies can all contribute to water retention," notes dermatologist David Bank. "To flush out excess fluids, reduce sodium intake and sleep with your head elevated so that gravity can work in your favor to pull water out of your face," he says. For a temporary fix, try Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Instant Treatment Eye Mask, which contains ginseng, a natural anti-inflammatory that reduces swelling in 15 minutes.

    Photo Credit: Ylva ErevallPhoto Credit: Ylva Erevall

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  • 8 Hot Fashion Trends for 2010 You Can Wear Now!

    It's tough staying on top of all the trends designers sent sashaying down the runway, but keep these 8 top trends for 2010 in mind when you hit the mall for after-holiday sales, and you'll be very of-the-moment when it comes time to break out the warmer-weather duds in a few months!

    Mixed Prints

    Afraid your ikat will clash with your plaids or stripes will upset your florals? Well, fear not, for this season anything goes. Mix and match your most colorful pieces and let your imagination run free.

    Couture Clogs
    Not just for hippies anymore, this boho wonder was made chic by the likes of Karl Lagerfeld, Céline's Phoebe Philo, and Louis Vuitton. Clogs are the new must-have footwear (and comfy to boot!).

    Photo Credit: Sean CunninghamPhoto Credit: Sean CunninghamRed Hot Lips
    There were crimson-stained moues aplenty on the runway. The shocking yet sexy shade screamed old-world style for models everywhere from Dior to Bottega Veneta.

    Designer Denim
    Blue-jean baby. Broken-in jeans were shown with élan in New York (Ralph Lauren doing it

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  • Skin Looking Sallow? Five Steps to a Winter Glow

    No matter your age, there are steps you can take to ensure your skin looks bright and healthy, even in the dark months of winter. Follow these tips and even as your skin ages, and you'll be sure to always look your freshest.

    1. Start a Routine

    "In your 20s, good cleansing habits are critical," says Jennifer Linder, a dermatologist in Scottsdale, Arizona. "Getting oil under control allows skin to appear radiant, not greasy." She suggests a weekly exfoliating treatment to clean out pores.

    2. Be Bright Eyed

    As you aPhoto Credit: Sean CunninghamPhoto Credit: Sean Cunninghamge, gravity takes its toll. "You'll start to see dark circles due to a shadow effect," explains Ellen Marmur, a New York City dermatologist and author of Simple Skin Beauty. Look for products that boost collagen to thicken skin, like Shu Uemura Vitalizing Eye Essence. "And using a green-tinted concealer under your makeup will camouflage circles, allowing your whole face to glow."

    3. Get Even

    Sun spots are a no-no. When you even out the tone of

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  • The Best-Dressed Celebs of 2009

    Michelle Obama
    The first lady won over America with her fresh and unexpected fashion choices this year, and topped our list for best-dressed. Not only has she run through the alphabet of designers, from newbies like Jason Wu (who designed the Inaugural Ball gown shown here) to stalwarts like Michael Kors, but her penchant for bright colors, lively prints, and strong silhouettes during her tenure has transformed her into a modern fashion icon.

    Photo Credit: Wireimage.comPhoto Credit: Wireimage.comThe actresses and social fixtures who made our best-dressed list gave in to their affinity for razzle-dazzle-'em flair with frocks made from sequins, beading, and metallic sheens.

    In all, we found 79 celebs who we think really wowed on the red carpet, and epitomized the best of the best in fashion trends, be it one-shouldered looks, tough chic, pronounced shoulders, bright jewel tones, or painterly florals. While we all can't afford the designer labels we saw on our favorite celebs, everyone can definitely take a cue on the cut,

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  • 5 Celeb Tips for Dressing for a Big Night Out

    Take a cue from Hollywood's best-dressed celebs on how to get the right type of attention when you go out for the night.

    Photo Credit: Wireimage.comPhoto Credit:

    By now, Brad Pitt is probably used to the mother of his brood grabbing the spotlight whenever they walk a red carpet together. But even Angelina Jolie must have been surprised that she wasn't the one - it wasn't even them together - who stole the show at the L.A. premiere of Pitt's summer hit, Inglourious Basterds, at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. The most famous attendants on that balmy California afternoon were a few strips of black leather Michael Kors had artfully culled into a strapless, body-hugging cocktail dress. Within hours of that little number's debut on the red carpet, the brand's boutiques were completely sold out of the $3,295 dress. Since then, Kors has gone into production on that dress no less than three times.

    Jolie's look packed a punch, as it effectively tapped into some of the season's key trends:

    1. Leather. As with Jolie's outfit,

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  • Glam Holiday DIY Hair & Makeup: 7 Hot Looks

    Want to add a little oomph to your everyday look for all those holiday parties coming up on your calendar? Try one of these seven easy ways to glam it up a bit, without having to step foot inside the salon.

    Make Waves

    Apply Pantene Pro-V Ice Shine Mousse to wet strands and blow-dry your hair, scrunching it with your hands. Wrap pieces around your finger and pin them close to your scalp. "They key is making the twists random," says hairstylist Recine. Let curls set, and as you take them down, spritz hair with Nexxus Comb Thru Mist, brushing it with your fingers to finish the look.

    Do the Twist
    "Create a ponytail at the nape of your neck and pin it into a loose bun," says Hollywood hairstylist Léa Journo. Keep it smooth with her Mirroir Glossing Cream ($28).Photo Credit: Sean CunninghamPhoto Credit: Sean Cunningham

    Embellish It

    Part hair to the side and add a sparkly headband for instant glamour.

    Look Luminous

    Highlight cheekbones and décolletage with Guerlain Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body.

    Try Silver

    The Body Shop Define & Sparkle

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  • Kate Hudson: Glam Girl Next Door

    With a hot new movie and major-league man, Kate Hudson seems anything but normal. But the bubbly blonde is just like the rest of us (with fancier clothes, of course). Click here to watch the video, see the full photo shoot of Kate Hudson, plus her most memorable red-carpet moments.

    By Nancy Jo Sales

    In his best season ever, the New York Yankees' record-breaking third baseman Alex Rodriguez could be seen knocking 'em out of the park - helping catapult his team to victory in the World Series - as a certain A-list blonde jumped up and down in the stands, cheering him on. New Yorkers dubbed her a good-luck charm.

    Peter LindberghPeter LindberghImprobably, she was Kate Hudson, the Academy Award-nominated actress, daughter of Goldie Hawn, and one of the stars of the dazzling Rob Marshall-directed musical Nine (in wide release on Christmas Day).

    Even in gym clothes without any makeup on, her streaked blonde hair pulled back in a tossed-off bun, Kate glows. And she can certainly turn it out on the red carpet.

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  • Luxury Gifts on the Cheap! The Best Presents of 2009

    From the überchic fashion lover to the consummate hostess to the world traveler -- they're all on your list. And we know what to get them. We've put together the definitive list of the things she's coveted all year, unexpected gifts she's sure to adore, and the things she didn't even know she wanted. Here are 10 of our favorites; click through to see them all!

     photo credit: Courtesy Etsy photo credit: Courtesy Etsy1. Rock Star Detox Body Scrub
    Is your favorite party girl dying for a restorative night at home after hitting the holiday party circuit? Help her unwind in the tub and come away glowing - even in the face of a double-booked calendar. $18.95 at

    2. Jayson Home & Garden Absinthe Spoons
    The ultimate in indulgent bar accessories, these delicate utensils have a touch of fin-de-siecle glamour.
    $18 each,

    3. Château d'Estoublon Olive OilPhoto Credit: Davies StarrPhoto Credit: Davies Starr
    The gift that can make any gourmand's mouth water, and every bread and salad course memorable. $95. Berdorf Goodman; 212-753-7300.

    4. Dransfield & Ross Coasters


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  • 5 Steps to Keep Holiday Stress at Bay

    Looking to calm down and catch a few more z's during the frenetic last months of the year? Here's how to manage your stress by falling and staying asleep.

    1. Reveille repetitionphoto credit: iStockPhotophoto credit: iStockPhoto. "Going to bed at the same time is good, but it's better to have a set rising time," says J. Kirby Pate, a Nashville sleep specialist

    2. Don't panic if you wake up. "We sleep in about 90-minute cycles, and it's not unusual to rise after the second," explains Pate. "After four to five hours, sleep is not particularly restful. You may wake up a few times, but you'll typically go right back to sleep."

    3. Keep dreaming. Find yourself half awake at 2:00 a.m.? Woodson Merrell, chairman of integrative medicine at New York's Beth Israel Medical Center, advises, "As you are coming to consciousness, hold on to your dream. Don't let other thoughts come in." Or take a few Boiron Quietude homeopathic tablets ($10.79), which won't make you drowsy later.

    photo credit: iStockPhotophoto credit: iStockPhoto

    4. Take a dip. At least an hour before bed, take a bath

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